Pond Makeover for Lisa's Small Courtyard Garden in Houston

Lisa's house had a pond when she bought the place. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with watching and feeding her colorful fish. But the pond was small and plastic and the existing filter system wasn't keeping the water clear. She called us out to make it bigger, deeper, and more natural-looking. She is very happy with the results. She was on the Houston Pond tour this year and was thrilled.
This week a single photo of this pond was shared on Aquascape's fan page and got a lot of likes and shares. So we thought we'd post a few more so you can see its evolution.
During the reconstruction, you can see the opening to the cave that the fish can hide in. The Biofalls biological filter will be concealed inside the waterfall.
Juan takes a close-up look at the fish!
Here's a better look at the waterfall

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    What is a total cost of a project like this and what type of maintenance and cost is involved?


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  • Thank you very much! It will be on the Houston Pond Tour this May, if you'd like to visit it in person.

  • Total cost is around $8000 including the Biological filter and the skimmer mechanical filter, all plumbing, pump, liner, and several tons of hand-set Moss Rock boulders. We clean this pond and the Biofilter once a year. The homeowner empties the skimmer when it's full of leaves and adds beneficial bacteria perhaps monthly. Once the ecosystem is established, there is very little maintenance required.