Spill-Over Spa With Waterfall - Perhaps the Best of Its Kind

To complete this backyard transformation, which already included a pond, stream and waterfalls, a new in-ground custom spa was added along with a pool. This raised 8-foot-diameter spa with spillway captured the very essence of the clients’ desire to have a body of water that would be harmonious with the residence’s existing patio, outdoor kitchen area, waterfall, stream and Koi pond.
The spa was built 12 inches above the pool water line, providing a picturesque spillway intermingling with the surrounding landscape. During the design process, from certain vantage points, you would be able to see the spa itself, but the client also wanted the spa to be unique, and provide some seclusion from the main patio and other viewing angles.
A two-foot-high cascading waterfall  incorporated into the spa design provides -- not only the resulting gentle massage when the clients sit under it -- but it adds to the overall theme of visual and audio effects of moving water in their rear yard.
The result: adding a waterfall to the spillover spa is, perhaps, the best of its kind.
Spa With Waterfall
A two-foot-high cascading waterfall was incorporated into the spa design to provide not only a gentle massage should you sit under it, but it takes into account the impact of viewing angles from inside the house, when entering the back yard, and when sitting outside.
Spa Automation
The pool and spa is fully automated with state of the art technology: salt chlorine generator, mineral purifiers, pumps and filtration system -- all of which can be accessed from inside the house, by the spa, or by remote.
Vibration Flowers
Vibration flowers, and fragrance provided by many varieties of perennials, evergreen and deciduous plantings, create successional color throughout the pool season. In recognition for the design and installation of the pool, spa and water features, this back yard won two prestigious awards from NESPA and APSP.
Custom Spa Installation
The in-ground spa was situated 12 inches above the pool water line not just for ease of access from the pool, but also so the client could view the Koi pond and waterfalls while relaxing in the spa.
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