20 DIY Cabinet Door Makeovers With Furniture Stencils

Royal Design Studio
by Royal Design Studio
Do you have some cabinets hanging around that are looking old, dumpy and dated? More and more savvy homeowners are opting to put money back in their wallets and paint their old ones instead of replacing them. And you can do the same! If you’re tired of opening the same old cabinet doors for years on end, or the wood is worn and tired, we have a solution! You can easily add new life with a little color and character to old doors simply by painting and stenciling them. Still on the fence? Check out these 20 DIY ideas using Furniture Stencils to create beautiful raised patterns and colorful designs. These cabinet makeovers are sure to open you up to the benefits of stenciling!
Our most popular stencil seen on cabinets is our Micah Classic Panel Furniture Stencils and Toulouse Classic Panel Furniture Stencils. When this design in raised with Wood Icing, it gives the piece depth and texture. The raised pattern will make your guests think your cabinets are custom carved and will want to touch them! It feels good to have gorgeous home décor, doesn’t it?
The Italian and French designs of our Firenze Classic Panel Furniture Stencils and Parisian Urn Classic Panel Furniture Stencils are perfectly sized to be painted onto cabinet doors. The classic Old European artisan design that you were envisioning for your furniture is made easy and it’s all DIY!
If you’re looking for a completely custom look, we recommend using custom Modello® stencils. These stencils work great for cabinets because they can be sized and styled any way you envision! My Patch of Blue Sky was able to create a rust patina finish as well as a small medallion pattern on her cabinets thanks to custom stencils.
Can you believe that these pictures are of the SAME cabinet?? My Patch of Blue Sky wanted to switch things up a bit after stenciling her cabinet doors with our modern Circling Allover Stencils. She grabbed her go-to Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and our San Bartolo Medallion Stencil, envisioning a completely different look. What a transformation!
Bland white cabinets are a thing of the past. Patterns, especially exotic designs that invoke wanderlust, are seen in the trendiest interiors including cabinet doors! You can easily mimic the look of Moroccan doors like Nomadic Decorator did by using Wood Icing to raise the pattern of our Star Diamonds Moroccan Stencil. Our Modern Moroccan Furniture Stencil is also a nice touch when you are decorating with a global style. These gorgeous doors are begging to be thrown open to see what’s inside!
Nature elements and motifs look beautiful on cabinetry and never go out of style. Our Provence Olive Border Stencils add a Tuscan feel to wood doors, similar to those you’d find at a winery. For décor reminiscent of the Dutch Indies, you can emboss our Baby Ferns Furniture Stencils with Wood Icing and metallic paint. A similar look can be done with our Oriental Brocade Flower Stencil. BONUS: Change up your cabinetry with an unexpected color, like Florence Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!
A sure-fire way to decorate with vintage furniture stencils is to also distress the wood to look more worn. Refreshed Design used Chalk Paint® Dark Wax by Annie Sloan along with our Acanthus Damask Furniture Stencil to highlight the grooves and distressed edges of these antique cabinet doors.
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