Guest Bedroom Makeover

This makeover is very close to my heart. I did it in 4 days and I worked everything out in less than 1 $1000. To begin, I sketched the concept and design on a piece of paper. I had so many ideas in my mind but going to Lowes armed with the my concept sheet I shopped at l my initial supplies based on my rough sketch. I spent a couple of hours and picked colors that would coordinate the existing wall color.
wanted the room to have a calm and soothing effect with a bit of eclecticism and still have a boutique hotel feel. I had the dresser that I had picked on craiglist and for a long time I couldn't figure what to do with it. After the colors for the room was finalized, I decided to paint it a dark deep blue grey and distress it. I kept the dresser drawers as is to create that contrast I needed.
The 1×4 frame that I used to frame the headboard was painted the same color and distressed to tie up the elements in the room. To see how I constructed and built the headboad, click -
See pictures to learn the process
Before After Pictures of the bedroom
I know this is not the right way, since I didn't have much time, I taped the outlets as well!
It was time for the side lights to go in. I am not a pro so I got help to get the lights fixed. Centered the wall to make sure they were fixed in the right space.
Frames for the headboard.
Painted them the same color as the dresser and distressed it to match textures.
See the distressed look?
Frame nailed together on the headboard. I added corner pieces to make the headboard structure more stable.
Lovely distressing!
I downloaded this free stencil from Lowes website. Printed it as Fedex and laminated it. Cut it with an exacto.
I had the to tape the wall again just to make sure I had equal divided spaces for each motif.
It was easy, this was my first time so I chose something simple.
Stencil is done and headboard is hung on the wall. What a pretty sight.
Bed frame is place.
Now for some homemade art. I bought the canvas at Micheal's along with 2 colors of paint. Yellow was the accent color I was going to introduce into the blue gray room colors.
I painted the entire board yellow and added a line of thick blue paint 1/4 length from the bottom of the canvas. I took a plastic fork and drew random lines makes a pattern and texture.
This was the dresser I bought on Craiglist. I loved it as is, but wasnt going well with the room. So I painted a dark smoky blue.
Sanded it first, painted and distressed.
Tada, tha art and the dresser in the room. The horse sculpture is from IKEA and the Owl I made in a clay class in 2005.
This is how the room looked after it was done. The side table was a thrift store find. Didn't do anything to it.
This chair I picked from TJ maxx and the book basket is made from recycled magazine papers, from TJ Max as well.
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