Rustic Cabin Stair Risers

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I wanted the stairs to our cabin to look like wooden wine crates but I wasn't sure how to do this.

I looked up logos of our favorite wines and beers and we found some 1/2 " plywood we had in the garage and cut it to the sizes needed.

But then, how to transfer the images to the wood for that size was a challenge.

This is the first section of the cabin stairs. We first had to cut and install the treads before installing the risers. We used Home Depot's pine treads.

Before we installed them, I did stain them and then applied one coat of poly.

I am pretty sure there is a way but I wasn't patient enough to look into it any more and proceeded to draw with a pencil the images I wanted.

(Now, if you know of a way, please let me know in this post so that others can do it if they can't freehand the drawing).

After that, I used black and brown acrylic paint.

It was actually fun to do. With some good music background, and a glass of wine, it didn't take me long. They were 14 total.

When the pieces were completely dry, I added a light stain and one coat of polycrylic.

As you can see, I used logos of things that mean something to us, like the Universities, the wines, our ranch logo, machinery, pets, horses, beer, etc.

There is a second section going up but I don't have a picture. In any case, I was pleased. Now we have to come up with an original idea for the railing, etc.

Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic paint   (had it)
  • Plywood   (Had it)
  • Poly   (had it)
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