How to Shape the Perfect Bunny Wreath

Hello Hometalk Friends! I recently created a darling Bunny shaped wreath on my blog and I wanted to pop over share him with you. I used some fun grapevine and moss techniques and I’m hoping these ideas will inspire you as you work on your own wreath creations this spring!

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

I started my project with...
• Small Grapevine Wreath
• Med-Large Grapevine Wreath
• Grapevine Twig Garland Bundle

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

I also used
• Hot Glue
• Jute Twine Cord
• Wire and Wire Cutters
• Sheet Moss
• Mod Podge Glue Matte Finish
• Ribbon for tail

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

To begin with, we need to make the twig and grapevine wreath flexible enough to shape.  I  soaked my small wreath and the twig garland in a plastic tub of hot water  overnight.  You can soak it in anything, I just happen to have a plastic storage container handy.

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

While the grapevine is wet and pliable, wrap twine around the small wreath to squeeze and mold it into a shape that resembles the side profile of a bunny head.  When the head is fully dry you can cut away the twine and it should retain its shape.

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

The bunny ears are easy.  To make bunny ears,  cut about 32 inches of grapevine twigs (while still wet and pliable)  and fold them over to form the ear.  Use the jute twine to secure the two ends.  Make two ears & tie both ears together with twine.

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

Attach the ears to the head with hot glue.  Then secure the ears by wrapping damp flexible grapevine twig strands several times around the ears and bunny head.

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

The front of your Bunny wreath should look like the picture below.  My body wreath was acting a little unruly so I added some twine to hold it together.  It won’t show once the moss is added.  If  you are not adding moss and need to cover any twin that may be showing,  you can water down brown craft paint and paint over the jute twine to make it blend in.

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

To add the moss, I watered down Mod Podge (about 50/50) and dipped the moss in the glue mixture.  I then applied the moss damp with glue to the wreath.   You will need to lay plastic down under your wreath because the glue will drip.  (I used plastic grocery bags)   Lightly soaking the moss in the glue not only helps it stick but it keeps the moss from shedding!   !

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

 I let my now shed less fuzzy bunny dry overnight and when I woke up he was perfect!

how to shape the perfect bunny wreath

I attached a bow and a bunny tail and hung him on the front door.    He's adorable and can be decorated in some many ways. 
Check out my second and different super cute look for Mr. Bunny on the original blog post.  Link below.    I think you will love the second look!  
Also on that blog post I show how I made the tail and hanger.
If you need help to create bows for your wreaths, you can find my tutorial on How to make a bow  (here)

Happy Creating,
Jenny from Paint Yourself a Smile

Suggested materials:

  • Small Grapevine Wreath  (Craft Store)
  • Med-Large Grapevine Wreath  (Craft Store)
  • Grapevine Twig Garland Bundle  (Craft Store)
See all materials

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  • Dl.5660408
    on Mar 20, 2017

    Absolutely adorable! Does the ModPodge help preserve the green of the moss also?

    • Dl.5660408
      on Mar 21, 2017

      No problem, I was just curious. It would be a fun project to try regardless!😋

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