Bottle Top Table

I’ve been collecting bottle tops all summer with the intention of making something. Here’s that something.
Time: 3 DaysCost: $15Difficulty: Easy
  • bottle top table
It wasn’t just me drinking all the drinks, I did have help.
  • bottle top table
I started by separating the tops by brand and color just to see how many of each I had.
  • bottle top table
A-This is the table that I’m using. It has some scratches on top but it’s metal and a great outside table.
B-I measured and marked the table top into equal sections.
  • bottle top table
Before I put the caps on the table, I wanted to figure out a pattern.
A-Using inexpensive wrapping paper, I turn the table on it’s head and traced around the top and cut out the circle.
B-It took a awhile to figure out the pattern but I came up with something that I liked.

  • bottle top table
Some of the tops were bent when they were taken off the bottle.
A-If the top of the tops were bent, I used a hammer to flatten them
B-If the sides were bent, I used a needle nose plyers to straighten them.
  • bottle top table
To stick the bottle caps to the table top:
A-I scooped mastic into a small plastic bag
B-and cut the corner off
C-I piped the mastic into the bottle top
D-I began in the middle with my favorite cap
  • bottle top table
Once all of the tops were on the table and the mastic was dry, I needed to add an edge around the table.
A-Using duct tape, I laid the tape sticky side up
B-and folded down 1/4 of the tape and stuck it to the other side
C-I placed the folded down edge above the table top and using the sticky part to adhere the tape to the table.
  • bottle top table
To my the grout,
A-I mixed 3 cups of dry grout
B-added 1/2 cup of water
C-and stirred together until I had the consistency of mashed potatoes
  • bottle top table
A-Using an old wooden spoon, I put the grout on top of the caps making sure I pushed the grout between the bottle caps.
B-I used a sponge and plain water to remove the excess grout
I allowed the grout to dry for 24 hours.
  • bottle top table
Once the grout was dry,
A-I removed the duct tape
B-and sanded the rough edge
C-then wiped the entire table with a soft cloth and plain water.
  • bottle top table
I applied mosaic sealer liberally using a sponge brush.
I allowed the sealer to dry for 24 hours.
  • bottle top table
Table turned out great, it’s weather proof and looks great outside.
Now to start collecting more bottle tops for the next project.

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