DIY Glass Shower Door Cleaner

3 Materials
5 Minutes

Today on Chemistry Cachet, we are sharing our ultimate guide on how to clean a glass shower door. Included in this is our easy DIY glass shower door cleaner which was created with the manufacturers recommendation.

We also have very important maintenance tips in the blog post you don't want to miss (blog post is found on

  Remember, please click here to visit our blog post link which contains very important FAQs and maintenance tips!!


  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Spray Bottle

Directions: The glass shower door manufacturers recommend a 4:1 ratio of water to vinegar. I like to use 4 cups of water to 1 cup of vinegar. Feel free to use more or less depending on what size you are cleaning. Remember to keep this ratio.

  1. Squeegee the door clean after taking a shower.
  2. Add water and vinegar to spray bottle, then Spray entire shower door top to bottom.
  3. Allow solution to sit about 3 minutes.
  4. Wipe with a dry microfiber cloth, buffing out any streaks. Using microfiber is very important for this step. This type of material is soft on glass, but also removes all moisture. It cleans well alone too, but combined with the vinegar/water solution, it is very effective.

This homemade glass shower door cleaner is the solution you should use every few weeks to keep up with your shower door.

 Another Important Thing to Remember: Hard water can damage or etch glass overtime. If your glass door does not seem to be getting clean after trying all of our tips, it could be damaged! Please read the blog post to determine if this might be the case!

Suggested materials:

  • Vinegar   (store)
  • Microfiber cloth   (store)
  • Spray bottle   (online)

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
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  • Cindy Williams Greif Cindy Williams Greif on Nov 15, 2019
    Just use a MrClean Magic Eraser!!! Scrubs glass doors and fiberglass surround perfectly clean!

    • Hi Cindy! Actually, you cannot use magic eraser on this type of shower door. We do recommend it for other types of glass, if you visit the blog post link you can read more about that :) Thanks!

  • Cheryl Toth-Nickerson Cheryl Toth-Nickerson on Jun 10, 2021

    Thank you so much for this perfect shower door cleaner. We had our bathtub removed and replaced it for a stand up shower with glass doors recently. I just made up the solution 4:1 and my doors look brand new. The microfiber cloths made it easy. I thank you from all my heart for sharing this.