How To Make Homemade Laundry Soap (Only 4 Ingredients) - Watch Video

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Learn how easy it is to make your own homemade laundry detergent. This recipe is simple to make and lasts our family 6 months.

There is something really satisfying about making your own products. Not only does it save you money but it’s nice to know laundry detergent isn’t some mysterious blend of ingredients only the people at Tide know how to do.

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Why Make Your Own Laundry Detergent?


  • Easy to make. This recipe uses only 4 ingredients.


  • It’s affordable, costing only pennies per load.


  • Makes a large batch, lasting up to six months.


  • Homemade means you know exactly what’s in it, no added chemicals.


  • And most importantly, it works!

What You Need


  • Large Container


  • Scooper


  • 8 cups Borax


  • 8 cups Baking Soda


  • 8-12 cups Super Washing Soda


  • 3 bars of Ivory Soap (grated) or approx. 3 cups of Soap Flakes


How To Make


  • In a large container, mix together super washing soda, borax and baking soda. This can create a lot of dust so it’s best to mix in a well ventilated area.


  • Using a designated grater, grate Ivory bars and add to container. Alternatively you can buy soap flakes that are already shredded for you.


  • Mix well.


  • Use 2 Tbsp per wash cycle.

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Suggested materials:
  • Large Container & Scooper
  • Borax
  • Super Washing Soda
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  • it’s nice my recipe is not quite as complicated don’t have to have so much ingredients and project is probably the same.. thank you for sharing..

    i’m finding that this is a new trend out there everybody has their own recipes and basically I think they all work I’ll put your recipe into my arsenal box.. to try

  • J9558272721 J9558272721 on Apr 24, 2022

    Can this formula work in machines that require "HE"?

  • Dee Jiles Essex Dee Jiles Essex on Apr 27, 2022

    I wonder if you could put some essential oils in this for a pleasant scent?

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  • Sissy Sissy on Apr 24, 2022

    20 mule team borax is great ant control also and great to treat your pet friendly yard for ants , fleas and ticks . I have used it for more than 30 years to keep my pets safe without chemicals or harmful flea collars

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    • Danielle Danielle on Apr 24, 2022

      I believe it’s a mix of borax and sugar for ant control. I found this ant control using borax article interesting. I’m not sure how to use it for fleas and ticks. For ants, I also find food grade diatomaceous earth works well.

  • Sissy Sissy on Apr 25, 2022

    The problem with sugar is you will attract the ants and if they are in your house they can really be a problem .I put borax in warm dissolved water and put it in a pump sprayer I have used that for 30 + years and none of my dogs have ever gotten ticks or fleas on them . I won't ever put those flea collars or that stuff you give your dogs in my dogs bodies . The warnings on the labels are scary enough . My one chihuahua lived to be 19 years old and never had a tick or flea .All my dogs have been rescues from puppy mills or shelter . One was in a cage so small he could not even walk but I got him walking again and he thankfully lived to be 12 years old