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I was at JoAnns Fabric when I seen that their Halloween decorations were 70% off. Plus I had a coupon for 20% off my total purchase. I really like the skeletons that are hinged. And the skeleton rats, birds and dogs are cool too. I never bought any because they are so darn expensive. Before the discounts the skeleton I bought was $39.99 and the rat was $29.99. Now I needed to come up with a display using them.
Cooler and contact paper.
I looked on Hometalk and Pinterest to get some display ideas using a skeleton. I came across a couple with the skeleton climbing out of a box. Now to find a box big enough but not too big. I went to the basement to find one. I came across our cooler. It was perfect except it was blue and white. Painting it was not an option. Then I remembered the the wood looking contact paper I bought at an estate sale for $1.00.
Cooler covered in contact paper.
I covered the whole outside and the inside that would show with the contact paper. I used packing tape to attach it to the cooler. Now I needed something to sit the skeleton on in the cooler. A neon plastic Easter basket I got on clearence at Big Lots would do the trick.
Easter basket turned into skeleton stool.
I taped the leg to the the stool, the foot to the bottom of the cooler and the arm to the edge of the cooler. I used a plastic rod to help keep the stool in place.
A plastic rod to keep him up right.
I used a plastic rod taped to the spine to keep it up right. Also I used a zip tie to attach the hand to the little red lantern. I had to tape the lantern and rat to the cooler also. I'm going to have solorlights on both sides shining on it. Done just in time for Halloween. I can't wait to put it out to display on Halloween.

Suggested materials:

  • Skeleton & rat skeleton   (JoAnns Fabric)
  • Contact paper   (Estate sale $1.00)
  • Red lantern   (Antique shop $6.95)
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