Valentine 3D Paper Hearts 💕 Origami

2 Materials
5 Minutes
With valentine day approaching it’s lovely to go and add some personal touches to your surprises . These would be ideal as a table decoration scattered or even with a ribbon attached to gifts 🎁 it I am making a dozen to give instead of a dozen roses 🌹 I also have butterfly and flower origami tutorials on my profile for Valentine’s Day
Starting with 1 price of coloured paper red or pink would be ideal
I used this size but you can use what ever size you like making larger or smaller hearts 💕 and I think using different sizes and colours would be perfect
start with folding in half
Then along 1 edge make a small fold as pictured
Then fold in half again
the fold is along the top .. ow bring top corner down to the center on both side forming a triangle
Next list one of the peice ba k up to were to the edge and undo repeat both sides this will form a new crease we need
Now take the bottom corner and take it up to the centre we’re you will see the crease you just made a video is in the next step as this was getting hard to explain the little bit still left u slide into the part we’re my finger is in this pic like a envelope and press down
now the 4 top parts of what is the top of the heart you need to slightly crnple own so it becomes not such a short edge
Then you can blow into this little hole and the heart will pop open forming your 3D love ❣ heart
And this is what you enf up with now from here you can make and use these in lots of ways scattered on a table or a skewer stick and make a vase full of red hearts instead of roses 🌹
And here is what I did with mine :D happy valentines day !!! now I’m off to make 11 more so I have a dozen :)
Suggested materials:
  • Red or pink paper square origami paper   (Craft store)
  • Skewer   (I already had on hand)
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