Simple Fall Wreath Tutorial - UNDER $10!

5 Materials
45 Minutes
What can you make for less than $10, a coupon and an old shirt? You can make a lot of things, conceivably, however, I took my $10, coupon and old shirt and made a lovely Fall Wreath! In the end, the finished wreath that I have hanging on my door today took less than an hour to make.
Step 1
Paint you wreath form with your craft paint that coordinates with your fabric.  This is technically optional, but if you have any slightly bare spots, the painted wreath form will look better than the glaring white wreath form.  I did a quick and careless job and didn't worry too much about this step, other than to make sure it was dried before I started filling the form with fabric.
Step 2
Start cutting your fabric.  You can cut squares, about 2x2in or rectangles about 1x3.  It really doesn't matter as long as you don't leave the pieces too big.  Once you start applying them to the wreath, no one will notice that your cutting skills rival a pre-k child.  Do this part quick and don't over think it.

Step 3
When your paint has dried, lay your wreath flat and using either the end of a small paintbrush or a skewer, or even the pointed end of a pencil poke a piece of fabric into the styrofoam.  Just place the end of the paintbrush in the middle of the fabric and poke it right into the styrofoam.  Go about a 1/4 of an inch in.  The poking will turn your square or rectangle into a cute little blossom.  Continue doing this until the wreath is filled.
Step 4
Decorate your wreath.  I made a couple of simple "flowers" with burlap ribbon, some twine and some cute lace ribbon I forgot I had in my craft drawer.  These are crazy simple to make, you basically are just sort of loosely wrapping the material around your fingers to form a flower like shape. With the burlap and lace ribbon, I twisted as I was wrapping it around my fingers.  Then dab some hot glue on it to secure it to itself and then hot glue it to the wreath. Sounds way more complicated than it actually is, I promise.   I ended up cutting my sprigs of orange balls into a few smaller pieces because I was terrified that I would break the wreath form again if I tried to force the larger sprig into it.

Check out all the details, including my super frustrating fail on the blog!

Suggested materials:

  • Wreath Form - White Styrofoam   (Michaels)
  • Old Shirt or Felt or Other Fabric
  • Ribbon
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Marybeth Santos
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