Dog Leash Holder

1 Material
2 Hours
I made this cute dog leash holder, and the amazing thing about it is that it is all made out of pallet wood- my go to supply! I find that pallets are an inexpensive option for my craft.
The first thing I did was trace and cut the dog head silhouette from wood. I used a charcoal pencil to trace it. I was hoping for a good shape, and it came out great!
Then I nailed two pallet boards together. They were each six inches wide. This will be the base of the project.
Then I decided to paint the silhouette of the dog black and to whitewash the pallet boards for a nice contrast. I like the idea of a black and white sign.
After the paint dried, I painted over the silhouette once more for a nice clean look.
Then I painted the word woof on the pallet boards and I added the hooks to hold the leash. I also painted some paw prints to add some fun detail. I am really proud of how well this came out!
And there you have it a dog leash holder. You can hang it anywhere, next to your front door, in your garage, or even inside a closet!
It was fun to create and I hope you enjoyed! I'd love any feedback!
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood/old door hooks   (Grocery store/from old doors)
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