Dress up Corners With Handmade Plinth Blocks

10 Materials
2 Hours
Corner molding never looked clean to me, so I made 50+ of these plinth blocks to dress up my room's inside and outside corners! Similar off-the-rack products are sold for $5.00 each, but I made 50 of them for less than $9.00 total.
I started by gluing two 2 3/4" MDF panels together.
Next, I clamped them together to create a very tight mend.
Once they were really secure, I sliced them on my table saw into 1-1/2" blocks.
Here's how they looked after cutting. Just a few simple wood blocks.
I then routered the edges on two sides to give them a finished look. The other sides will be inside the corners of the walls so I want those nice and straight so they'll be flush with the wall.
They were then sanded to clean up the saw blade marks and router imperfections.
Once they were are clean, I laid them out on come cardboard to be sealed.
Here they are being primed so they can accept paint without swelling. This is a very important step.
Here is how the sample looked after the primer dried on the first one. Much cleaner and nicer, right?
Here is what they look like installed, prior to being caulked & painted. As you can see I made inside & outside corners. Doesn't that make such a huge difference? It's surprising what a large impact such a small update can have!

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  • Jackie Jackie on May 22, 2019

    Could you show how you cut the outside corner please thanks so much.

  • Sarah Kimsey Sarah Kimsey on May 30, 2019

    How to remove Wax buildup from hardwood floors?

  • Monique Monique on Apr 02, 2021

    Did you install these before you installed the baseboards?


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