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My daughter who loves the TV show Hannibal, (she's 29, promise, I didn't let a child watch a show I can't watch) and saw a very expensive clock table and she asked me to make her a Hannibal themed clock table. I decided why not.
I found this base at Restore for 10.00 and the round frame at the crafting store, where I used my handy dandy 50% off coupon.
I had to bring a tape measure with me to find the right sized clock and admit to spending more than I liked at 19.99 but it was the perfect fit. The clock fits into the top of the table and is removable to change the batteries.
Painting the outside of the little table with glossy black spray paint.
The clock was easy to take apart and I very carefully painted over the normal numbers and after a few coats, I free hand wrote the odd Will Graham nightmare clock numbers. Please don't ask me to explain any of that, like I said, I am not good with scary TV and don't watch. I'm sure you can Google it to discover this nightmare clock.
I had a slightly difficult time adhering the clock to the frame and had to take it apart and put it together again a few times more than I liked. The edge that is underneath the glass of the frame and above the glass of the clock, I used wood putty to keep things together and then hand painted over the black. I hope that makes some sense. I'm happy to say that the clock works well still despite all that messing around with it.
My daughter loves this little weird clock table and I had fun making it but I still can't watch Hannibal.

Suggested materials:

  • Round frame   (craft store)
  • Table base   (restore)
  • Spray paint and craft paints   (had on hand)
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