Old Heater Closet Turned Into a Linen, and Catch All Closet.

by Mikie
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3 Days
I got this Idea from some project's that were posted. I didn't take before pic's. That's cuz I didn't know about Hometalker's at the time. So your only gonna see the new closet.

I didn't take pic's of the closet, and I'm sorry I didn't. It was a dark old closet with a door that at one time had an old kerosene heater stored there to heat this home. Anyway's, I tried get'n pic's the best I could but I needed a couple of more feet of runway. So, I'll stack em best I can.

Here you can see the 5 row's of basket's. Not counting the bottom which would make 6 row's total. There's some space heater's stored at the bottom.
From the ceiling down, you can see 4 shelves of basket's here. And there's still one more below,

on the floor is a couple of floor heater's stored.
After I removed the door and all it's trim, I added a finish trim that is for show. I'm not putting a door back up.

I tried get'n all 10 basket's in the shot. Anyways, here it is.
I textured and painted the inside, then added my shelf braces. I still have touch-up to do outside. Then I set all the shelves in place, painted. I also put in a new wood floor and a threshold down. The basket's stack 5 high, 10 basket's in all. The shelves measure 15 inches high x 33 inches wide x 18 inches deep The basket's measure 12 inches tall x 14 inches wide x 17 inches deep. The size of the shelves and the size of the Basket's are a good marriage. Thank you, hope ya enjoyed.
Suggested materials:
  • 1 - 1/2 inch - 4 ft.x8ft. plywood.   (Lowes)
  • 5 -1"x2" strip's.   (Lowes)
  • Semi gloss white paint.   (Lowes)
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  • Wendy Wendy on Jun 03, 2018

    Great use of the space!

    • Mikie Mikie on Jun 04, 2018

      Thank you Wendy. Like I said, it was a dungy closet that was good for nutting. Now, it's fresh, textured, painted, new wood floor, and Tiled. I made the tiles myself outta left over flooring.