How To Organize Your Spice Cabinet The KonMari Way

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Is your spice cabinet a mess? Learn how to organize your spice cabinet the KonMari way and now you can actually use them more.

How To Organize Your Spice Cabinet

The last few months I have KonMari many parts of my home. If you don’t know what it is here is a link to Marie Kondo who developed the method. It’s basically organizing your home in specific categories. Getting rid of items you don’t need and only using what you want. For the spice category I had all my spices everywhere and half of them were not being used.

Supplies Needed For KonMari

  • Spice bottles: Found these cute jars on Amazon

  • Larger Jars: Dollar Store has a bunch of large jars perfect for baking ingredients.

  • White marker: These are great for writing on glass jars.
Steps On How To Organize Your Spice Cabinet

My spice cabinet is large so I can store many other things like baking stuff.

Step 1:

Take all the stuff out of your spice cabinet and lay it on your counters. Get rid of stuff you don’t use.

Step 2:

Wash your spice jars, dry them well. You don’t want water to mix with the spices.

Step 3:

Fill the jars with the spice. This is a great way to rid of hard spices that are old and empty spice containers with only a few sprinkles left.

Step 4:

With a white magic marker you can write the name of the spice on the glass. For the larger jars I wrote it on top of the silver lids.

Step 5:

I put all the jars of spice in alphabetic order.

As you can see the spices are where everyone can see them and the beauty of having them in a jar, you can use use your fingers to sprinkle on your food. It’s a secret of good chefs when it comes to flavoring their food.

The first shelf has all my new spices, the second shelf I placed all the baking ingredients like flour into larger jars and the third shelf is unused spices and baking ingredients to fill the jars up.

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