Outdoor Fire Hearth for My She Shed

3 Materials
14 Hours
I made a outdoor she shed this summer and furnished it with garage sale finds. It use to be a dove aviary, but now all the doves are gone. I needed to make use out of their cage, So what a better way is to turn it into my outdoor craft space. Most recent garage sale find was this darling heater that really puts out the heat. Since the floor is wood chips I thought I best make a hearth for it just in case the chips could catch on fire. I surely don't want my little room to go up in flames.
This is my she shed that I re-purposed.
My cute fire place stove that will work perfect during the winter.
Found a piece of scrap wood that should work.
I gathered my round tiles and marbles that I had and glued them on with outdoor nail glue.
Now to grout my hearth piece with sanded grout.
After letting the grout set up overnight it was ready to go in my she shed.
Putting it all together
My she shed is comfy and a fun place to do my crafts.
Everything I use to make this my play area was either a garage sale fine, free, or repurpose. Less than $30.
Suggested materials:
  • Tiles/marbles
  • Sanded grout
  • Nail glue
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  • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Mar 29, 2018

    Such a cute idea. I had never thought of putting a heater in mine and i really should since we live on the Oregon coast. Also, a great alternative you came up with to the usual brick or stone hearths and very "girly" too. How creative to use a Aviary, I wouldn't have thought there would be enough room but apparently there is ! I was going to use mine for crafts and wrapping gifts but since there is only dirt with wood slats for floors, it does get damp and it ruins any paper i have out there (found that out the hard way, lol) so now i have decided to just use it for a potting shed, it has glass windows around each side and a glass door so there is tons of light in it. Along one side is a long work bench with shelves underneath so it has loads of potential. I can't wait for nice weather so garage sales can start up again. Well, have fun with your very "girly" she-shed and thanks !

    • Teri Teri on Mar 29, 2018

      I do a lot of messy crafts like grouting, painting, cement work, and potting flowers. So this is working out wonderful specially having a wood chip floor. I to am just waiting for some heat on the old bones. I have the garden itch.

  • Diane Diane on Nov 19, 2020

    I love your she shed!