Think a Tomato Cage Is Just for Growing Tomatoes? Look at These Hacks!

Hometalk Highlights
by Hometalk Highlights
Even if you’ve never grown tomatoes, you know what these cages are:
Photo via Pam @House of Hawthornes
But do you know what else you can do with them? We scoured Hometalk, and then the rest of the internet, for the very best tomato cage hacks from crazy creative DIYers, and we found some amazing ideas. A bunch of these are summer specific, so grab your tomato cage and get to creating!

1. Add a plate to create a birdbath

Photo via Tammy @My Life Abundant
Take your love for bird watching into your flower bed, with this easy 2 step bath. This is a whole different way to bring beauty to your garden with a tomato cage.

2. Bend wire branches for a bottle tree

Photo via Pam @House of Hawthornes
This colorful garden sculpture (just a bent tomato cage and some upcycled glass bottles), is a great reason to raid your recycling bin.

3. Build the skirt of a glamorous garden girl

Photo via Shelley @Sow & Dipity
If you’re a gardening guru, step up your landscape display this summer, with a flowery garden girl crafted from a tomato cage skirt and a chicken wire bust.

4. Hang crystals to form an outdoor chandelier

Photo via Tara @Crafts Unleashed
Upgrade your warm nighttime soirees, by lighting up your yard with a tomato cage chandelier, trimmed with glassy crystals and hung with tiny lanterns.

5. Weave it into a basket

Photo via Lin @Hot for Houses
Put your weaving skills to work, with this simple basket design created from colorful threads and a basket form bent from a free tomato cage.

...And Our Favorites from Around the Web:

6. Use two cages as legs for a bigger table

Photo via Dehn Bloom Design
Need more table space? Flip two cages underneath a larger table top, to make a vast desk with plenty of room for work.

7. Clip on pictures to make a 3D gallery

Photo via Paper Crafts Connection
If you’re an Instagram junkie, display (some of) your best shots on a DIY gallery tower, made from a painted tomato cage lined with metal rings and clips.

How badly do you want to start cutting, bending, and hacking those cheap tomato cages? Share your brilliant ideas with us in a post!
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