Cedar Chest Turned Vintage Gun Cabinet!

Lisa Marie
by Lisa Marie
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Someone came to me with this cedar chest and wanted me to make it look old, like an old vintage gun cabinet! I thought, "oh, OK! I usually make things pretty but I get to try my hand at something not so feminine!"
This is the before and after. I sanded the entire thing! I left some of the original finish in front to give it a heavier contrast of color..for authenticity.

I had to find a logo of a gun company. I had to Blow it up to size so it would cover the top pretty well. So I used an online program for that. Printed it out on a laser printer, BACKWARDS! Laid it out on the top of the chest..
Then I cut around the actual ink and taped it, ink side down. I used pure acetone to transfer the image. I brushed it on, then used the side of this little paint bottle to rub it in!
I then started to paint the chest to look older. I used Midnight's Blackness unicorn spit for the black/grey sections of the wood. I knew I wanted it to be "dirty" in certain sections....
Unicorn SPiT is awesome because you can control the outcome much better than a regular paint or stain. With water, you can literally brush it away and start over...I diluted a little bit here because i wanted to create that "wash" look for the oil and dirt.
Made the outer corners "dirty"
I made the appearance of oils from hands on the front here.. by making the parts of the chest, where hands would lift it, dirty and oily. Sealed with wipe on poly.
Searched and searched for the perfect hardware... finally found these pull rings from House of Antique Hardware - they are in a rust finish.
Complete and I love HIM!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT   (www.unicornspit.com)
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