Just -a-swingin---With Unicorn SPiT Gel and Stain

Libby O'Rourke
by Libby O'Rourke
2 Materials
12 Hours
An old swing sitting in garage, and in need of some SPiTtin- Got husband to build frame, and I went ot town SPiTin all over this baby! This SPiT I'm refering to is a gel, stain in one- Non toxic and washes off with water. Comes in many colors as you can see in the rainbow swing.
I brought out my wonderful Unicorn SPiT gel and stain and covered it all over.
Rainbow on back with Molly Red Pepper, and Blue Thunder, along with Dragons Belly green.
I used a oil based Marine Varnish to seal it with since it will be in the weather. When you use Unicorn SPiT you need to seal it with oil base polyurethane.
As you can see below, it was in need of sanding real good. This is a closeup of the back with the wood grain showing- With Unicorn SPiT you can water it down to 70-30% to your liking on how much of the wood grain you want to see.
Here it is on it's post waiting for someone to come swing in it!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn SPiT Gel and Stain watered down about 50-50% ratio.   (WWW.UnicornSPIT.com)
  • Spar Marine Varnish   (BLP paints- If you don't have a BLP paint store where you are, then you can use any good outdoor var)
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