Boost Your Curb Appeal With These 5 Fun Mailbox Decorating Ideas

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It’s easy not to even notice your own mailbox, but it’s one of the first things that visitors see when they come to your home. That makes it an opportunity to make a great first impression with a mailbox that shows your style, or to embarrass yourself with a clunker that’s seen better days. Don’t go for the second option!
Read on for 5 fun mailbox ideas that will make your home stand out for the right reasons.
1: Add a Mailbox Trellis and Decorate with Nature’s Beauty

Climbing plants are a beautiful way to use nature to decorate your mailbox. Just add a mailbox trellis, plant the vine or climbing flower of your choice, and enjoy! There are plenty of options for adding a trellis to your mailbox, and they come in a wide range of prices and difficulty levels. You can replace your mailbox post with a special trellis post, such as this specially-made product (see photo above), attach something to your existing mailbox post that allows climbing plants to grab on, such as this product, or buy small trellises that you can stick in the ground around your mailbox post. If you’re the DIY type, you can even build your own mailbox trellis. The sky’s the limit!
2: Plant a Gorgeous Mailbox Garden

Mailbox plants aren’t limited to trellises; the mailbox garden can be a real thing of beauty (see photo above). If your mailbox is next to the curb, choose durable plants that can withstand passing traffic. Gardening centers and online resources even have layouts of suggested plants available, such as this one from Lowe’s, and this mailbox garden slideshow from Better Homes and Gardens.
3: Give your Mailbox a Stencil Makeover

If your mailbox is old and dingy and looks ready for the trashcan, or if you’re just bored with it, you can perk it up with a mailbox makeover. These step-by-step instructions from blogger Lolly Jane show you how to use stencils to give your mailbox some style (see photo above).
4: Mailbox Planters make your Mailbox Pop with Color

Mailbox planters are another way to let nature help you decorate. As with trellises, planters come in a big range of prices and ease of transition. You can replace your mailbox with one that has a built-in planter (see photo above); these are available online and at home improvement stores. There are also less-expensive planters that you can hang on your existing mailbox, such as this one, although you need to make sure that your mailbox is the right size. The easiest and least-expensive option of all is a product such as this hanging bag-style planter, which fits most mailbox posts and is quick and easy to install.
5: Bring the Style with this Ombre Mailbox Makeover

If your mailbox needs a new look and you’re looking for something sleek, simple, and stylish, this DIY ombre mailbox makeover might be just what you’re looking for (see photo above). Blogger Tara from Embrace my Space gives step-by-step instructions on how to use spray paint to easily transform your dingy old mailbox into an ombre masterpiece.

Enjoy your new mailbox! Stop by our website for easy cleaning solutions to boost your curb appeal even more.
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