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What to do with our livingroom ceiling?
Kathy Wilson Kathy Wilson Answered Yesterday

We took the old popcorn ceiling off in our livingroom and thought we could just paint it. We fixed some hairline cracks where the joint in the sheetrock are, primed a... See more

What to do with paneling in a dated living room?
Tamara Copple Tamara Copple Answered on Sep 03, 2023

This is my living room. I love the fireplace-flanking book shelves and the vaulted ceiling but it is a cavern. The skylight shaft doesn't let in much light, and the ... See more

Area rug under dining room table?
Donna Naughton Donna Naughton Answered on Sep 03, 2023

We are having new hardwood floors put in our dining and living rooms. Should we put an area rug under the dining room table?

We have 12 ft ceilings in our 1901 home. Odd fireplace and 4 doors!
Michelle Michelle Answered on Aug 06, 2023

The fireplace looks like it’s been chopped off from the room and4 doors come into this room. It looks like this wide open space and nothing there and we live in the... See more

How an I update this knotty pine wall without painting it?
Dee B Dee B Answered on Aug 06, 2023

I’m tired of looking at my “70’s” wall but I like the different textures of wood and brick. I’m going to white wash the brick but unsure if I should stain t... See more

Old heat vents
Niko Niko Answered on Jul 14, 2023

Imagine these in every room of your house...only they have been painted at least 100 times (maybe a little less, but not much) and they are all chipped, rusted and ug... See more