Rustic and Elegant Fall Centrepiece

Shiny things distract me! It's a girl thing.
think think can beautiful crystal and candles mix into a fall centrepiece arrangement...
All of those poured candles in pretty glass filled containers end up just being glass containers after the fact and I was seeing them in thrift stores but not as pretty as the top shelf real deal crystal. New filled candles can also range in price from 10 to 40$ depending on where you shop. So I thought why not go "top shelf" and use that crystal I prefer and would put the effort into filling again and again!
candles poured into crystal
Let's go back to the matt...

too easy! I used a 'give away' coffee roasterie bag, cut my shape and straight stitched it onto heavy felt stabilizer. The rustic feel works with 'fall' and the rudimentary finish of the candlesticks.
thrift store crystal for candles
I hit my favourite thrift stores on the hunt for the perfect containers. I was specifically on the hunt for crystal! My crystal finds ranged in price from 3 to 10$ each. The 3$ piece I believe was priced as 'glass' but passed the finger snap 'ting' test!
wax poured into crystal
I brought my pieces home and cleaned them up. Here I have a couple of glass pieces I also like and wanted to fill. I used a craft store aluminum wax melting pot and supplies as well as candles I had on hand for recycling. I also added blue spruce sprigs and cones for further aroma while burning-I would not recommend this for non contained candles.

tip- the containers which are quite closed at the top should be heated before pouring and then, put in a container of hot water to set the wax. This will help the centre from sinking as the outside cools faster than the slightly contained inside wax.
elegant and rustic chic candle centerpiece
The cute little brown bottle believe it or not came from a restaurant with tonic water in it. and would have been into the trash. LOL my friend thought it was funny that I liked it and somehow it landed in her purse. As simple and small as it is, it's a nice touch with a fresh sprig in between the candle sticks.
elegant and rustic chic table centerpiece
I think I've come up with a warm, interesting, simple, elegant and inviting fall centrepiece. I refinished my candlesticks with varying shades of Annie Sloan French linen, anitque white and Ochre blended, and added Valspar silver to one candlestick. The antique spool was also painted to add interest to the lines, all set atop a burlap matt made from a recycled coffee bean sack. Now I can't wait for Thanksgiving, so proud of myself!
Fab and Pretty
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