How to Make DIY Giant Lollipops For a Candyland Christmas

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Do you want to make some DIY giant lollipops for your outdoor space? This easy tutorial shows you how! Using pool noodles and some tape, we'll create colorful lollipops that are both fun and budget-friendly.

With just a few supplies, you'll have impressive DIY Candyland Christmas decorations in no time. Let's get started with this DIY oversized Christmas decor project!

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Gluing two pool noodle ends together

1. Glue two pool noodles together

Start with two pool noodles and put some hot glue on the ends. We've got to make sure these stay nice and tight to each other.

Placing white duct tape on the seam

2. Place duct tape on the seam

Take some white duct tape and wrap it around the seam. That's going to hold it together along with the glue.

Wrapping white duct tape around a red pool noodle

3. Wrap the duct tape around the noodle

Take your tape, start right there at the end, and wrap it with a 60-degree angle. I grabbed this tape from the Dollar Tree and it's going to be able to wrap the whole thing for you.

Just twist and tape all the way down to the end. This roll should be able to do the whole thing. If you get off a little bit, just reposition it.

Applying hot glue to the end of the noodle

4. Coil the noodle

Now that we've got our noodle wrapped, go back to the beginning and run two good glue strips here of hot glue, about six inches in.

Squeezing the noodle over

Go ahead and squeeze this over. The most important part is you've got to hold this down while you're working on it.

Hot gluing and coiling the pool noodle

Continue along the whole thing; running glue and folding it over, all the way to the end. Once we get to the end, put the last bit of glue on there and roll it up.

Wrapping the coil with rubber bands

5. Wrap the coil in rubber bands

Grab yourself some rubber bands. Once we get that first rubber band on, go ahead and put one more just for safe measures. Let this sit for about five minutes.

Puncturing the noodle with scissors

6. Make a hole in the noodle

Take a pair of scissors and right next to where the end of the pool noodle is, puncture it to make a cross. Stab it in just like that, turn it 90 degrees, then go in one more time.

Inserting a stick into the noodle

7. Insert the stick

Grab some hot glue again. Fill the hole with hot glue and put your stick right in there.

Wrapping the lollipop in cellophane

8. Wrap in cellophane & add ribbon

Next I went to the dollar store and grabbed a cellophane bag. I actually got two of these for one dollar. Stick the whole project right inside, just like this. Then we're going to bunch it up at the bottom.

I got some ribbon that I pre-cut. I'm going to go ahead and wrap it in ribbon.

DIY giant lollipops

DIY giant lollipop tutorial

What a great outdoor decor it is! These DIY giant lollipops are waterproof and they look great. We made each one of these for less than five dollars and it spruces up your yard just in time for the holidays.

Let me know what you think of this outdoor DIY Candyland Christmas decoration idea in the comments below and check out other ways to craft DIY lollipop decorations here.

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  • Tess Tess on Nov 18, 2023
    Here are some I made this week. Instead of using whole noodle, I cut them in half lengthwise then taped together with box tape, wrapped with pinstripe tape and used wooden skewer to hold together ( easier than hot glue) then added the painted dowel.
  • Doc's Mom Doc's Mom on Nov 18, 2023
    So cute!