A DIY Sign for the Wife.

1 Material
1 Hour
My wife love this sign and yes I’ll do anything for my wife.( especially if I can get in the shop and play with my power tools.)

I went to the shop to see what I can find that is old looking and not that Heavy. (Tip) When your hanging a sign on a wall the lighter the better.
The finished project!
So what I found in my wood stash was old Fence board. Need to rip the board down to 5 inch wide.
The sign is 25 x 30

Cut list
3- 30 inch long
2-27 inch long

Sand or use a planner to clean up the boards
Turn over your boards
you will need to measure 1 1/2 spacers
Screw some small boards on back to keep them together
Stain and put what ever quote you like on it.
Suggested materials:
  • Old fence board.   (Free to good home)
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