5 Ways to Use Old Wine Bottles in Your Garden

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One problem I have is seeing a potential project in just about anything and everything--I'm a self proclaimed crafting hoarder and I'm trying to be better about what I keep so as not to drive Rob completely bonkers. Something that I have a ton of that I know can be used in so many ways is a bin of wine bottles. Whether we've popped open a bottle for dinner with friends or my many friends keeping theirs for

5 ways to use old wine bottles

Oooooh the possibilities...

5 ways to use old wine bottles


I know we've all seen it at some point or another but who doesn't love a good wine bottle garden border?! I simply used a rubber mallet to drive the wine bottles, neck down, into the soil.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

The more bottles, the merrier! And what I love the most are the pops of blue. You can also do this project with other bottles--beer, vinegars, the list goes on and on.

5 ways to use old wine bottles


Whether you want to label plants, flowers, herbs, or simply use a wine bottle instead of a sign, this is a unique way to personalize your garden area. I created a vinyl sticker using my Silhouette Cameo 2 machine and some white outdoor vinyl. Then, using transfer tape, I applied the sticker to an upside down blue wine bottle.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

My father-in-law is a landscaper by trade so naturally, he does all of the gardening around his house; I figured I'd leave him a little surprise out there the next time he's digging in the dirt.

5 ways to use old wine bottles


I saw this super cute bird feeder idea floating around online and I decided to add a little something extra. Lately, I've been obsessed with metallic copper spray paint--the Rustoleum brand is so nice and I love how the color pops so I decided to try it on a green wine bottle.

I took painter's tape and taped off the bottom of the wine bottle, then spray it with copper spray and let it dry completely.

Then, I took 6 gauge copper wire and created a hook at the bottom of the wine bottle, finally wrapping the wire around the bottle until I reached the neck of the bottle.

*Note: 6 gauge wire is really difficult to manipulate by hand so I used needle nose pliers and a rubber mallet to help get the twist started and press the end of the wire down on the neck of the bottle.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

Once the wire was secure around the bottle, I took a Gadget Soda Bottle Feeder I purchased on Amazon and secured it to the end of my wine bottle. Of course, make sure to fill the bottle with birdseed before you attach the feeder.

*Note: Unfortunately, the feeder attachment doesn't fit on every type of wine bottle. I just so happened to have one with the right lip (I guess that would be the proper way to describe the end of the neck?); I took my wine labels off so long ago so I'm not sure what exact bottle worked for the feeder attachment but I would venture to guess it was a Prosseco bottle.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

Aside from the wire being a bit of a pain to work with, I love how this unique feeder came out!

*Note: As much of a pain as it was to use this bigger gauge wire, I would strongly recommend sticking with 6 or 8 gauge as it will be the best to hold the weight of the birdseed-filled bottle. I tried a smaller gauge wire and it was way too flimsy.

Also, the wire I used can be found in the electrical department of Home Depot. I purchased 3' for this project.

5 ways to use old wine bottles


I've made my own tiki torches in the past (check out the tutorial here: http://www.hometalk.com/16938666/wine-bottle-tiki-torches --of course you'll need to omit the marbles and the stand though) but when I discovered they could be hung, I had to try it! I changed up some supplies with the help of Rob but overall, I love the look.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

After I made a tiki torch, I used a metal blade (Very important! Only use a blade for cutting metal!) in my jig saw to cut a 3/8"-16x12" threaded rod. Be very careful cutting the rod--work steady but slow when using the jig saw. I cut my rod down to 6" because I wanted it a safe distance off of my in-laws' fence.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

Next, I used wood screws to screw the ceiling plate to the fence post. Then, I twisted the rod into the plate, ensuring that a nut was screwed on to the base of the plate. After that, I screwed a 1" split tube hanger to the end of the rod, and finally I placed the neck of the bottle inside the hanger and tightened the screws so that the bottle would hang freely.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

How cool is this??! Make sure to place a copper cap on the wick so that it doesn't get rained on--plus, the added copper looks cool too.

5 ways to use old wine bottles


This idea is probably as old as time but I love how you can change it up depending on the theme of your event, the size of your table/surface or your personality.

For this little centerpiece arrangement, I used painter's tape to mark off the bottom of the bottles, then sprayed them with Rustoleum metallic copper spray paint. Once the paint was dry, I placed a funnel in each bottle and filled about half way with water.

5 ways to use old wine bottles

Finally, I placed a few stems of fresh eucalyptus and white roses in the bottles. A rule of thumb is to use odd numbers--whether it's for the stems themselves or the bottles. My art teacher in high school taught me to always use odd numbers and that has stuck with me for {ahem} 15 years now.

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