Completed My 1990's Bathroom Reveal!

Elizabeth Fencl
by Elizabeth Fencl
4 Months
I have been posting the progress of my 1990's bathroom and I am so excited to share my reveal to you all.
I started this project in February and with working full time, trying to do a bathroom reno on a budget, when you have holidays, birthdays, funerals, baby showers, vacations out of the cold Wisconsin winter, taking care of grandbabies and an elderly mother (I think you get the idea)...needless to say, this project has taken me the longest ever!
Being a menopausal freak at 56 years old, some days I would come home from working at a Middle School (clerical) with those crazy hormonal little darlings, and I basically would flip that bathroom off as I went by it and I would sit down with a book and coffee and pray the phone didn't ring. Again, LONGEST PROJECT EVER!

Before picture, take note of the vanity.  I had painted my vanity a few years ago dark brown.  You will see how I turned this builder grade vanity into a much nicer piece that looks totally new and updated.
Another angle of a before picture...
The 1990 Almond toilet.   I am not going to lie, I made the towel rack with these old door knobs and still love this look!  This will be added to my stash of goodies.
This is a before picture so you can see the Almond ceramic floor tile, and another look at the almond tub and surround with the gold shower door.  
Are you ready?  I am so excited to share my new bathroom with you.  However, I will warn all the people that don't believe in painting wood (especially oak), this makeover contains this heinous crime...and I LOVE IT!

Well, what do you think?  I am so in love with how this turned out.  Yes, it was a ton of hard, but so worth it.
I will do a different post at a later date on the following:  floor, curtain, ladder, builder grade vanity, farmhouse window and cotton stems.   Further in this post, I posted the concrete counter top make over and painting the tub, faucet in tub
I won't do a shiplap tutorial because truthfully, there are so many of them, you are able to find tutorials on Hometalk or Pinterest, lickety split.   I will add that my husband helped me on the wall with the vanity after seeing me work for 7.5 hours on the one wall by the window.   Yup, you could say I think he felt sorry for me after that.  

DIY Cotton Stems...way to easy to do yourself versus buying these.  Basically these did not cost me anything other than a burnt thumb from the hot glue,  forcing  me to spew the mother of all nasty words (again) from this potty mouth.

My almond tile...gone!  I painted and stenciled my floor!  Yes, you heard me correctly, I stenciled my tile floor.  Thank you, fellow Hometalker, Stacy Davis for telling me about this awesome idea at our meeting in New York this February.  
I bought the stencil on-line from a company called, "Cutting Edge"  
I could spend a fortune on these stencils from this company.  I paid $9.95 plus tax and shipping!   This company was stinking awesome!  I received my stencil literally within a week and it was packaged in a great box.
Again, a tutorial will come at a later date.

I made this ladder for around $3.50.  I bought the wood at Home Depot.    
The little pail on the ladder is from Joanne Fabric's at 70% off, I paid a whopping $4.49!  Steal! 

Check out this little bucket/trash can also from Joanne Fabric's at 70% off... I paid 9.99!

Here you can see my new Shower curtain from Target, the newly painted black door and this sign I couldn't resist.  
I bought this little gem on Amazon:
Another look at this fun floor.icon
Ok, some of you may be wondering what angle this is from.  I am standing by the toilet for this shot.   The door to the bathroom is closed and I wanted to show you that there is a closet behind the door coming into the bathroom.  It is a pocket door that I painted Black also.  This closet is where I store all the towels, medicine, etc.   Needless to say, I have not organized all that darn stuff in there yet because I am sick of working in the house and want to play outside.  Some day, I will get to it, just not today.
That cute Vintage Cheese box!

It pays to be a little bit of a hoarder, I had this Vintage Cheese Box (Wisconsin Cheese, of course) in my stash along with the wire basket on my ladder. 
Ok, so here is a breakdown on everything that I did and products that I used:
Totals are rounded to the nearest dollar.

Paint-Vanity and Trim, Simply White, Benjamin Moore,   Doors: Totally Black, Behr.  Shiplap-Valspar (Lowes color)- Gray Silt = 95.00  
I bought all my paint at Home Depot and they color matched the colors that I wanted with all Behr paint.

Spray Paint for the Heat Register, Ceiling fan, Faucet and drain:  see post on how I painted my faucet, tub and surround:  = 
Rustoleum Automotive Primer, White Epoxy Appliance Spray paint (Rustoleum) Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze= 16.00
Homax White Tough as Tile Refinishing Kit (needed 2 kits for 3 coats) for bath tub=73.00

Paint for floor:  2- Deco Americana Chalk Paints, 11.00 (with coupon), Kilz Oil Based Primer= 19.00:   Behr Concrete and Garage Floor Paint (in White) 31.00 (Home Depot):   Floor cost total was 55.50
Vanity Concrete Counter top:  Henry's Feather Finish:  Home Depot=17.00
Here is my post I shared on this:
Light:  Home Depot, 69.00 -  
Vanity Pulls:  Home Depot=15.00 total
Faucets:  Home Depot=66.00 total
Toilet Paper holder:  Home Depot=14.00 
New White Toilet=Menards=180.00
Wood for my Farmhouse Window - 10.00 for one MDF board from Home Depot and I used other wood I had on hand.
Shiplap:  Home Depot, plywood 4x8 sheets at 11.99 per sheet, cut into 6 inch strips=  48.00
Shower Curtain, Rod and Liner all bought at Target:  50.00
Mirrors:  Kirklands=$40.00!!  Score!!  Can you believe how cute these are for 20.00 a piece...Crazy!  I bought these on sale on line.
2 Wicker Baskets at 40% off at Joanne Fabric:  24.00 total 
Sign on door- Amazon = 13.00
Succulents, galvanized waste basket and pail - Joanne Fabric (all with coupons)=33.00
Ladder - 3.50
Hook on wall - Free (had it in my stash)
Towels - Free (on hand)
Curtain: Cloth (free) had a curtain panel on hand that I never used3 extension rods to make the faux roman shade=12.00  (from Target)
Entire Bathroom Makeover on a DIY Budget came out approx. $834.00.
I am sure you noticed that I bought the majority of my supplies from Home Depot.   I work and live very close to the store which made running there all the time very convenient.
Thank you for reading this post and I hope you found some interesting ideas from my bathroom makeover that you might be able to use in your own home.   As I mentioned, I will be posting how I did some of the floor, ladder, etc. at a later time.  I was just so excited to share the end result, I couldn't wait.
Happy First Day of Summer!! 

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