Giving a Tired Old Sewing Stand New Life!

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I had this sewing stand that was just boring. I didn't like much about the stand except that it was sturdy. I don't sew so keeping it for that purpose just didn't make any sense. I decided to strip it and turn it into something more useful.
First, I removed the sewing machine from the stand (now I have a sewing machine I won't use and now no place to keep it), but that is a problem for another day. Next, all the hardware was removed and I started sanding. I sanded and sanded and sanded until I finally decided that I was just going to chalk paint the base and I would do something different for the top.

I had a copper bucket that I was going to use in my finished product so I needed to cut the hole in the stand bigger. My husband started to cut it for me and went a little too far on one side. In our house, though, we rarely make mistakes, we simply make creative adjustments. And so I creatively adjusted the hole so that it was big enough and still fairly the same on all sides.

I used Unicorn Spit for the top. When I first put it on and it dried...I didn't like it at all.
Unicorn Spit drying...
But, once you put the poly on it. The colors deepen and brighten and it is just gorgeous!
After poly is applied.
I love how the wood grain can still be seen through the colors.
Here is the stand closed.
Here is is open.
And here it is complete with copper bucket!! I can't wait for the next BBQ to use this. I used a varnish meant to repel water and moisture so the stand can remain on the deck without becoming damaged.
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint
  • Spray poly (satin finish)
  • Unicorn Spit
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