Hanging Garden

2 Days
Sorry that I didn't take more photos during the entire process, but I began with two pallets, sanded them lightly just to remove any jagged areas.
Then I stained them with left over stain from our fences. Let it dry over night.
Next I look heavy duty landscaping fabric( also left overs from a raised garden) and stapled the backs, sides and bottoms of the pallets.
I reinforced the bottoms with 1x2 that I attached with deck screws.
I added organic garden soil and then it was ready for plants.
This one is mostly flowers... In retrospect, I should have added more plants closer together. Believe me, it's not over crowding.
In this one, I added some flowers for color, but this became my herbal garden to which I added sage, rosemary, oregano, basil, tarragon, thyme, mint and strawberries.
I watered them daily and let them lay flat for a week so to give the plants a chance to take root. Every day I raised them slightly on an angle with bricks.
To hang them, hooks were placed in the brick wall of my deck. Epoxy was used to hold them tight, which dried completely in an hour or so. Rings on heavy duty screws where place in the tops of the pallets and then hung on the walls. I won't lie, they were really heavy and took two men to hang them. I lost minimal soil and adding more plants would have reduced that even further.
This photo was week 6. They do require watering every day, but we had a great turnout. I used wine corks on skews to label the plants.
Please feel free to ask me any questions if I left anything out, and again, apologies for not having more starting photos.

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  • Ruth Ruth on Dec 28, 2015
    How much dirt, peat moss, etc did you add between the blanks and the burlap?


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