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I haven’t seen this on Hometalk (forgive me if I missed it), so I thought I would share my recent glitter wall project! Yes, glitter walls are a thing! If you’re like me, you’re gaga for sparklies, so when I saw that Rust-Oleum had glitter wall paint, I had to have some.

Harvest Gold, Sterling Silver, Iridescent

There are a few versions out there in which you can throw packs of glitter into just about any paint. The Rust-Oleum brand, officially announced in a company press release February 1, comes with the glitter premixed into the paint with a translucent base and is available in quarts of Harvest Gold, Sterling Silver and Iridescent Clear. The press release states, “The paint creates an intense glitter finish that provides a multi-dimensional shimmer and eye-catching sparkle.” It is designed to go over drywall, wood, metal, plastic and hardboard.

So sparkly!


I wanted to add a glitter accent wall to my “glam room” (aka dressing room/makeup room), and the Iridescent looked like the perfect shade to use. As soon as I got the paint, I opened up the can. I swear, I heard angels singing as I gasped at the shimmery delightfulness.

Once I was ready to start the project, I first stirred the contents well to make sure all the glitter was distributed throughout. The glitter is very fine—not your chunky “school” glitter—and the Iridescent has beautiful prismatic tones like an opal with a milky pearl base.  

1 Coat. Meh.

The directions advise painting with light even coats in one direction per coat, then alternating. So I applied one coat horizontally and one coat vertically with a brush. It can also be applied with a roller or sprayer, according to the can. Since the wall I was painting had a window in the middle of it and I knew I would have a lot of corners and edges to trim, I just used a brush for the whole thing.

Normally two coats of wall paint is good, right? Not so much with glitter paint. 

3 coats - still blotchy.

At certain angles, things were looking really good, but at other angles I could still see blotches of denser glitter patches. It really didn’t seem that the glitter was settling in the can, but I would still advise lots of stirring throughout the painting process. Rust-Oleum’s product is a “buildable” paint, and I discovered even three coats was patchy. I literally took my curtains up and down three times thinking “okay, now this is good” but ended up applying another coat. It may have gone on better with a roller but I'm not sure.

4 coats later.

After four coats total, I called it a day. Once everything was back into place, I was pretty happy with the result. The Iridescent isn’t overly dramatic but I think it looks great in my glam room, and the sparkles make me happy. 

Sorry for the poor video skills but the glitter doesn't photograph well so I thought a video might show the results a little better.


Now that I’ve had a chance to try this product, here are my thoughts. On the plus side:

* Glitter. Hello.

* Convenient already mixed-in glitter without the mess.

* Dries to the touch in an hour. 

* Cleans up with soap and water, but make sure to wash brushes out really well.

* The final finish is slightly textured, but not bumpy, so I don’t think it would be too hard to cover over it at some point.

* Does not change the underlying wall color (at least the Iridescent didn't). 


* It takes a lot of paint and a lot of coats to get the looks you are seeing on Pinterest and Facebook (which I think are actually wallpaper, but I digress). I used a quart and a half of paint on one wall and really could have used two whole cans if I had wanted to continue building the glitter and even out the color a little. Definitely would not do more than one wall in this.

* Therefore, it’s a little pricy considering how much you need for the coverage. 

Glam Room Glitter

My overall impression of Rust-Oleum Glitter Wall Paint is a thumbs up. I can’t speak on the gold or the silver versions, but the Iridescent is really pretty and created a dazzling accent wall that I love. It was a bit of work since it was something I hadn’t tried before, but I do love my shimmery glitter wall. 

Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint is not widely available yet so you may have trouble finding it. I was fortunate to receive a sample from the vendor. But the trend is here so be on the lookout!

Next, I’m excited to try glitter paint on furniture! 

Suggested materials:
  • Rust-Oleum Glitter Wall Paint
Lori Haught Harper
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  • Jennifer Tucker Jennifer Tucker on May 27, 2018

    Is there a diet version of glitter paint ?

  • Dolly Bonugli Dolly Bonugli on Oct 11, 2020

    I bought glitter additive and added it to a clear coat paint , it came out blotchy, and i tried adding a second coat to fix it even in the other direction, my question is can i fix this to make it look or appear even? Buffing perhaps help lol im so bummed

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  • Manda Abernathy Manda Abernathy on Oct 18, 2022

    I, for whatever reason, have always wanted a black wall with glitter. Not for everyone, but I love it! I used a flat black paint, and once it was dry, I bought 4 16oz bottles of iridescent glitter paint from the craft section at Walmart. I emptied all of them into a container and went to work on my wall. It took 2 coats, but it was a lot cheaper and a lot less work than the Rust-Oleum glitter paint.