How to Build a Beautiful 3-Tiered Planter | Unique Tomato Cage Idea

Looking for a unique way to showcase your flowers this summer? Check out this tomato cage idea!

Using simple materials, you can transform a basic tomato cage into a stunning three-tiered planter that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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Tools and Materials:

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Hanging wire basket from Dollar store

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1. Prepare the Wire Baskets

Prep each of the three wire baskets to fit securely inside the tomato cage at the bottom ring and the two upper rings.

Vertical garden ideas

You only need to keep 3 hooks on one of the baskets.

Garden DIY tutorials

Remove any extra hooks and chains from all the other baskets.

How To Create a Tomato Cage Planter

2. Prepare the Tomato Cage

Now, you'll need to adjust the tomato cage.

Ideas for tomato cages

Cut off the very top wires of the tomato cage if they're too tall for your space.

Or, for a decorative touch, instead of cutting them off, bend the top wires downward.

How to use tomato cages for crafts

Use pliers to pinch around the base of the top wire, then gently bend it toward the floor.

DIY tomato cage crafts

Move the bent wire to the left, slip it into the next section of the cage, and tuck the end in so it stays in place.

Repeat this process for all the top stakes.

Preparing and positioning the wire planter baskets inside the tomato cage.

3. Secure the Middle Basket

Now, let's start assembling the tiered planter. I'm using blossoming flowers that come in baskets from the nursery to give a full look right from the start.

Build your own tiered planter

First, I place one of the flower baskets into the hanging basket with the 3 clips.

Wire basket crafts

To make it easier to work with, I invert a small plant pot on a stool and place the basket with the flowers on top of it. The inverted plant pot helps raise the flower basket to the 3rd ring of the tomato cage.

Flower basket arrangement

Then, I take the tomato cage and carefully place it over the flowers.

Homemade tiered plant stand

I used the hooks to securely attach the basket to the tomato cage.

Creative gardening ideas

4. Position the Bottom Basket

Place a second flower arrangement inside a wire planter basket. This basket will sit at the bottom of the tomato cage.

Arranging hanging flower baskets inside the wire planter baskets

Gently place the tomato cage over the bottom flower basket.

Inverted tomato cage planter project

5. Add the Top Basket

With the first two baskets in place, it is time to add the final tier.

Place your remaining wire basket on top of the tomato cage.

Securing the top basket to complete the 3-tiered tomato cage planter

Use zip ties to securely attach the wire basket to the cage.

Tomato cage DIY idea

Place your last flower arrangement into the top wire basket to complete your tiered planter.

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How to DIY a Tomato Cage Planter: Garden Decor Tutorial

This tomato cage project is a wonderful addition to any garden, providing height, color, and a bit of DIY fun.

Multi-level flower pot stand

Now it's your turn to get creative and maybe even inspire others with your unique twists.

Don't hesitate to share your success stories in the comments below!

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Jul 03, 2024
    Cute as a button. I am going to try this with some old plastic strainer baskets I have on hand. Thanks for sharing.
  • Msrose Smith Msrose Smith on Jul 04, 2024
    No , idk , because it seems to shade part of lower baskets for full sun. It’s cute idea. Maybe some plants that don’t require much sun can work