an easy wooden jewelry organizer, organizing

An Easy Wooden Jewelry Organizer

I love all kinds of jewelry but all my jewelry was in a mess in my jewelry box. I decided to create an easy table top jewelry holder using a few pieces of scrap wood. It is a super easy project and does not require any major woodworking skills

very sturdy but cute hose guards

Very Sturdy But Cute Hose Guards

When I pull my hoses around a corner, invariably it drags right through my flowers and rips some out. To solve this problem I bought cheap plastic hose guards at the hardware store. Hubby hit them with the mower and several of them broke. So I went back to said hardware store and bought the expensive iron ones. Very cute but the screw-in part rusted through in one season. UGH! So I made these. After I collected all my supplies, they took about 45 minutes to make, including the time it took my handy husband to cut the pipe for me and including the time it took to pound ten of them into the ground.

limited bathroom space to maximum storage, End Result

Limited Bathroom Space to Maximum Storage

My half bath is small and needed additional storage and towel rack. The wall directly across from the toilet seemed like a perfect spot but would require a simple and narrow solution.

home storage

Home Storage

I have so many little things that need to have a place to keep them together. The totes they sell at the store are too big or too small and can't be put on their side to make for additional room on a shelf.After purchasing new sheets for my house, I found myself with a bunch of plastic bags, with zippers and they are perfectly clear...If you look closely, you even get a label.I decided it was time to tackle the small stuff for a change. I have baskets full of little things all over my house to help keep clutter down, but this is a game changer since I can put them away and still be able to see what it inside without removing it from the shelf and opening the top. I hope you find this little life hack helpful too.

ikea basket drawer makeover

Ikea Basket Drawer Makeover

I took ikea basket drawers and some wallpaper and brads and made some great looking storage where things won't fall through the wires.

vintage cooking grill jewelry organizers, organizing, repurposing upcycling, After photo

Vintage Cooking Grill Jewelry Organizers

I've always loved polka dots and when I saw this $1 vintage set of what I think are cooking grills, or some kind of roasting pans, I immediately knew what I needed them to be... hanging jewelry organizers. To see the full details of how I did this pop over to my blog post

diy linen closet shelving

DIY Linen Closet Shelving

The days of forgetting a towel and running naked through the upstairs to the hall closet are officially OVER! We DIYed closet shelves!

diy lego head organizer, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

DIY Lego Head Organizer

I have five kids, and the house was slowly being taken over by Legos. I love Legos, but I hate stepping on them, so I wanted to find a fun way for my kids to organize the little bricks and mini figures without spending a ton of money. So, I found a way to transform a large plastic jar into a Lego storage container that the kids would actually use.

how to organize a linen closet, closet, organizing

How-To Organize A Linen Closet

I have been putting off organizing my bathroom linen closet for years...literally. But, sometimes procrastinating pays off! Since I waited so long I was able to find some great organizational pieces that motivated me to finally check it off my to-do list.

diy dollar tree makeup brush organizers, crafts, organizing

DIY Dollar Tree Makeup Brush Organizers

I was not going to let the jars without the lids that I used to make the Apothecary Jars go to waste so I used them to Organize my Makeup brushes. Of course with a touch of "Glam".

tension rod shower storage, bathroom ideas, storage ideas

Get Instant Shower Storage for Less Than $20

Need more shower storage? I definitely did! There's nothing worse than trying to get clean while bottles and soap containers are falling on your toes. Instead of adding shelves or making a more permenant (read: expesnvie) change to my shower, I came up with a simple solution! I used a tension rod, shower baskets, and some curtain hooks to create more shower space. It's simple and space saving.

cake stand made from an old coffee cup, painted furniture

Cake Stand - Made From an Old Coffee Cup

I wanted to share a mini tutorial for a project I did, little cute dessert stands.
I needed some little dessert stands this holiday season to display cakes.
They're super expensive to buy so I decided to make my own.

jewelry organizing, organizing


I have had every kind of jewelry box, jewelry tree and jewelry organizer that you can think of. None of them ever work! Necklaces are the worse. They are always getting tangled up to the point were I do not even want to wear any because it is such a hassle to untangle them! But then I found a few bags of these bad boys at the thrift store.

wine crate up cycle recycle with wheels, closet, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Wine Crate Up Cycle & Recycle With Wheels

Check this out! We added wheels & handles to a couple wine crates & wah'la we have Frug-Elegant Organizers! Up Cycling & Recycling Wine Crates with wheels is so easy to do!

ugly silverplated box transformation

Ugly Silverplated Box Transformation

This box I came across at a sale had been neglected and was stained and da,aged beyond salvaging. I tried silver cleaning paste to no avail. I put it away and knew that eventually I would do something with it.

diy industrial farmhouse shelving, bathroom ideas, rustic furniture, shelving ideas

DIY Industrial Farmhouse Shelving

It’s funny how industrial style and farmhouse style could even possibly go together. Farmhouse decor is so rustic and weathered and aged. And Industrial decor is streamlined, plain, and a little unfinished. Definitely an unlikely combo, but somehow opposites attract and it really works. I’ve seen a lot of Industrial Farmhouse design used lately and I’ve fallen in love with it. After a Fixer Upper marathon on Sunday, I was convinced that I could build my own shelves and save myself the hundreds of dollars it costs to buy them pre-made.

simple shelving using two tools

Simple Shelving Using Two Tools

Need shelving in your basement or garage? These simple shelves can be made so easily and all you really need are two simple tools - a screwdriver and a level.

carousel jewelry organizer, chalk paint, crafts, decoupage, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling

Carousel Jewelry Organizer

Let me tell you about my spring fever: though my mind races with a million project ideas and tingles with giddiness when I think about working on them, my body reacts like a bear waking from hibernation, too slow to move a muscle. Okay, maybe it has nothing to do with the warm weather, but it has everything to do with this morning's constant coffee consumption coupled with the long hours of yard work we did all weekend... still... better to blame the weather than listen to the groans and protests of this aging body. Otherwise, how will we muster the energy to tackle all the projects we have planned for this summer, right? *Affiliate links used in this post*

repurpose cabinet doors to coat hooks, home decor, repurposing upcycling

Repurpose Cabinet Doors to Coat Hooks

Cabinet doors are easy to find, either for free from someone remodeling their kitchen, or at salvage stores. Check out how to repurpose them to Coat Hangers!

add trendy bathroom shelving using an old wooden toolbox

Add Trendy Bathroom Shelving Using an Old Wooden Toolbox

I had found this old forgotten toolbox at a garage sale and just knew I had to have it, even tho I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time. When I got home, I scoured the internet for inspiration. I saw a picture of a toolbox on the wall that was used to store books. Well, the only walls in my home that are empty are in the bathroom and the lightbulb went off! So here is the easy and quick project I did using that old forgotten toolbox.

jewelry display from upcycled windows thrift store find , crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas

Jewelry Display From Upcycled Windows - Thrift Store Find!

A few months ago I told you the story of how I came to own these old windows and showed you what I did with one of them. A friend of mine found these and texted a picture to me. Is that a compliment that my friends think of me while they’re at thrift stores? Anyway, they were at a shop across town that I don’t ever go to so I asked her to pick them up for me. They were marked $3 each but guess what she actually paid for them? (Click over to the blog post to read the whole story and see what she paid for them.)
See ALL my thrift store makeovers HERE.
Here’s what the windows looked like when I got them.

i made a jewelry board using old cabinet knobs and handles and such, flowers, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, More knobs and handles from Habitat for Humanity Not sure what I m going to do with the upside down pull maybe put a fake flower or two in there

I made a Jewelry board using old cabinet knobs and handles and such.

I found all of the handles and knobs from Habitat for Humanity and thrift stores. I bought the cedar wood, stained it dark, beat it up with chains and then put a thin coat of white paint on it for a distressed look. Then I painted the designs at the top and bottom.

fabric covered cardboard boxes, chalkboard paint, closet, crafts, foyer, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Fabric Covered Cardboard Boxes

Like any mom worth her salt, I spend most of January frantically organizing all. the spaces. This year our mudroom was at the top of my hit list. It's very small, too small for a family of six, and the storage options consist of two tiny cabinets, and a shelf about eighteen inches from the ceiling on three walls.
That shelf was a MESS. I needed some way to corral the clutter, and I needed it fast. I said "frantic", remember?
AND I needed it free. So I stalked the copy room at work and snagged several copy paper boxes, like this.

small bathroom storage using tension rods, bathroom ideas, organizing, small bathroom ideas, storage ideas

Small Bathroom Storage Using Tension Rods

Sometimes going vertical and using wall space is the best way to carve out some extra storage space in a small bathroom. I used the wall space next to my bathroom mirror to store some of my jewelry and other accessories like hair clips and watches. You might not want to store jewelry that's sensitive to moisture in the bathroom but most of my jewelry is pretty low maintenance and moisture hasn't been an issue so this solution works well for me. I really like that I can see what I have at a glance, and another bonus is that I've also cut down significantly on the number of hair clips I misplace since I set up the tension rods!