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Quick, inexpensive fix to correct weathered,splintering wood on deck
Patricia Price Fox Patricia Price Fox Answered on May 31, 2024

My wooden deck is older, and the wood has started to darken and splinter. Outside of replacing the wood, is there anything I can do for a quick and inexpensive fix?

Thompsons Water sealer disaster
Lynn @ Riggstown Road Lynn @ Riggstown Road Answered on May 30, 2024

Since we just had our deck pressure-washed, we decided to apply Thompson's Water Sealer to help preserve it. Big mistake. It seems to have a permanent stickiness. Any... See more

Cement alternative for flagstone patio joints?
Toshiba Toshiba Answered on May 28, 2024

We dry laid flagstone between our porch and patio. The flagstone was laid on sand and the joints are filled with sand. Looks great and the stone does not move or wobb... See more

Patio umbrella keeps blowing over
Barb Barb Answered on May 08, 2024

Does anyone have a easy solution to keep opened patio umbrella from flying up and falling over even on a semi windy day? I have the heavy base, it's in a hole in a pa... See more

How do I get the black marks off my composite deck?
Robin Macdonald Hill Robin Macdonald Hill Answered on May 08, 2024

As we all know New England is getting hammered with snow this year! And I had so much snow on the deck that I had to use the snowblower to get it off. I'm anticipatin... See more

How do I secure my 1st floor patio furniture from vandalism?
Barbara Reinhardt Barbara Reinhardt Answered on Apr 26, 2024

I live on the first floorof an apartment building. How can I secure my patio furniture without it being unsightly?

How do you keep cats off of the outdoor furniture?
Carol G Carol G Answered on Apr 25, 2024

Stray cats lay and spray my outdoor furniture how do i keep them off my patio and furniture?

How or can you put metal roofing over shingles?
Sandy Sandy Answered on Apr 09, 2024

wanted to save the expense of tearing off old but good roof to put up a more desirable metal roof is it possible to lay metal on top of shingled roof?

Anybody know how to tell the age and maker of a table
Arias E Vic Arias E Vic Answered on Feb 09, 2024

I found this in a dump I know it's probably mid 1900s but I'm curious

How do I remove brick planters?
Cathy Barney Cathy Barney Answered on Jan 29, 2024

I want to update my front porch by removing planters and adding a small deck along the front half of the house. How can remove or incorporate the window planter into... See more

Im trying to find out if this set is valuable or not. Johnson Brothers
Allie Allie Answered on Dec 29, 2023

Wondering the value of this set if any. I have service for 10. Teacups, saucers, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, dessert plates, gravy boat., large and small plat... See more

What type of glue to use on duck cloth & fold technique for cushions?
Wendy Wendy Answered on Dec 27, 2023

I will be making cushions for my patio bench and need to know which type of glue to use on the duck cloth material and what type of folds to use the attach cloth to f... See more

Do I need a city permit to remodel a patio cover to attach to roof
RBL1167984 RBL1167984 Answered on Dec 21, 2023

Breaking out slab and putting in new slab 12' x 22'. total cost of slab and patio roof is $7,000.

Pitted outdoor furniture...any ideas?
Nancy Nancy Answered on Dec 14, 2023

I bought expensive outdoor furniture that is now pitted. See photos. It seems to be pitted the worst around the bottom area where it sets on the floor. It seems to bu... See more

Any idea of value?
Terri Terri Answered on Dec 13, 2023

Some Mengel stuff has such a high value. How can I tell? Any ideas? It's 44 tall,20 deep, 35 wide. Beautiful solid wood, amazing hardware. Thanks!

What can I do to my concrete patio that gets no sun and molds?
Hah10431856 Hah10431856 Answered on Nov 26, 2023

(Don’t mind the message😁 )Been thinking of options so it doesn’t need power washed every month

How can I finish my back porch ceiling in an inexpensive way?
Lisa @ 50 Things to Know Life Lisa @ 50 Things to Know Life Answered on Nov 26, 2023

I can see my porch ceiling from the windows in our house and it does not look very nice. I don't want to spend a lot of money. I also have a toddler so I don't have m... See more

How can I redo my stone patio as simply a possible?
Jennifer Jennifer Answered on Nov 10, 2023

Should I remove grout? A way to put polymeric sand on top? I’m a novice (obviously) and I just want to try to repair without starting over!Jennifer

How can I update my brick porch and diagonal column?
Courtney Powell Courtney Powell Answered on Nov 10, 2023

I don't like the porch/column on my 70's built ranch that we just moved into last summer. Any suggestions to update it?

How can I cover up or refinish the mismatched cement on front porch ?
Wanda Wanda Answered on Nov 10, 2023

Recently I had foundation work completed that required concrete to be jack hammered to install 2 piers under front entry porch and 1 in back under driveway near garag... See more

Porch Railing or Porch Wall? What Do You Think?
Judy Judy Answered on Nov 01, 2023

We've in the process of building a porch onto the front and side of our house (wraparound). We have the porch floor on, and now we're stuck, trying to decide which wo... See more

How to decorate an extremely windy wrap-around porch?
Terry McMullen Terry McMullen Answered on Oct 25, 2023

We live in a vintage farmhouse. We love the wrap-around porch, but I'm at a loss how to decorate it. We have rockers (which the wind has broken) and a SOLID bench (th... See more