how to care for hydrangea, flowers, gardening, how to, hydrangea

How to Care for Hydrangea

With over 260 species of hydrangea worldwide, the entire genera of hydrangea is a fast, beautiful...

five reasons you should plant a vitex, flowers, gardening

Five reasons you should plant a Vitex

If you garden in zone 6 or warmer and your garden doesn't include Vitex agnus-castus—commonly known...

my porch garden

My Porch Garden

This is my much beloved porch garden I take pride in it for a very personal reason. Several years...

year round tulips

Year Round Tulips

Tulips are so beautiful, why not have them around all year?!

these breathtaking pictures of clematis are all you need to see today, fences, flowers, gardening, Photo via Gardenista

These Breathtaking Pictures of Clematis Are All You Need to See Today

Ok, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you wish this pretty little front porch was yours?

garden bouquet tips and flower arranging hack

Garden Bouquet Tips and Flower Arranging Hack

The peonies are in bloom so I'm celebrating with a garden arrangement and sharing an easy way to...

hydrangeas pruning tips tutorial, gardening, how to, hydrangea

How to Prune Hydrangeas

We've got several beautiful Annabelle hydrangea bushes in our garden, and we wanted to share how to...

my backyard habitat, gardening, outdoor living, ponds water features, Our Tipi

My backyard Habitat

My husband and I built and designed our backyard habitat, never ending work

how to divide daylilies, gardening, Daylily Silken Touch

How to Divide Daylilies

Early fall is an excellent time to divide overgrown daylily clumps. Your reward is free plants to...

hanging succulent planter, container gardening, diy, flowers, gardening, succulents, woodworking projects

Hanging Succulent Planter

I am so excited because I'm joining some amazing ladies for a monthly challenge called "The Home...

dividing daylillies and hostas in the summer creating tons of new plants for free, flowers, gardening, perennials, We created this bed of daylillies from a single plant division last summer

Dividing Daylillies and Hostas In The Summer...Creating Tons Of New...

When the hot sun and sizzling heat of summer begins to set in late June, July and August - many...

glass flowers amp backyard, crafts, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, outdoor living, My inspiration for my newest glass plate flower

Glass Flowers & Backyard

I've completed a few more glass flowers, another bird bath & a bird feeder. One of my glass flowers...

up you go

Up You Go!

We really needed something for our geranium to climb on....

growing geraniums indoors, flowers, gardening, home decor

Can You Grow Geraniums Indoors Like a House Plant?

If you thought geraniums were an outdoor annual-only plant, think again. You can successfully bring...

plants for free how to propagate lavender, gardening

Plants for Free - How to Propagate Lavender

Learn how to grow dozens of new Lavender plants from cuttings taken from a single shrub. Propagating...

tips for keeping hydrangeas from drooping, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, The conditioned flowers will last a long time without drooping

Tips For Keeping Hydrangeas From Drooping!

Have you ever had the disappointing experience of buying or cutting Hydrangeas and having them...

how to create a butterfly garden, gardening, how to

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Tips and plant recommendations for creating the perfect butterfly garden.

5 ways to use lavender in your home, crafts, gardening, wreaths, From fresh wreaths to body scrubs here s 5 uses for your favorite herb

5 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Home

Lavender grown in your backyard can be used in everything from dessert to beauty products...Not only...

i m so ready for time in the garden are you, Patio with a view

I'm So Ready For Time In The Garden —Are You?

Lately I've posted DIY & pallet wood projects, repurposing stuff, vintage updo's and a few spring...

using coffee grounds as a medium and how to take cuttings, gardening

Using Coffee Grounds as a Medium and How to take Cuttings

It has been said that using coffee grounds as a planting medium leads to good results. So I decided...

grow clematis for a gorgeous burst of colour, flowers, gardening, Instant happiness

Grow Clematis For A Gorgeous Burst Of Colour

I photographed these clematis vines in my gardens (at our former home and current home). Can you...

how i found myself in the rebar aisle of the home improvement store

How I Found Myself in the Rebar Aisle of the Home Improvement Store.

Do you use herbs in your cooking? This DIY herb garden might be just the thing to add to your...

five easy care perennials that sip water, flowers, gardening, perennials

Five easy-care perennials that sip water

Gardeners everywhere should be concerned with water usage, and at no time of year are those concerns...

april blooms, flowers, gardening, succulents, Kerria blooming by the gazebo

April Blooms

More spring bulbs are up and now the flowering cherry trees are in full swing too. A few of their...

surrounded by roses, gardening

Surrounded by Roses

We moved to a small rural town 10 years ago. We were looking for a fixer-upper. The last house we...