year round tulips

Year Round Tulips

Tulips are so beautiful, why not have them around all year?!

creating a colorful oasis

Creating a Colorful Oasis Under Challenging Conditions

Part Three, COLOR:We live in high Mountain Desert, facing substantial challenges working with rocks,...

amazing dinner plates dahlias, flowers, gardening

Amazing Dinner Plates Dahlias

Dahlias range widely in height and foliage color, as well as bloom size, variety and shape. "Dinner...

getting creative saving money on hanging baskets

Getting Creative & Saving Money on Hanging Baskets

Creative plant combinations and ways to stretch your money when you put together your own hanging...

tips on growing beautiful lilies, gardening, ponds water features, Lilies come in all kinds of color

Tips on Growing Beautiful Lilies.

Don't let their looks scare you off. These plants are tough and easy to grow. They're not particular...

how to plant bougainvillea to grow successfully

How To Plant Bougainvillea To Grow Successfully

I’ve maintained many bougainvilleas, and I’ve planted many of them. Planting a bougainvillea isn’t...

how to grow mini roses indoors, flowers, gardening, how to

How to Grow Mini Roses Indoors

You can grow roses indoors like a house plant if you choose the right type: miniature roses, tiny...

rustic herb gardens for 0 but a lot of sweat

Rustic Herb Gardens for $0 (but a Lot of Sweat!)

I really wanted rustic herb gardens near the house. So, using things I'd found and saved, I came up...

8 must grow plants for this year s garden, diy, gardening, landscape, Ladyfinger and Strawberry Popcorn

8 “Must Grow” Plants For This Year’s Garden!

It’s hard to believe, but we are just a couple of weeks away from starting our seeds indoors for...

epsom salt in the rose garden, flowers, gardening, pest control

Epsom Salt in the Garden - It Works

I could dub this the year of the rose because I am having a phenomenal year of growth and blooms in...

tips to make your valentine s day roses last longer, container gardening, flowers, gardening, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideas

Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Roses Last Longer

Keep your Valentine's Day roses fresh longer with these simple tips:

how to save and store geraniums, flowers, gardening, how to, storage ideas, 5th year and going strong


I have an easy way to save your geraniums from year to year. In mid September to early October cut...

tips for keeping hydrangeas from drooping, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, The conditioned flowers will last a long time without drooping

Tips For Keeping Hydrangeas From Drooping!

Have you ever had the disappointing experience of buying or cutting Hydrangeas and having them...

anatomy of a cottage garden, flowers, gardening, perennials, The whole border

Anatomy of a Cottage Garden

I am a cottage style gardener. I use annuals, perennials, and junk. I like to add height and vary...

jacquie s amazing spring garden, flowers, gardening, perennial

Beautiful Spring Perennials

Take a tour of this stunning garden in the province of Nova Scotia, on the East coast of Canada and...

how totraining clematis on a tree trunk, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, Clematis Perle d Azur

How To Train a Clematis on a Tree Trunk

When I planted a climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris) near our maple tree, I...

surrounded by roses, gardening

Surrounded by Roses

We moved to a small rural town 10 years ago. We were looking for a fixer-upper. The last house we...

glass flowers amp backyard, crafts, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, outdoor living, My inspiration for my newest glass plate flower

Glass Flowers & Backyard

I've completed a few more glass flowers, another bird bath & a bird feeder. One of my glass flowers...

gardening peonies fall planting tips, flowers, gardening


The cooler days of early fall is the best time of year to plant peonies.

forever in bloom hydrangeas on a ladder go better with coffee, container gardening, flowers, gardening, hydrangea

'Forever in Bloom' Hydrangeas on a Ladder... Go Better With Coffee

You can tell it's nearing the end of summer at my place due to the patio alone.
My poor neglected

knockout roses plus, container gardening, curb appeal, flowers, gardening, Left when the roses were planted May 17 Right yesterday With a little care this rose has grown exceptionally well and upright through the season

Knockout Roses, plus

It's hard not to love a knockout rose. Disease resistant, profusely blooming, and vigorous growth....

tips on growing daylilies, container gardening, flowers, gardening, perennials, When planting your bareroot Daylily dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots Spread out the thick roots in the hole and place the plant so the crown where the leaves meet the roots is 1in below the surface of the soil

Tips on Growing Daylilies

One of the backbone plants of our garden is the daylily. They are hardy and easy to grow. The number...

garden bouquet tips and flower arranging hack

Garden Bouquet Tips and Flower Arranging Hack

The peonies are in bloom so I'm celebrating with a garden arrangement and sharing an easy way to...

coffee tea or seed upcycled bird feeders, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Coffee, Tea, or Seed? Upcycled Bird Feeders

Thrifted silverplate is repurposed as feeders for our fine feathered friends. Details on my blog:

birdbath water garden

Birdbath Water Garden

Have you given any thought to transforming your birdbath into a water garden? Well I have, and after...