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How To Train a Clematis on a Tree Trunk

When I planted a climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris) near our maple tree, I also planted Clematis 'Perle d'Azur', thinking that it climb the tree using the hydrangea vine for support. I knew that Clematis climb by wrapping their wrists around small twigs, so other vines are wonderfully helpful for their successful climbing.

Here are some tips to get a Clematis started up your tree!:

5 ways to use lavender in your home, crafts, gardening, wreaths, From fresh wreaths to body scrubs here s 5 uses for your favorite herb

5 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Home

Lavender grown in your backyard can be used in everything from dessert to beauty products...Not only does it smell amazing it tastes divine too! Here's 5 ways to enjoy this favorite herb.

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Pretty Pink Peonies

I always look forward to the peonies blooming in the Spring. Although their flowers are short lived, there is nothing that compares to their large showy blossoms.

how to plant bougainvillea to grow successfully

How To Plant Bougainvillea To Grow Successfully

I’ve maintained many bougainvilleas, and I’ve planted many of them. Planting a bougainvillea isn’t too much different than planting any other shrub or vine except for 1 key factor. If you don’t do this 1 thing, it’s a crapshoot as to whether your bougainvillea will do well or even survive. This is all about how to plant bougainvillea to grow successfully.

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How to Naturally Dye Baby's Breath #DIY

Floral arranging is a personal love affair of mine. For me, it is utterly relaxing and soothing to my soul. Home decor stores and floral shops can be outrageously expensive! I am always looking for new ways to decorate or enhance the ambiance of my humble abode. One day, I was staring at a vase full of store bought roses that were surrounded by baby's breath. I thought to myself, "baby's breath would sure look amazing in a different color." Light bulb moment here. Alas, I set out to naturally dye bucket loads of this textural wonder.

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Red Yucca (or False Yucca): a Gorgeous, Long-blooming Perennial!

Last Spring, while shopping for shrubs at one of our favorite nurseries, we came upon the most interesting plant that resembled a yucca, yet it looked fake. The flowers were so perfect, the leaf blades such a pretty shade of green. Was this plant for real?

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DIY Landscaping and Butterfly Garden

We’ve got butterflies! Monarchs, little yellow ones, a lavender one and a few others that I can’t wait to identify visiting our new landscaping. My DIY butterfly garden landscaping is about 4 weeks old and already has several butterflies visiting each day. We’ve finally started prettying up the outside of the house and I found a solution that looks beautiful, is environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Today is part 1 of a 2 part post on my DIY butterfly garden landscaping project that I’ve waited weeks to share with you all!

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Yellow Foxgloves in the Shade Path Garden

Along the Shade Path garden this week, the perennial yellow foxgloves (Digitalis grandiflora) are in bloom. They are a favorite every year, and seed themselves happily around our dry shade garden. After they have bloomed for about a month, I trim back their spent blooms to the first set of leaves. This deadheading helps them to re-bloom again in September, which is a real treat!
The Shade Path succession planting started out in January with snowdrops and a few Hellebores in February. It was a really cold spring, so things did not really get going until the Iris reticulata 'Katherine Hodgkin' covered the path in April, followed by many more Hellebores orientalis. Then, the shade garden was covered in blue and white for May. Oh, and there was quite a display of pink columbine in there too.

using a bottle tree as a trellis

Using a Bottle Tree as a Trellis

I placed a bottle tree in the garden by a patch of Morning Glory that was springing up, giving it a place to climb. By the middle of summer, the wild Morning Glory vines and volunteers are rambling and climbing everywhere in the garden.

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Cutting and Arranging Tips for Hydrangea Blooms

Do your hydrangea blooms wilt soon after dropping them into a vase of water to enjoy inside your home? Here are some essential tips you can use to give your cuttings some longevity. Enjoy those hydrangea blooms longer - how beautiful they are!
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Year-round Flower Garden Ideas

Color is easy in the spring and summer, but fall and winter can be more challenging. When picking perennial flowers, keep the foliage in mind since that's what you'll be looking at when the flowers are gone for the season. Pick interesting textured foliage or pick variegated or colored foliage. There are many plants who's branch or foliage become brightly colored in the winter. Yellow or red twig dogwoods or Sango Kaku (coral bark) maples offer intense wither color on their bare branches. When leafless, these plants add color and are sculptural. Many coniferous evergreens can also add winter color. Junipers or Cryptomerias turn purple or orange in cold
weather. The colder it gets, the brighter they become.
Incorporate 'Fall color'. Look for plants that offer many different shaves or red, orange, purple, and yellow as they drop their leaves in the fall. Maples are a good choice.

why add artificial flowers to a fresh flower arrangement, crafts, flowers, gardening

Why Add Artificial Flowers to a Fresh Flower Arrangement?

If you want to get a much larger impact from your floral arrangements without spending a small fortune, try beginning with artificial flowers and filling in with fresh flowers.

gardening peonies fall planting tips, flowers, gardening


The cooler days of early fall is the best time of year to plant peonies.

june 17th blooms of the day, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, Mason Jar bug gift from a friend

June 17th ~ Blooms of the Day!

Come walk around the garden and see the blooms of the day here in Our Fairfield Garden in Delaware.
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how to create a butterfly garden, gardening, how to

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Tips and plant recommendations for creating the perfect butterfly garden.

how to force bulbs to bloom this spring, gardening, how to

How To Force Bulbs To Bloom This Spring

If you bought some bulbs last fall and forgot to plant them, it is not too late. Instead of planting them in soil that is probably frozen by now, you can plant them in pots or bowls, store them in your garage, and enjoy their blooms in a few months.

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Are squirrels snacking on your tulip bulbs? Or perhaps your bulbs produced foliage, but no flowers last spring.
This post addresses problems commonly associated with spring bulbs.

a beginner s guide to alliums, flowers, gardening, how to, Atropurpureum Nigrum alliums

A Beginner's Guide To Alliums

I am excited to share that The National Garden Bureau has chosen the allium as the bulb of the year! They pick one annual, one perennial, one bulb crop and one edible to be celebrated and featured annually. The selection is based upon versatility, adaptability, growing ability and popularity. The allium is an easy-to-grow ornamental bulb that adds a bit of whimsy to every garden.

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Best Hydrangea Tips, a Full Guide! How to Grow, Prune, Dry, Display +

When I was little, my grandma had these massive hydrangea bushes growing along the entire side of her house. I remember playing in her yard, wondering how on earth she could grow such wondrous flowers like that! She must have been magic... :)
Today, I have 2 of my own. And the secret's out... they are EASY keepers if you provide all the right conditions for them.
Hydrangeas are one of the most abundant, easy care flowering shrubs you can have. Not only are they beautiful outdoors, you can also dry them so they can be enjoyed indoors all year long.

diy metal air plant stand

DIY Metal Air Plant Stand

When I first heard of air plants I thought they were fake. How could a plant survive off of just air?!?! I mean, a plant that you don’t put in dirt and doesn’t need water – surely this is a dream plant for those of us whose green thumbs are a bit challenged. Am I right? Well, as it turns out, air plants are real and do . The idea was simple and looked super easy to create. Since I’m always on a mission to create the “look for less”, I went to the Dollar Store and bought a metal pan. You know, one that you would bake lasagna in and take to a potluck? Yeah, one of those. The metal was sturdy enough to hold my lightweight air plants, but pliable that I could bend it with my fingers – no special tools required!

how to make wildflower seed bombs

How to Make Wildflower Seed Bombs

I have no idea who first came up with the notion of seed bombs, but in the last couple of years I have seen numerous mentions of them as a tool for ‘Guerrilla gardening’. To be clear, the kids and I aren’t planning to take up breaking and entering, or any other illegal activity, and we don’t suggest that you do either! We do, however, see the benefit of spreading a few wildflower seeds about the place to support our native species.

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My backyard Habitat

My husband and I built and designed our backyard habitat, never ending work

getting creative saving money on hanging baskets

Getting Creative & Saving Money on Hanging Baskets

Creative plant combinations and ways to stretch your money when you put together your own hanging baskets and container plantings.

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How to Force Tulips- or at Least Make People Think You Did

I am ready for gardening season! Just one problem… It’s March and I live in Michigan. The snow is melting but there’s still several feet sitting on top of my garden beds. So if I want to be growing any flowers right now, it’s going to have to be indoors.

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Easiest plants to keep in the house! Years ago a nursery place told me to put 2 TBSP of water on my orchids every 8 days

Easiest plants to keep in the house! Years ago a nursery place told me to put 2 TBSP of water on my orchids every 8 days or when their 'soil' is dry, they do not like to be wet. Just put them in a non-drafty area and indirect sunlight. I keep them all over my home now and they last forever and re-bloom for me. I even pot them in my bigger pots and put several in the same pot. I LOVE to give them as flower arrangements for special occasions or birthdays!
I have luck with Kroger's orchids priced from 9.99 to 19.99 and IKEA's orchids 9.99 to 17.99.