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How to BEEF up a Boring Front Door

This was it y'all. This was my boring, blah front door, but even worse, check out the massive vacant space above it with a whole lot of nothing goin' on! I honestly had no plans to do anything with it, until I popped my "new" vintage luggage the shelf above the door. Every time I'd looked up to admire my luggage, I was met with that bit ol' brown wall and plain front door. Something had to give!

quick and easy front door makeover

Quick and Easy Front Door Makeover

This is truly a quick and easy makeover that doesn't take much time and can make a big impact on the curb appeal of your house.

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How to Make Your Own Decorative Glass Front Door

Instead of buying a new fiberglass door, we ordered a decorative glass window to transform it. I have to say, the thought of ordering a new door, knocking out the old frame and installing a new door and frame was more work than we wanted to do together. So that is another reason we decided to fix up the old door. Plus the cost of cutting out the door and adding decorative glass was a lot less.

how to add a window to your front door

How to Add a Window to Your Front Door

Did you know that if you have a fiberglass door without a window, you can add one yourself? I recently gave our front door a major makeover and it's kind of hard to believe that the "after" is actually the same door! If you love this project, you can find more easy and affordable DIY project ideas on my blog, Love & Renovations.

adding moulding to closet doors

Adding Moulding To Closet Doors

If you have a home with boring, brown bi-fold doors....I’ve got a way to make them boring no more!

door transformation, The After

Door Transformation

I (my wife) decided to re decorate our door and give it some more Provence touch.We added 3 squares made of molding and painted it with a matte finish dark blue color. The result really transforms the entire entryway.

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Salvaged Door Turned Sliding Barn Door

This was such a cool find, y’all! Hunting through the treasures at Restore the other day, Sam and I discovered the coolest door. This is legitimately the case of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Apparently, the old donut store in Templeton, CA decided to get rid of their old storefront door. Years of patina and paint color changes may have made it less than desirable for their first impression to customers, but it makes for an awesome statement piece for our new digs.Photo Credit Anya McInroyOriginal Blog Post

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DIY Closet Door Update: Turn Plain Doors Into a Giant Chalkboard!

I really think I’m on a roll here in this room. Things are definitely brightening up and it’s happening quickly! So far, fingers crossed.

our new garage doors the garaga difference

Our New Garage Doors (the GARAGA Difference)

Did you know garage doors can account for almost 40% of your home’s facade? That’s a pretty large percentage, right! That means with just new garage doors alone, you can dramatically change the look and feel of your home.Well, I can’t wait to show you what we did! We’re finally getting into the fun part of this outdoor project. I’m going to show you how we switched out the old garage doors for our new and improved GARAGA doors.Let’s begin with the garage door trim (also known as the jambs). It’s quite common to see the jambs rotting at the bottom of the frame over time. You can see from the picture below, that our trim has started to crack and split which means water has begun to penetrate behind the paint.There were a couple of options I could have done. 1) replace all the wood, which is the most expensive route to go; 2) I could use aluminum capping over the existing wood, which is a mid range expense; or 3) repair it and paint it myself, which of course, barely costs anything.Being a DIYer, I chose to fix it myself. Since I didn’t have any damage or rot beyond repair, I knew I could salvage the wood and prolong the life just with a new paint job

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Beautiful painted front doors

Our front door could use a fresh coat of paint and I can't decide whether to change the color or not. I scoured the web for inspiration and found so many beautiful colors for front doors. Here's just a sampling of what I found. There are many more on a post I shared recently, as well as paint color names. Now that I've seen all of these, my decision of whether or not to change from a red front door is even harder. Do you have a favorite? Here's the full post:

hidden bookcase door, doors, entertainment rec rooms, storage ideas, The door is installed on the original closet hinges

Hidden Bookcase Door

Our home has a room converted from half of our garage that my husband uses as his "man cave". There's a really awkward closet that wasn't serving much of a purpose. So we worked with Ana White to come up with a door that also serves as a bookcase! And the best part? You can hardly tell it's a door! We chose to install a deadbolt and use the hidden closet for locking gun storage. It cost about $60 in lumber. For more photos and a link to the plans, you can see my post here

25 diy barn door upgrade for existing door

$25 DIY Barn Door Upgrade for Existing Door

Buying an older home means getting creative with upcycling things. This project was so much fun! We took an old door (not so pretty) and transformed it into a beautiful door that's a showcase for our living area.

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How To Age A Brand New Door

I LOVE Old doors, I just don't have the space to store them, and good thing because I would collect them until my hearts content!
I have had some really cool doors in the past, like a 5 panel 1940's in house swing door that sold to a client as a headboard! BEASTLY heavy but super cool!
This time I wanted to try my hand at making a brand new 5 panel door look old! This is what I did...

front porch update

Front Porch Update.

Several years ago we put down outdoor berber carpet on the front porch but never put trim on the edges so it was beginning to unravel. Over the last couple of years we painted and got a new roof. The porch was in desperate need of some TLC (besides I never much liked the carpet in the first place).

lace inspired door, doors, painting

Lace Inspired Door

I repaired a deep crack through my daughter's door in 2012, when we first moved into our above garage apartment, but the visible scratches and that tiresome crack were eyesores. So, I set out to paint a bold image on the door to distract from its imperfections.

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DIY Antiqued Vintage Door {Tutorial}

I really didn’t get around to fixing up our dining room until fall of last year. For the first six months of us living here, we were crazy busy with getting settled in and planning a wedding, so decorating pretty much fell by the wayside. Life happens, right? Honestly, it just made that it that much more exciting when I finally had the time to devote to our dining room makeover.
One of the areas of the dining room that I kind of struggled with decorating was the empty, lonely far corner of the room. I’ve actually been keeping my eye out for an antique corner hutch for that space because I think it’d be perfect, but I just haven’t really had much luck finding one that’s good quality AND a reasonable price. I know I’ll find one eventually, but until then I wanted to add something quick that would spruce up the space and make it more inviting. And what’s more inviting than an old vintage door, right? 😉
This DIY antiqued vintage door didn't take me long – I had it painted, antiqued and ready to be displayed within less than a day! It instantly added so much warmth and character to our work-in-progress dining room, and made the space feel super inviting!

front door redo using faux wood grain technique, doors, painting, Here s a closeup of the final result

Front Door Redo Using Faux Wood Grain Technique

For less than $40, I was able to transform my red fiberglass front door into a solid wood-looking masterpiece. Check out how you can do it too using this faux wood grain technique.

boring white front door gets a face lift

Boring White Front Door Gets a Face Lift

A boring and tired front door got a MUCH needed face lift. Everyone who walks through the door falls in love with it!

diy barn door hardware for 30, diy, doors

DIY Barn Door Hardware for $30!

This tutorial will show you how to build barn door hardware for around $30 without using any special tools. Everything can be bought right at your local big box store. It goes well with my barn door tutorial so you can build a custom barn door from 3 choices. The best part is that they are ALL under $50!

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Removable Door Paneling

I don’t know about you but I love turning things that look on the boring side to high-end. For this project, I was able to do just that with a bedroom door, a little effort and a small budget. What’s even better with this project is that it didn’t involve nails or screws!

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Sliding Pantry Door

I found this door while browsing online looking for a salvage place. I was looking for unusual items for our home as we were rebuilding.

designer sliding mirror bedroom closet doors

Designer Sliding Mirror Bedroom Closet Doors

I have been replacing some of my hollow core doors for a more up scale look. I didn’t think I could get a sliding barn door here because of space constraints, until I thought of using 2 doors opening from center out.

hollow core bore to a beautiful updated door diy slab door makeover, doors, how to, painting

Hollow Core Bore to a Beautiful Updated Door: DIY Slab Door Makeover

Let me start this post by saying how much I loathe hollow core "slab" doors. I really do. There is not one redeeming quality about them. whoever came up with this sorry excuse for a door should be shot. Ok, maybe that's a little harsh. If you have boring, flat, hollow core slab doors you know exactly where I'm coming from, especially if you don't have loads of cash laying around to buy solid wood paneled doors. We could cry on each other's shoulders, or we could do something about these atrocities. I'm all about the doing ;).

space saving door, doors, After

Space-Saving Door

The "smallest room in the house" has that nickname for a reason. The door to mine swung inside to take up all the floor space.