terra cotta pot wind chime

Terra Cotta Pot Wind Chime

I found these mini terra cotta pots in my craft stash and thought it would be fun to make a windchime for my garden. These are so simple to make and are fun to get kids involved in too (Mothers Day gift?). You can paint the pots and accessorize with different beads and string. You can even play with the size and number of pots. Use bigger ones or cascade them from big to small?

gardening tips prepare planting soil, composting, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, A little effort will reap BIG rewards later

3 Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Planting

Are your plants THRIVING or just SURVIVING? If your garden is not growing well, try these 3 simple steps to help. Just like WE thrive on a nutrient-dense diet in a stress-free environment, healthy plants need 'food' and a 'happy home' to live in too. If we meet the ‘needs’ of our plants, they will flourish, blossom and produce a bountiful harvest.

mason jar herb garden, gardening, mason jars, repurposing upcycling

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

We love love love cooking with fresh herbs around here! My favorite thing to do is snip the little leaves right from the plants as I'm throwing a meal together. Another love of mine is mason jars...yes, I even have a Pinterest board just for mason jar ideas...so combining the two things seemed only natural. My hubby was the one who came up with the idea to make mini chalkboards to use as the labels(he's so crafty!)..I know, I'm a lucky girl!
Here's what you'll need to put a mason jar herb garden together...

modern planter box, gardening

Modern Planter

For this project, I'm going to make a modern planter. Feel free to make this box as big or small as you like. The dimension is listed below for this box.

upcycled scarf to decoupaged planter, container gardening, crafts, decoupage, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

Upcycled Scarf Planter

After years of sitting neglected in the closet, I was excited to re-imagine a vibrant scarf into something new.
I’ve seen fabric covered planters floating around the internet for quite some time now and have always wanted to make my own, so alas I did!
You can view the full post and tutorial over on my blog, along with additional scarf inspired projects.

diy strawberry tower with built in reservoir, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, how to, repurposing upcycling

DIY Strawberry Tower With Built-in Reservoir

Dear Hometalkers! I simply can’t wait for all the berries to turn red to share this with you – a super easy DIY strawberry tower with a built-in reservoir! Bonus: everyone can make this with recycled materials!

light fixture broken fan to a planter, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Light Fixture/ Broken Fan to a Planter ( Edited) 4/24/16

I had a pretty ornate fan,bought at Ross many years ago. It broke and didn't want to throw it out. I also didn't need a fan anymore, bought when our AC went out and in middle of August in SC. Also, bought a light fixture at a garage sale for $5, had plans to had it switch out for an existing light fixture. A thought just came to me.

upcycled pallet hanging planter box, container gardening, gardening, how to, pallet, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Upcycled Pallet Hanging Planter Box

I saw this idea in a cafe courtyard setting last year, and thought I must have one!
So this is how I made an Upcycled Pallet Hanging Planter.

painted headboard sign with planters, container gardening, diy, gardening, outdoor furniture, repurposing upcycling

Painted Headboard Sign With Planters

When a friend of mine asked me to give new life to her old headboard sign, I immediately said YES! She owns a local produce stand, so figuring out what to paint on the sign was a no-brainer.

recycled plastic juice bottles to self watering plant containers, container gardening, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

Recycled Plastic Juice Bottles = Self-watering Plant Containers

In the summer we go through bottles and bottles or orange and guava juice and I decided to save all the plastic bottles to make self-watering plant holders

so the kids wanted a garden, container gardening, diy, gardening, woodworking projects

So the Kids Wanted a Garden....

Even though we have a huge yard, having a garden has always been difficult. With our 4-6 very large Rhodesian Ridgebacks, it was rare that I could ever pick anything grown before they helped themselves. The year that our Foundation boy decided to make a bed out of all of my tomato plants put an end to my spending the money on trying to garden.

turn terra cotta pots blue for the cutest porch idea

Turn Terra Cotta Pots Blue for the Cutest Porch Idea

This planter gave my front steps the perfect amount of "oomph" it needed. Not only does it allow me to display a variety of beautiful flowers at the same time, but my neighbors can't help but smile when they pass by my house now.

diy hanging planter, container gardening, crafts, gardening, how to

DIY Hanging Planter

This super simple project transformed boring, frumpy plastic hanging planters (that I picked up for $3 each at my local hardware store) into hanging planters that are more my style! The whole project only took a couple hours – and I’m in love with how they turned out!

repurpose an old standing floor lamp into a plant stand, flooring, gardening, lighting

Repurpose an Old Standing Floor Lamp Into a Plant Stand

I have had these floor lamps for over 15+ years. They have moved with us from house to house and always seemed to find a spot to sit in the living room even though they were never used. Each time they got a new lamp shade to match the new decor, but they were just still sitting there looking sad. So I took them apart with plans to save the fixture and all the wiring to make new lamps. The stands just sat there for months. I knew I couldn't just toss them out, but I had no clue what to do with them. Until a few weeks ago. It's cold here in Wisconsin now and all the plants that I had outside for the summer had to start being brought in for winter. Yikes....I guess I collect a lot of plants. I had no room for them anymore. And then it dawned on me to repurpose my floor lamp into a plant stand! This way I could add more height to an area in my room, but I could also get more plants off the floor and off the tables.

make a gorgeous succulent planter, flowers, gardening, succulents

Make a Gorgeous Succulent Planter

Learn how to design and take care of succulent planters with this easy guide.

window box cheap hack, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling, add plants and mulch

Window Box Cheap Hack

if you don't want to go and buy liner from your plant store to hold soil and plants in a window box just use a giveaway fabric bag!

outdoor candle chandelier turned coffee cup planter, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling, shabby chic

Outdoor Candle Chandelier Turned Coffee Cup Planter

I found this lovely piece at a thrift store with all its jewels in place. I have been on a search for an outdoor piece to create for my potting area.

12 fun ways to plant hen amp chicks, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, succulents, In a rusty iron wheel

12 Fun Ways to Plant Hen & Chicks

Hen & Chicks or Sempervivum are hardy little perennial succulents that can grow almost anywhere in very little dirt. I use them in unique planters on my patio, deck and in my gardens.

yogurt container interchangeable planter, container gardening, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Yogurt Container Interchangeable Planter

I love it when we can take something old and make it into something new. That’s exactly what I decided to do with an old yogurt container.

summer container planting, container gardening, flowers, gardening, hydrangea

Summer Container Planting

This pot is planted with an Endless Summer hydrangea and surrounded by light and dark lobelia and ultra lilac petunia

diy spiral herb garden, diy, flowers, gardening

DIY Spiral Herb Garden

This is the easiest way to create a Spiral Herb Garden in less than an hour and won't have you lugging heavy materials to get the job done! What can I say, I'm a lazy gardener. I just want results without the calluses and the expense!
There are plenty of versions of the spiral garden out there, this is my version with a twist on herbs and flowers that are Bee Friendly and attract Butterflies! Might as well make something for all your little garden friends right?

the benefits of raised urban gardening, gardening, homesteading, urban living, 1 No Weeding ever Never pull another weed Your plants will flourish because they don t have to share water and nutrients with weeds

13 Benefits of Raised Urban Gardening

Do you love to garden but are tired of not being successful at it? I was too so I designed a unique new way to garden. Find out 13 benefits to gardening this new way. Never pull weeds or bend over...it's fun, easy, and it works!

make a knock off crate barrel modern planter, container gardening, gardening, how to

Make a Knock-Off Crate & Barrel Modern Planter

Do you keep a folder of ripped out pages from magazines or catalogs of items you'd love to have or make? Tucked inside my over-stuffed folder was this little gem of a planter from CB2. Since there's nothing like a good knock-off challenge, see how I created my own version of this modern flower pot.

5 fun ways to use coffee grounds in the garden, composting, gardening, go green, homesteading

5 Fun Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Back in the day, when I used to run a coffee shop, we used to bag up all of our used coffee grounds and put them beside the door for our customers to take home and use in the garden. It was a busy coffee shop and we went through a lot of coffee, but we could never seem to keep that bin of old coffee grounds full. As soon as we put some out, they were gone. Some customers would see how popular they were and ask us how they could use them too. We used to always say that they were really good for roses, but there are a lot of other great uses for them in the garden too!

how to make a terrarium, crafts, gardening, terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium

Through one of my obsessions called Pinterest, ever heard of it, I saw a terrarium ornament and thought it was just beautiful, but was daunted by the size hole that I had to work the supplies through.
Then I was flipping through my CB2 magazine and saw a hanging candleholder that I thought would work perfectly. BAM! I used the CB2 whirly hanging candleholder and it is beautiful and works like a dream. I actually made one for each of my guests to take home after my Thanksgiving party, as another way to let them know how thankful we are to have them in our lives. I have since given one to my Mom and sister-n-law.
It would make a perfect gift for a teacher, friend, or for yourself! It takes less than 10 minutes to make and costs less than $10.00. How perfect is that!