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How to coat bottom of dining room chairs so they slide on tile?

I have dining room chairs with wooden legs & they don't slide on our tile floor. The carpeted pads I bought at hardware store keep coming off.

How to dress up laminate countertops?

I'm renting a mobile home and it's a nice place, but the old laminate countertops are looking a little bit rough. How could I dress them up without replacing. My... See more

How to update ceramic tile squares?

My sister just bought a place in Florida. The kitchen has the 4x4 ceramic tiles with grout lines on the counter tops. She’s eventually going to be replacing... See more

How do I easily update my old laminate counter and add back splash?

I have a sad laminate countertop that has burn holes on it. I want to update this to a lighter color, but it needs to be very easy as I am not good with my hands. I... See more

Need foyer idea- any suggestions?

I’m looking for a Wow! Idea for my foyer. I live in a beach area in Florida. Have shiplap wall in my great room. Want something different in foyer. Getting rid of... See more
q need foyer idea

How can I put flooring over existing tile?

My bathroom is 1950ish. Floor is solid and has the small tiles in pink. Is there a way to lay a new floor over it instead of busting it all out? Tile also runs up the... See more
q how can i put flooring over existing tile

How can I use change a cabinet that has no paint on it but has wood ?

It's like a thin piece of wood looking liner glued on .
q how can i use change a cabinet that has no paint on it but has wood

Can you hang veneer/faux rock over wallpaper or should u remove it?

We r remodeling our master bath that has some wallpaper. Can we adhere the rock to this or will it ,overtime,fall off the wall😣especially in the bathroom???

How do I put in new floor?

We live in an old house. Just bought it 2 years ago. The floors are bad. Carpet over them, but soft underneath. What can we do with the floors?

How do I cover my very uneven paneling walls?

My walls are paneled and the line spacing alternates between wide and narrow lines. We tried joint compound in the lines and sanding but the wall is uneven as well. I... See more

What is the best way to install subway tile in the kitchen?

We have cheap paneling in the kitchen, looks more like really thick cardboard pieces fused together. Can we put tile over this or do we have to remove it and prep it... See more

Update black iron fencing around step in our bi level?

I live in a bile elk with the black iron railing. I truly do not like it but have very little money to change it. Also husband not the handiest guy in town but... See more

How to refinish hardware?

Getting ready to refinish an apothecary cabinet and not to sure the best way to clean half moon shaped hardware. Suggestions?