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How can I redo my ugly mobile home fireplace?

I live in a mobile home, it has a fireplace built into the corner of the living room. I hate it it takes up room that I could use. I would like to tear it out but I'm afraid it may be more of a job that I can handle, so I've set an oversized recliner in front of it to hide it, and that of course ex up even more room.
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What is the best type of stain to use on unfinished pine stairs?

I had unfinished pine stairs installed. What is the best type of stain to use also what is a good sealant after staining.

Should I choose vinyl or wood railings?

I have bought a house where we need to add railings on the front steps. There are wooden posts but I am wondering if I should put the vinyl railings ( no painting). What do you think?
q vinyl or wood railings

How can I redo my kichen and dining room ceilings simply?

this ceiling got wet due to a toilet overflow, before I bought the house 31/2 years ago. instead of replacing it, it appears the owners did a very poor hit and miss job of skim coating and painting. the house had been sitting empty for a while and once I moved in and the house was heated and cooled regularly, the areas which were ''missed'' began to chip, split and what have you. I have thought about covering it with fake tin ceiling tiles, ship lap, re-skim coating and repainting, etc. I would like to do it myself, if I could, and I am no spring chicken. ideas...

What can I do about old glue on bathroom floors?

Can u use regular paper bags? I put the cheap tile tile I'm taking it up but wondering about the glue n a bathroom
q can u use regular paper bags

How do I make an open floor plan?

I want to create the " open floor plan" I have ideas, but would love to hear from you guys on how to do it myself😁😁
q how do i make open floorplan

How do I make my linoleum look new?

Our linoleum is so dingy and yellowish. I’ve tried every thing short of getting a professional cleaner.

How do I stencil a glass table?

I am wondering if i can stencil the bottom side of my glass tables in my living room. Anyone know if it can be done? And how?