how to build a corner stove fireplace surround with airstone oak

How To Build A Corner Fireplace Surround & Mantel With Airstone & Oak

When we bought our home, the existing gas fireplace was sitting on a tile insert in the corner of the room. It was functional, but it was pretty plain. My husband and I decided to build up a fireplace surround to give it a finished, beautiful look. Besides, I really wanted somewhere to hang all the homemade stockings that I’ve made my family over the years. I searched the internet for inspiration for my corner fireplace, but I didn’t really see anything that had the look I was envisioning. So we decided to just build everything from scratch. The woodworking was one the harder projects we’ve tackled in our home, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out! So read ahead to see how we got the fireplace surround of our dreams!

a mantel gets springed up with one wood scrap happy window box, fireplaces mantels, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

A Mantel Gets Springed up With One Wood Scrap Happy Window Box

Those that know me, know I live, eat and breathe reclaimed wood. So when the opportunity came to 'spring up' my mantel with something new, I ran to the wood pile. Well... more like broken barrel. After staring at the rubble for a spell, this vision appeared... would this work? I admit, it's a tad off the wall... but hey... what stuff of mine isn't? :)

diy mantel shelf, diy, fireplaces mantels, home decor, shelving ideas

DIY Mantel Shelf

Another item checked off our dining room to-do list!! We had a big, barren wall in our dining room that was screaming for something awesome! Sure we could've gone for a cool piece of artwork, but that's not very fun when you want to decorate for the holidays. A better option?! Yup, you got it, a faux mantel shelf! There are LOADS more details and a FULL tutorial on my blog, but here are some of the highlights that I'll go into!

new look for an old fireplace, concrete masonry, diy, fireplaces mantels, painting, woodworking projects

New Look for an Old Fireplace for less than $150

After living in the same home for 30+ years, I felt it was time to give this old fireplace a new look.

diy mantle, fireplaces mantels

DIY Mantle/Floating Shelf

A friend asked me if I could build a mantle for her to hang in her living room. I had never built one before, but figured it can't be that hard, right? After some trial and error, I must say that I'm pretty pleased with the end result!

build a mantel out of an old barn beam, fireplaces mantels, outdoor living

Build a Mantel Out of an Old Barn Beam

If you like rustic decor the way that I like rustic decor, you are going to love this! When I saw someone was selling 100 year old beams from a barn they had dismantled my heart jumped and my brain started turning. I wanted to do something at my new lake house fixer upper with one of these beams, but what?

diy wood mantel

DIY Wood Mantel

I've shared our fireplace makeover recently, but I realized that I haven't shared how we finished it off with a GORGEOUS DIY wood mantel! Here's a look at how we took an old, dead tree and turned it into a beautiful live-edge mantel for our freshly made over fireplace. If you love this post, you can see more easy and affordable DIY ideas over on my blog, Love & Renovations!

fake it til you make it a faux fireplace, diy, fireplaces mantels, living room ideas, woodworking projects

Fake It Til You Make It--A Faux Fireplace

My sister had asked me to build her a “faux” fireplace to set her TV (massive TV I might add) on to replace the metal and glass stand she had but didn’t like. Simple enough, I thought. But, then she started sending me a gazillion pictures of fireplaces like “can you do this, but make this part like that, then do the moulding like this, but not make this part so big? Oh, and I want it to come in at this point but stick out here.” Oh. Em. Gee. “Um, why don’t I come over and we can draw out a picture and get the design settled?” Is this what having “clients” is like? Love my sister, she’s just a little picky…
So I went over and measured the space and we drew out a picture of what she wanted. Don’t laugh, it’s drawn by hand and on a church bulletin and totally not proportional and I drew it in a hurry. Don’t judge me. Here’s the rough idea:

i can t play the organ but i can turn an old organ into a mantel, chalkboard paint, fireplaces mantels, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

I Can't Play the Organ but I Can Turn an Old Organ Into a Mantel.

When shopping for something to add details to a garden bench I found on old pump organ. Actually I found two! They were $75 each and way beyond refurnishing. I was able to buy both for $100!! The second one is still waiting to be remade.
Here's the faux mantel I made from the front area of the organ.
Below also are pictures of the garden bench with panels from the organ and a vintage style lamp made from "?something?" inside the organ.

faux log fireplace insert, fireplaces mantels

Faux Log Fireplace Insert

I always loved the idea of sitting by a fire on a cold winter day, however that's not going to happen anytime soon. Since I’ve been married, we’ve bought two homes and BOTH have had gas fireplaces that didn’t work. Both houses had inspections and both inspectors didn’t catch it…you would think after the first one, I would have checked it myself?!? Our current home has a fireplace that not only doesn’t work, but is drafty. So I think I’ve finally come up with a temporary solution to stop the drafts. (My fingers are crossed!) Either way, it looks cool.

the living room a fireplace built in, diy, fireplaces mantels, home improvement, living room ideas

The Living Room: A Fireplace Built-In

Now that you have seen how we re-worked the space in our new open concept main floor, let's get to that living room. We knew we wanted a fireplace, and I had always dreamed of having some kind of mantle and built-in's to help anchor the room and give it some traditional character. We went with a natural gas fireplace and after browsing around on Pinterest, I did up a basic sketch for our contractor. He seemed pretty confident that he could translate my drawing into reality, so we just let him run with it. Here is the play-by-play in photographs of how it all came together.

diy a high end look with an inexpensive fireplace, fireplaces mantels

DIY a High-end Look With an Inexpensive Fireplace

Hi Liz here from With the wonderful choices in electric fireplaces out on the market now, a world of ability has opened up to us to add a fireplace to any room. With a little carpentry you can DIY a high-end look with an inexpensive fireplace.

birch log fireplace screen, diy, fireplaces mantels

Birch Log Fireplace Screen

Our fireplace gives off huge drafts of cold air in the winter. In order to help make our home a little more energy efficient, I created an insulated screen to cover up our fireplace when we're not using it.

how to build a portable free standing decorative faux fireplace

How to Build a Portable Free Standing Decorative Faux Fireplace

So excited to share my favorite project of all time: a DIY faux fireplace! I've always dreamed of having a fireplace but my rental apartment doesn't have one. I was determined to change that and I finally did it ! I'm absolutely in love with it and It's amazing how it completely transformed my living room - it's like I moved to a new apartment! ***Do keep in mind that this project is for decorative purposes only and is not to be used as a heater***

fireplace transformation incorporated with tv, diy, fireplaces mantels, living room ideas, painting, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Fireplace Transformation

After foot surgery 2 years ago, and staring at the face of my fireplace for 10 weeks, I knew I had to change it. This 1990 design did nothing for the room, the wall and the fireplace.

updating a wonky mantel

Updating a Wonky Mantel

When I remodeled my fireplace, the only original piece I kept was the mantel. It was bolted solidly to the wall, and was the right size and shape for the space. I just needed to add a few things to give it an update!
I wanted clean, modern lines to go along with the tile I installed on the fireplace surround.

how i made a beautiful mantel using an antique wood remnant, fireplaces mantels, home improvement, how to, woodworking projects

How I Made a Beautiful Mantel Using an Antique Wood Remnant

Hello friends. Today I want to share an update on one of my biggest DIY projects yet--Big for me because:
1. I've never built anything before and
2. I've never even cut a piece of molding before this project--but once my Dad left for home I was on my own to trim out the entire mantel.

how to build a kitchen fireplace

How To Build a Kitchen Fireplace

This is how I built a fireplace in the 125-year old farm house we are remodeling. In the video, I show step-by-step how I built the firebox, put ceramic glass on the front, added a brick shell, a limestone top, and a ledgestone wall.

how to build a custom fireplace mantel


Here I have made a custom DIY fireplace. It is an interesting and fun project to create, and it is a beautiful addition to the house.


How To Make A Mantle For Your S'more Bar

Hello there! What is the point of camping if you aren't making s'mores? What if you aren't camping, should you go s'more-less? Absolutely not. Assembling a s'more roasting station is pretty simple but it can be as fancy as you want it to be. Today I am opting for the glamorous life by creating a mantle.

diy mantel for master bedroom, diy, woodworking projects, Sand Paint Sand Stain Sand Repeat

DIY Mantel for Master Bedroom

Pottery Barn inspired mantel for the master bedroom. Mantel would work in multiple places in the house. This is my 3rd or 4th mantel I have done over at under DIY.

faux fireplace, diy, fireplaces mantels, living room ideas, woodworking projects

Faux Fireplace

I have wanted a a faux fire place/mantle as long as I can remember. Even when we had a wood burning stove I wanted a pretty mantle to decorate and hang stockings from. Over the years I have gathered things that I thought would fit nicely if I decided to build one. I gathered all the supplies I figured I would need and then I asked my husband if he would help (please do it for me). It turned out even better than I ever anticipated and I just had to share.