the posh pet bed, chalk paint, painted furniture, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

The Posh Pet Bed

Every little dog or cat needs a luxurious spot to call their own. Turning tables into pet beds isn't...

diy bird feeder made from pallet wood, crafts, gardening, how to, pallet, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

DIY Bird Feeder Made From Pallet Wood

A Pallet AND Recycled Wine bottle craft in one! Use up the scraps from an old pallet to make this...

diy scratching post desk legs, how to, painted furniture, pets animals

DIY Scratching Post Desk Legs

Living with a cat has meant that I've always had a not so attractive scratching post around my...

dog house with balcony, painted furniture, pets animals

Dog House With Balcony

I bought this dog house at and annual Humane Society sale for $5 dollars A few years ago for our...

xeriscaped organic rooftop gardens, Harvested Rainwater Feature

Xeriscaped / Organic Rooftop Gardens

We transformed a steeply sloped lot covered in invasive blackberries into a low-maintenance retreat...

shed converted to chicken coop, homesteading, outdoor living, pets animals

Shed Converted to Chicken Coop

When we expanded our flock, we needed to add more space. Check out how we turned a 8 x 10 shed into...

pallet pipe dog bed platform, diy, pallet, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Pallet & Pipe Dog Bed Platform

Using a pallet and a few pipe fitting pieces, this super easy and rather inexpensive raised doggie...

chicken coop hen coop building idea, diy, homesteading, outdoor living, pets animals, woodworking projects, My Chicken Coop Look very nice its an appartement for my laying hens Building instructions

Chicken Coop - Hen Coop - Hen House Building Idea

Hello my friends,
I built a cheap hen house or Backyard Chicken Coop. Living place in summer for

diy dog bowl stands

DIY Dog Bowl Stands

Duke and Duchess do everything in style. We’re a little dog obsessed over here, if you haven’t...

how to make an automatic chicken feeder for less than 4 00, homesteading, how to, outdoor living

How to Make an Automatic Chicken Feeder for Less Than $4.00

A great alternative to an expensive automatic feeder, a recycled bucket and dollar store tray gets...

1960s octagon end table makeover pet bed in process, painted furniture, pets, pets animals

1960s Octagon End Table Makeover- Pet Bed in Process

I was hoping to find one of these gems (meaning ugly) at the Goodwill, and finally got it. It was...

growingtomatoes easy diy rooting, gardening, homesteading, Use rainwater if u can

Tomato Sucker EZ DIY rooting

I enjoy generating free tomato plants from the tomato plants I have growing from the seeds I kept...

how to save heirloom tomato seeds, gardening, Step 1 pick out the very best tomatoes for seeds that will make the very best tomatoes

How to Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Saving heirloom tomato seeds brings back those memories of science classes. The seeds can't be just...

elegant bedroom bunny hutch from dresser, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Elegant Bedroom Bunny Hutch From Dresser

Ugly, poorly painted, but sturdy $50 Craigslist Dresser.

diy pet steps, chalk paint, home decor, painted furniture, painting, stairs

Little Doggy Stairs

My sweet Scottie Gus is just a little too short to jump up onto my bed. Although I would love to...

diy litter box hider, pets, pets animals, repurpose furniture, repurposing upcycling

DIY Litter Box Hider

Looking to hide that ugly litter box without breaking the bank?! I found this old side table and...

posh dog potty bell, crafts, doors, gardening, how to, painting, pets animals

Posh Dog Potty Bell

Make this simple by the door bell for your doggie to ring when he needs to go out. We've got the...

 no mess diy kitty litter box, diy, pets, pets animals

(NO MESS) DIY Kitty Litter Box

Let's admit it. All cat lovers will understand the dread of these two words. Litter Box. I know...

you won t believe what my customer did with old drawers, diy, pets, pets animals, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

You Won't Believe What My Customer Did With Old Drawers.

I am an avid repurposer and love when my customers think outside of the box. This Idea blew the box...

rustic log dog bed, how to, pets, pets animals, woodworking projects

Rustic Log - Dog Bed

From left over scrap wood to deluxe dog bed

build a dog sofa, pets, pets animals, reupholster

Build a Dog Sofa

My big boy, Danny, needed his own sofa because he's old and can't get up onto our living room...

you ll never guess what s inside this cabinet, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture, Coco started using it that day and it s been wonderful to have the litterbox out of the bathroom Coco loves the privacy too

You'll never guess what's inside this cabinet..

Take a guess what's on the inside of this rustic piece. You'd probably never expect it. An old...

my parents chicken house, diy, home improvement, pets animals, The finished product

My parents' chicken house.

My parents wanted to put a small chicken house on their land. We built a pole barn and included the...

dog bed from comforter how to, diy, pets animals, repurposing upcycling

Making a Dog Bed From Her Favorite Old Comforter

My beloved dog, China, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery would be too traumatic for...

pet bed

Pet Bed

What better feeling is there than to make something out of something you got free? Okay, so it does...