Do you have a mess of shoes at the entrance of your home? Need a quick and easy storage solution? Here's how I created an adorable little shoe storage area out of trash cans I picked up at Dollar Tree.

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DIY Shabby Chic Coat Rack

A coat rack is a super easy way to organize an entryway. My family can just throw their jackets and sweaters over a hook and walk away! No more finding heaps of winter gear laying over my furniture or worse, on the floor!! And I love to keep a few tote bags hanging up for a quick place to stash just about anything I want to get out of the way! After pricing pre-made wooden racks and realizing they were WAY out of my budget, I made two coat racks myself.

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How to Make a Shoe Rack or Table to Conceal an AC Unit

I’ve been wanting to hide my awkwardly placed AC unit ever since I moved into my LA rental apartment, but I couldn't find the right piece of furniture for the job. I wanted something that would give me access to the AC unit when I need it but conceal it when I'm not using it AND also give me a place to put my shoes. So I gave up looking and inspired by a pile of leftover wood I had been accumulating in my closet, I came up with my own design for a piece of furniture that I built using only my drill and a few hand tools!

entryway mudroom makover

Entryway Mudroom Makover -

Here's how we transformed our entryway into a fully functional mudroom.

diy shoe storage from pallet wood and stones

DIY: Shoe Storage From Pallet Wood And Stones

In this post I will show you, how I made a shoe storage from pallet wood and river stones.It’s very simple and easy to make this shoe storage, but at the same time it looks very unique and cozy. How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

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DIY Scarf and Hat Organizer

We just finished a makeover of my walk-in closet. While working on it, I realized I needed a place to store scarves and hats. I checked the store for solutions but couldn't find the right thing at an affordable price. We decided to DIY something! Check out how we made this organizer with spare cabinet knobs.

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Reclaimed, Pallet Wood Coat Hook and Shelf

Spying some painted pallet scraps on my workbench that were all the same size gave me the idea for this coat hook and shelf. The rustic, reclaimed oak with the bright colors make me smile :).

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Make Your Own Lego Coat Rack

If you have a child or used to be one, then you understand their irrational love for all things Lego. You also understand that sometimes children have a hard time picking up after themselves, which was the case with my kids. After picking up their coat for the 843rd time, I knew that I needed to create a coat rack just for them.

repurpose wire hangers by creating a coat rack

Repurpose Wire Hangers by Creating a Coat Rack

So your closet is filled with wire hangers, yet you have no place to put you and your guests' coats and hats when you walk in the house. Well, let's change that. Never throw your coat or keys just anywhere again with this easy DIY! Ok I don’t know about you, but whenever I see wire hangers I think of the movie Mommie Dearest, and I think why are there wire hangers in my closet LOL. I mean did I learn anything from Ms. Joan Crawford 😒. Hahaha Ok but seriously how many of you take your clothes to the dry cleaners on a regular basis and before you know it you have a closet that’s filled with all of these wire hangers. It’s practical yes, but it's not pretty. Here’s a project in which you can repurpose those wire hangers versus sending it to the landfill. Make a coat rack with those old hangers. So here’s what you do..

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Mobile Coat Closet for Under $60

Here in NYC closets are scarce! Most apartment dwellers will invest in some wall hooks to mount in the entryway, and that's usually enough storage for whoever lives there, but what if you're throwing a party? With the holidays just around the corner, you might be thinking of party logistics if you live in a small space. That's exactly what one of my organizing clients was pondering. She wants to throw a Halloween party, but not only does she not have an entryway, but she also does not have a coat closet nearby to catch jackets, etc. We searched online for mobile coat racks, but most of them lacked shoe or purse storage, and if we wanted to stay under $100 we were forced to buy something boring. Furthermore, we wondered how we would store a mobile coat rack when she wasn't using it - most of them don't come apart. Like with most of my space saving solutions, I go to plumbing piping and fixtures. For just under $60, we were able to create something custom that allowed for shoe and bag storage for her guests by putting an old plank of wood on wheels and then attaching a flange to the wood with piping to hang coats on. This project was so quick and simple and it solved all of my client's problems! When it isn't in use, just unscrew the pipes from the flange and roll it under the bed!

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Popcorn Tins to Pet Food Storage!

Ever since I moved from Ohio to NYC, my Mom sends me an array of "thinking of you" gifts (she's the best!). This Halloween it was a BOMB popcorn assortment that I consumed in an embarrassingly fast manner. Also, I'd like to point out that she sent not one, but two family-sized popcorn containers for me. (She knows her daughter well).
Once the popcorn aftermath was over and the regret/shame set in, I eyed down my "Trick-or-Treat" Halloween tins. Now, the pre-Hometalk Hannah would've tossed them, but you guys have taught me how to see the potential in them! And for that my kitties are forever grateful. Which leads me to my popcorn tin "Kitty Food" storage upcycle. :)

organize that junk by hanging it up with your coats, organizing, But even the junk was purposeful with many pieces serving a purpose See what a few do on the blog link attached

Organize that junk by hanging it up! (with your coats)

I had an overflow of junk in my stash. But rather than getting rid of it, I had a better idea.
I hung everything up in my front entry, and added the odd thing here and there that could hook a coat.
Now I have a junk wall gallery that hangs my coats WITH free art!

an ugly shelving unit becomes cute mudroom shoe storage

An Ugly Shelving Unit Becomes Cute Mudroom Shoe Storage

Before this house, I’d never lived anywhere that had a real mudroom. And although our mudroom is small, I just love it - especially since we've recently revamped it.The first issue we tackled was shoe storage (which, let's face it, you can never have enough of).We started with an ugly little shelving unit that came with our house. Apparently, the old owners didn't want to take it.And actually it fits perfectly between the back door and the mudroom's north wall.

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Repurposed Pediment Into Coat Rack Shelf

Why would a simple project take 5 years to complete? I like to wait for projects to speak to me. I'm not sure if it wasn't talking, or if I wasn't listening. A friend gave me this piece years ago. I stored in in the shed. After all these years I recently figured that I needed to do SOMETHING with it.

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How to Make a Cobblestone Boot/Shoe Tray

I was not looking forward to getting out the "dreaded towel" this Fall/Winter! In the past I have put down a towel by the front to protect the floors from the abuse of wet shoes and boots during the winter months. After sitting out for weeks and months the towel shifts around and gets dingy and starts driving me nuts!

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Coat Hanger: Re-purposing an Old Door

Re-purposing is such a fun way to turn trash into something functional and beautiful. I used what was an old door and turned it into a coat hanger using some scrapbook paper, sand paper, Annie Sloan dark wax, hooks from an antique shop, and a drill. This is a fun project and isn't overly time consuming!:)
To see the full tutorial visit:

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DIY Tray to Boot!

With the winter looming over NYC I needed to whip my entryway into shape. While shopping online and googling "Boot Tray" I wondered, like I often do, if I could just make one on the cheap. To make matters more challenging, most of my tools were on site at a client project so I really had to think creatively. I have a huge pile of scrap wood in my postage stamp NYC backyard for projects just like this! I broke down a pallet of wood, picked up a few things from my local hardware store, spent about $20 bucks, and had a great boot tray just in time for wet boots to thaw out on.

space saving diy dowel rod coat rack

Space Saving Storage Hack; DIY Dowel Rod Coat Rack

LOOKING for an easy and affordable storage solution that gets your stuff off the floor? Here's how you can make your very own coat rack without having to compromise aesthetics for functionality. With its modern and streamlined silhouette, this dowel coat rack makes an awesome addition to an entryway, or even as an extra vertical storage hack for a small living space. It's the perfect piece to show off your hats and bags and make them easy to grab as you head out the door!

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Hallway Transformation

Rustic neutral hallway transformation by JST Design.

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Closet Into Mudroom Makeover - for Less Than $30!

Okay, so I struggled for a bit whether to blog about this little DIY closet makeover. I really loved the project and I think it came out great, but it was just SO impossible to photograph. This closet is at the end of a narrow hallway with no natural light, and there's no way to photograph the whole thing in a single picture. So please forgive me for the poor photos - they aren't to the standard I like to try to keep for the blog but the project and message were just too good not to share.

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DIY Indoor Mail Station

Is your mailbox outside your house cluttered? Of course not! Every day, the mail gets dropped in a specific place, then you pick up the mail, and remove it from the outside mailbox.
But then where does it go? The kitchen counter. The dining room table. The corner of the desk. What if you had an inside mailbox?
Then your mail would all collect neatly in one spot, and you’d be forced to empty it out when it got too full. You can make an inside mailbox from a Kleenex disposable towel box that is cute, and literally calls out, “Put the mail HERE!”

mail sorter makeover

Mail Sorter Makeover

There has been this beat up cardboard mail sorter that I've had my eye on at my office. On Friday, it was going to be thrown out and my friend offered it to me. I grabbed it and took it home. I don't know why, but it just looked like something that could be salvaged for a more beautiful life. I am now the happy owner of a really cute mail sorter.

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DIY Beadboard Shaker Peg Coat Rack

This two-tiered coat rack is super functional for our family because it has a lower rack within reach of the kids, an upper rack for adults, and tons of pegs for all our coats. Plus it’s located in our garage right where we enter our home, which is really convenient. Learn how to make your own!

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Fast & Easy DIY Pallet Coat Rack {20 Min. Project!}

I am so excited to share this SUPER EASY DIY pallet coat rack with you today! Since we made the first one, we have had so much interest. It is way too easy {and cheap} to not share with you!

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Mud Room Storage Lockers

We are wrapping up another round of renovations at our place and am nearing the completion of the mud room. Despite the dated and unsightly look of the room, I was actually a bit apprehensive to redo this room. I was getting used to (and taking full advantage) of having an oversized storage area where I could just throw everything into. However, it was time to give this room an update and get organized! Below is the 'Before' picture.