create custom canvas artwork in an hour with a mandala stencil

Create Custom Canvas Artwork In An Hour With A Mandala Stencil!

We all have blank walls that could use a little wall art. Unfortunately we are not all artists so today we're going to show you how to easily paint your own canvas wall art using a .

bored with your furniture give it a new look with fauxy rollers, painted furniture, It s done

Bored With Your Furniture? Give It a New Look With Fauxy Rollers!!!

Giving new life to a tired old piece of thrift store furniture - creating this fabulous makeover for my guest room!

how to paint a floor with a tile stencil

How To Paint A Floor With A Tile Stencil

Patterned tile floors are super trendy and also super pricey. Don't toss your tiled dreams aside before reading this painted floor tutorial! This project is an easy and affordable way to give your flooring a stylish look.We'd like to introduce Erika, a creative DIYer from Cutting Edge Stencils. Erika had builder beige tiles. She longed for a pretty patterned floor similar to the ones she had seen in her Instagram feed. Since her budget was tight, Erika decided to paint and stencil her builder beige tiles.

the secret is out how to stencil a tile floor

The Secret is Out! How to Stencil a Tile Floor

The biggest home decorating secret is out! This is what EVERYONE has been asking about (and raving about!)... In order to avoid the hassle of ripping out existing floor and the high cost of real tiles, you CAN achieve a similar look by painting your tile floors that only LOOK expensive. Get in with the inside scoop and check out how YOU can create paint directly over your tile floor to make it look pretty and patterned. Watch the video and follow the instructions below to learn how you can create your own faux aged blue glazed tiled floor in 10 easy steps using Tile Stencils from Royal Design Studio:

the easiest way to paint furniture with curves

The Easiest Way To Paint Furniture With Curves

Painting furniture with a lot of curves is never a fun job. Chair legs and curvy table legs is always something I dreaded painting. Then, I was introduced to a tool that makes it super easy!

washable homemade fabric paint

Washable Homemade Fabric Paint

In this tutorial, we experiment with making our own DIY fabric paint from acrylic paints by adding a couple of household ingredients, and come out with fabric paint that not only looks fabulous but is also washable - and we didn't even need to set it with heat!Over the weekend, the kids and I visited a country fair. Poking around the craft tent, I was delighted to come across some very reasonably priced, hand carved, printing blocks. I knew exactly what I wanted us to use them for - to stamp on some little muslin bags we have for another project - but we needed the stamped bags to be washable.

parchment paper is not just for baking

Parchment Paper is Not Just for Baking.

If you're like me, you tackle projects that require different colors of paint. I've purchase many paint tray liners in the past. Yes, they aren't expensive, but I go through them quite fast. I also had an old metal paint tray that had some rust on it from washing it out so often. I didn't want that rust to be in my paint. So instead of using several different paint trays or having to constantly wash them out, you can use parchment paper to line your paint tray. It's quick and easy, and what I like to call "a life hack" to make our lives easier. It makes clean up a breeze! And of course, any way to save a little time during a project is a good thing! Parchment paper also makes for a great crafting mat. Use it to line your work area. You can use it as tracing paper also.

it all began with a post it note, The post it template

It All Began With a Post-It Note

5 years ago we moved into a 5 year old house that had wallpaper in every room. Being we were moving from another state with time constraints we hired out for removal of all wallpaper and to re-paint each room. To save a little money I opted to keep the laundry room wallpaper. It wasn't hideous but after living with it for 5 years I wanted a little change.

painting watercolor onto fabric

Painting Watercolor Onto Fabric

I love the soft look of watercolor, don't you? These chair cushions are NOT watercolor; they are just faded and moldy - yuk! They needed to be recovered and given a new life.

glam accent wall


Sometimes you think a room looks good until you realize just how plain it really is. That was the case with my dining room. I love the Glam look. I love the Sparkles and the elegant look. So I decided to transform my dining room into a glam masterpiece. In one day I transformed my dining room from a plain Jane room to something that I absolutely love! And I get non-stop compliments. It's easy but a little time consuming and I know you can do it! Here are the steps to achieve this do-over:Tape off your corners, ceiling, and baseboard.Paint your accent wall a deep rich Jewel tone color. Don't be shy. I chose a smokey Navy listed here.Next I chose a sterling silver paint but to make it really Shimmer when the light hit it I added a glitter to the paint before stenciling.Starting in the exact middle of your wall at the top tape the stencil down.Take a small amount of silver paint that has been poured onto a paper plate and dip your stiff brush in. Lightly dab excess off on the paper plate.Now the fun begins. Firmly stipple over the stencil. I did a semi firm tapping motion to make the silver finish opaque.Remove the stencil and place below your first stencil application. From there I would go to opposite sides of a dried stencil. That way you avoid smudges.You might have some areas that the stencil will not fit. Leave those areas for last. They are usually the corners of the wall. Once you have completed the entire wall cut the stencil and continue stippiling.Voila! You are done and have an amazing Glam wall to show off to everyone!

how to fix to save paint gone bad, chalk paint, painted furniture, painting

Simple Fix to Save "Paint Gone Bad"

Did you ever re-open a can of paint only to find an icky mess? That's what happened when I opened a leftover can of Louis Blue (ASCP). Boutique paint is expensive, so it's worth taking the time to save it.

craft a wickedly easy halloween porch sign using stencils

Craft A Wickedly Easy Halloween Porch Sign Using Stencils

Halloween is creeping up on us and we'd love to enhance your ghoulish decor with a simple yet fun stencil project. This stenciled Halloween sign is guaranteed to greet guest with a festive Halloween spirit. Our Halloween are creepy yet playful and are perfect for decorating. Let's take a look at this wickedly fun project.

how to use a paint sprayer even inside of your home

How to Use a Paint Sprayer - Even Inside of Your Home!

Need to spray cabinets or furniture? An airless paint spray will speed up the time it takes and provide a smooth finish.I was able to use one inside of my home to paint a HUGE carved armoire. Links to all products used and how I set up to use and airless sprayer inside of my home are found on my blog and for your convenience I've linked below!The cost listed included the airless sprayer.

halloween diy witch potion bottles blue patina stand

Halloween DIY: Witch Potion Bottles + Blue Patina Stand

In the dead of night, the witch cauldrons boil – and they’ll need all the right poisons for their hocus pocus fun! Mary Childs of Focal Points created a bewitching DIY with her Witch Potion Bottles project. You will definitely be saying “My little pretties!” with these…

paint spring tree watercolor with crumbled paper, crafts, how to

Paint Spring Tree Watercolor With Crumbled Paper

Have you dreamed about creating art works to hang on your wall but doubted your skills? Today we are going to make a beautiful watercolor tree painting - it is SO easy, with the help of crumbled paper. NO art experience needed!

diy faux marble table top

DIY Faux Marble Table Top

I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS looking for a budget-friendly way to make my home fantastic. This project is the perfect way to add a little something special to any space!

how to use decorative rollers, how to, painted furniture, painting, tools, Side table created by Angie Stewart

"How-to" Use Decorative Rollers

Here is a fabulous tool for creating pattern and design in your decorative finishes! For additional information on working with the rollers, please check out my blog post:

create an accent wall using decorative rollers

Create an Accent Wall Using Decorative Rollers!!!

Do you have a boring wall that needs to be transformed - I have a great idea for you!!! Using my simple techniques for creating stripes and my Stamping Rollers.

mom podge the mother of gesso and modeling paste

Mom Podge the Mother of Gesso and Modeling Paste

This project is meant to be a tutorial for making your own art supplies at a minimal cost. And so we begin by making Mom Podge (I'm coining that phrase, as I've never seen it before). Mom Podge is very versatile and is generally used as a media for decoupage, and/or gluing a paper product to some other product, such as glass, porcelain, baskets, metal, etc.

faux wood grain table

Faux Wood Grain Table

If I can do it, you can too! I wanted to upgrade my set for my Hometalk Live shows and this table seemed like a good starting place. I found this table at a garage sale for $10. I wanted to challenge myself to fix it up. You can see more of my crazy creations here

faux wood grain paint technique

Faux Wood Grain Paint Technique

Ok you guys... if you haven't heard of this page has some great painted furntiure ideas and projects to check out!Love this project? You can buy your own by clicking the link below. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

make your own stencil 2 different ways

Make Your Own Stencil - 2 Different Ways

Remember when I told you about the hot knife from the wood burning set cutting through foam really easily? Well, it does a dandy job on Acetate if you want to cut your own stencil, too. FYI - *** Where can you find sheets of Acetate? Look no further than the packaging that was clear plastic you picked up the other day. Anything with a flat surface can be cut apart and used as a sheet of acetate - big or small. For example, a package covering to a new scrapbook embossing folder, a bumped out clear box that is holding a spool of ribbon onto a piece of cardboard... etc. You get the picture. There are lots of uses for them. (Later Posts...)

flea market furniture flip using a dalmatian stencil

Flea Market Furniture Flip Using A Dalmatian Stencil

Turn castoff into pretty pieces you'll love and actually use. Our stencil patterns make it super easy to give old furniture a whole new look. Come see how we put a trendy spin on an old dresser using our Dalmatian Spot Allover Stencil.

15 great painting gadgets, painting, Paint Cup with Magnet

15 Great Painting Gadgets

While I was painting her living room, my friend put together this list of our favorite gadgets that help painting go faster, cleaner, easier. See more at the blog post.

paint furniture using a hvlp spray gun video, painted furniture

Paint Furniture Using a HVLP Spray Gun Video

Painting furniture is something a lot of people have started doing as a hobby or just as way to update an old piece of furniture and make it fit into their current decor. I used to brush paint onto furniture but nothing comes close to the finish that can be achieved by spraying on finishes. For almost 2 years I have been spraying pieces using an HVLP spray gun and have a video to show how easy it can be and some tips for those who want to try it out.
You can read about my spray booth and the tools I use to spray here.