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How do I decorate my outdoor space for Christmas?

Love my big house, but don't have a ton to spend. The pros are outrageous. Send me the perfect plan! : ) I will give you all the credit!
q how do i decorate for christmas

How to hang a hand towel when there is no wall or cabinet space?

I have a vanity and a large mirror overhead, there is a med cabinet on the one side wall. I have tried to hang a towel from the cabinet molding but it blocks the... See more

How do I get my water pipes to stop making a tug boat horn sound?

When I turn my water on the pipes make a fog horn sound. What is it and how can I get it fixed. It is very loud.

Cracked ceramic tiles?

Replace a patch of cracked ceramic tiles?


What can I do with left over tulle?

1950s tile bathroom floor lost it's shine

I have a 1956 ranch home. The bathroom wall and floor tiles in the house are original and in mint condition. My problem is the floor tiles. I cannot seem to bring any... See more

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans. How to spice up a ceiling fan with clear stones

How do I "hide" a stack of roofing tiles?

My HOA rules say tiles I have stacked next to my garage wall must be hidden from view or removed. I need them for future roof repairs & have no other place to store... See more

How do I put a spin in bead board in small bathroom? ?

Putting bead board in toilet room. What suggestions do you have for putting a WOW factor with it?

How can I remove dog urine smell in grout on tile floor?

How can i remove dog urine smell in grout on tile floor?

Natural dog urine smell removal for the back yard

Natural dog urine smell removal for the back yard

Does anyone know what this is?

Just turn them upside down and open them, then insert a roll of paper towel and tada, you have yourself a brand new paper towel holder that is not only beautiful, but... See more
q does anyone know what this is, repurposing upcycling

How can I build a new 5-step staircase?

The stairs leading to my basement has started to crack. at first it appeared that the planks needed to be replaced, but in fact, the entire stair case(planks and... See more

How can I decorate a mirror using plastic eggs?

Refurbishing mirrors with plastic eggs

How can I upcycle small glasses from Oui yogurt?

They are so cute and small. I have so many..just waiting for inspiration. No, I dont want to make candles or food.