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How can I finish my concrete ashtray?

I made a concrete ashtray and thought a glossy finish would be nice. Will DecoArt Triple Thick glaze melt ?

How can some people be so talented?

I love all the ideas that everyone has on how to make furniture castoffs so beautiful and how to make small improvements to your houses like a decorator. I am unable health wise to do these things but appreciate your sharing your ideas with me. A big THANK YOU!!

What DIY projects can we make for our garden club?

I am looking for easy simple projects for our garden club for Christmas and fir right after Christmas...maybe stuff we could easily sell at a garden club soring sale? Ideas..maybe something I would not think of...I have not done hypertufa..but setting one up for that n burd)hummingbird/insect houses?

Can I melt glass in my oven?

Somewhere ( windshield maybe) it talks about melting glass in your oven. Where is this please....is it even possiable? Maybe I dreamt it lolol

How can you get pallets or electrical spools?

I want to make a patio table out of one of those large spools. Also I would like to use pallets to make a climbing fence for climbing plants.

Has anyone ever seen this item?

I have this Barley Twist Coffee Table with heavy glass removable top and would like to find out more info and value of it. I bought it at a auction approx. 33 years ago. Have searched everywhere and find nothing about it. There is a shelf sitting on top of the table, please ignore that.
q has anyone ever seen this item

What's the name of the website that helps you plan furniture layout?

What is the name of the web site that if I send them the room dimension and they send a diagram of the room how to arrange the furniture in the room

What is this piece of furniture that I got at an auction?

I got this at an auction, nobody knows what it is? What is the purpose? It is BIG, and it opens?? Thanks in advance !!
q what is it

How are you?

No question, just wishing everyone happy holidays.

How do I make the final touches on my furniture makover?

I painted furniture first with flat brown water based paint then coated with watered-down paints in many different colors on different areas of furniture. They look great. They look very much like they were chalk/milk-painted which I aimed for - the muted tones. Now, the question is should I seal them with matte water-based polycrylic or should I wax them? If wax, how do I do that? What kind of wax?