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Sculpting a rock face wall indoors

I have seen projects on sculpting rocks from cement… Would like to know if anyone has sculpted a rock look wall in doors on a painted drywall wall

Block afternoon florida sun coming in thru bathroom windows?

My mom, 88+ with several medical issues, lives with me. She cannot take very bright light & is easily upset when she enters bathroom in afternoon bec light coming... See more

How to crackle wood?

how to crackle a wall plaque

Small space in bathroom

Any suggestions of what I can do with this tiny space between the bathroom vanity and the wall Other than replacing the vanity and sink? That’s not in the budget... See more
q small space in bathroom

How can I repair and rejuvenate my laminate flooring ?

I have scratches and gouges and the floor looks dull. It would be nice to make it look better instead of replacing it

Spray painting a chair?

Hi , I have a brown wooden dining room old chair, still in good condition, my question is can I use a can of brown 2x spray and primer paint all in one to spray... See more

How do I paint shiplap?

I saw a picture of a shiplap wall that I just loved. Do you know which one it is

How do you restring a patio chair?

I have two patio chairs that need new webbing on both the back and seat. I want to use gotten rope.

Tsp stripping my latex paint?

I am using Tsp to clean and degrease my Orange peel textured wall that was already painted with interior latex. The plan is to skimcoat over the paint and original... See more

Black specks in hot water?

We noticed black specks that smudged our tub and silicone dishes and noticed it was only when we ran hot water. It’s coming out from all faucets. Upon research online... See more

How to super clean oven?

How do you begin to clean a badly corroded oven and can it be possible to do so?

How do I install a rope railing

when the deck and ceiling are not parallel

Rebloom plants

Wondering how to rebloom theses carnations in garden and where to trim it?

Should I (how to) tape/support drywall seem next to cabinet

I'm replacing the dry wall in our kitchen and then adding a tile backsplash. What is the best practice in terms of taping/mudding the seem that is right up against... See more
q should i hot to tape support drywall seem next to cabinet

Thompsons Water sealer disaster

Since we just had our deck pressure-washed, we decided to apply Thompson's Water Sealer to help preserve it. Big mistake. It seems to have a permanent stickiness. Any... See more

How do I attach a handle to shower door?

We have a frameless glass shower door that we put a couple handles in the wrong place. We used dental floss to remove the handles from the glass but now need to... See more


How can make my small backyard look better I just pulled up tall weeds so I’m left with dirt it needs to be covered on my small budget

How can I make a modern bathroom vanity?

In master bathroom I have this old ugly vanity, creepy n semi oval. How can I make a modern vanity with one sink? Thx Jules

What kind of palm is this?

I just bought a house and there are palm trees in the backyard. It is my first time owning palm trees and I love them but I am scared about taking care of them. This... See more
q what kind of palm is this

How do I put these small glycerin soap ....?

At a yard sale I got a craft box, inside were sealed clear glycerin soap bars. Any ideas of what I can do with these?

What is killing my marigolds?

Every year I plant marigolds aroundmy lamp post. The last two years something kills them. It looks like spit on them. I’ve sprayed them, put Seven dust, nothing... See more