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How can I "pretty up" the area around the garbage cans?

I am not too concerned with the actual garbage cans. More so interested in making the area around it and leading to driveway nicer. I can easily get rid of the weeds... See more
q how can i pretty up the area around the garbage cans

Using glow in the dark glue?

If I use glow in the dark glue , will it dry clear so that the color below will still show?

Conclusion- here's what worked for me!

I didn’t know how to post my resolution of my question about my ac unit in my condo . I struggled to find an answer. But I started basic troubleshooting, first... See more

Print copy of project?

How to make copy of project? I like to make copy for a project to do later. Now I’m doing screen shots not the best way to have a copy. Sylviapnx@cox.net

Stay tuned! Not sure what I am doing😂?

I got a wild hair! Nothing new though. I kept looking at this stool and wanted to do SOMETHING but didn’t know what. Well, I grabbed it up and threw some white paint... See more
q stay tuned not sure what i am doing

How can I ind someone to take books??

I have collected books for over 50 years and neeed to get rid of them before we move to a new home. I do not want them to fall into a land fill. Many are series of... See more