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What To Do When Bambi and Friends Show up to Party.

After so much Front Yard activity these past months, I blogged this on the happenings in my front yard. Deer are hardy partiers and their many friends. The damage wreaked is becoming quite costly. I did use this method after the costly ones failed. So far ok.

get rid of fruit flies diy fruit fly trap, pest control, DIY Fruit Fly Trap made with a jar piece of paper apple cider vinegar and liquid dish detergent

Get Rid of Fruit Flies {DIY Fruit Fly Trap}

We have had a fruit fly outbreak, so instead of using the sticky fly traps that we've used in the past, I gave this fruit fly trap method a try. It worked perfectly!
All you need is a jar, a piece of paper, apple cider vinegar and liquid dish detergent!

did the slugs snails enjoy eating up your garden last summer, container gardening, gardening, Last summer my husband and I planted our first garden a compact container garden between our driveway and house

Did the Slugs/Snails Enjoy Eating Up Your Garden Last Summer?

Here's a simple and environmentally friendly way to get rid of them, and you probably have it in your frig right now. It's simple - beer. You have to use it in a special way. See how here: http://the2seasons.com/2012/06/05/lets-get-drunk/

keep pests out of your garden

Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden

It's springtime here and I'm busy getting my garden and apple tree ready. I get those pesky rabbits, squirrels, voles, aphids, and more in mine during gardening season - how about you? I thought I would share a few tips on things I use to keep those pests out of my garden. You can see more of my crazy creations here

deers eating your landscaping garden here s an easy diy solution, gardening, pest control

Deer Eating Your Landscaping & Garden? Here's An EASY DIY Solution!

The only thing that will 100% stop deer from munching on your landscape or in your garden is a fence but this DIY DEER JUICE SPRAY is an EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to take care of an annoying problem!

organic gardening how to deter slugs and snails with eggshells, gardening, pest control

Organic Gardening - How to Deter Slugs and Snails With Eggshells

Are you tired of visiting your gardening in the morning only to see that other little critters have been up all night feasting on your plants? I love plants like my hostas and vegetables and hate to see them riddled with holes from snails and slugs.
I have something in common with slugs...we both love hostas and vegetable gardens. But, there is something they hate that I love - eggs. They slink away from eggs shells as soon as they feel the sharp edges!
Snails and slugs hate anything that's sharp or rough, so you can save your eggshells and use them underneath your plants to deter them! It really works. Coffee grounds and several other things works as well, and are mentioned in the article link.

ants safe and effective cure

Ants: Safe and Effective Cure

This cure for invading ants is safe for pets, children, and the environment. When we purchased a home with an acre in Tennessee, the land and surrounding fields were covered with ant hills. The ants were not only invading ants, they were fire ants. We tried every thing from poison to bait to try to get them off our yard and in our vegetable and flower gardens. Nothing got completely rid of them and not for long.

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Straw Composting - Die Weed Seeds Die!

We bought a house on an acre of land in Wisconsin that had an old overgrown fenced in garden with grape vines along one side. We tripled it in size last year and have been working on improving the soil. The new 2/3s was more dirt than soil. Do you have dirt or soil in your garden?

9 strategies to help combat common edible garden problems, composting, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, pest control, Comfrey grows easily from seed root cuttings

9 Strategies to Help Combat Common Edible Garden Problems

Do you find it too hot, cold, wet or dry to grow a food garden? Do you have poor soil, pests or limited space? If so, these strategies may be useful. I share a barrow load of seasonal weather tips & solutions; simple ways to build soil organically; easy indoor & container gardens + much more to overcome common problems. Dig in!

holey hosta batman how we saved our hostas from slugs , gardening, pest control

Holey Hosta Batman! How We Saved Our Hostas From Slugs!

This post kicks off a 3-part series on low-maintenance/sustainable gardening. The side of our house doesn't get a lot of sun, so we planted shade tolerant hostas and ground cover to fill in that area and crowd out weeds. The hostas have filled in beautifully over the years, but by mid summer they are all torn to shreds and have more holes than swiss cheese. Batman may be resigned to fighting thugs, but we were tired of fighting slugs and wanted to put a stop to their reign of crime once and for all. We tried every environmentally friendly thing from eggshells to diatomaceous earth to no avail, until we finally found the answer: copper! Excuse the bad pun, but just like commissioner Gordon of Batman fame, a little 'copper' goes a long way to fighting crime.

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The Very Best Homemade DIY Ant Killer

I don’t know about you, but around this time every year, I seem to get ants popping up around the house. Sometimes there are a whole bunch of them, sometimes it’s just a few, but they always show up. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that this is an old house and there are probably lots of little holes in the walls for them to get through. This easy homemade ant killing solution has been just the ticket to solve this pest problem for me.
{Hey! Are you thinking of purchasing an "old home"?! Check out what it's really like, here!]

how to control unfortunately not eliminate weeds in your garden, flowers, gardening, perennials

How To Control (Unfortunately Not Eliminate) Weeds In Your Garden

I am a passionate gardener. I love to grow all kinds of perennials in several different garden beds. I love how the different perennials bloom at different times during the summer making it so that my flower gardens never look the same from week to week and month to month.
I enjoy all of the various tasks that go along with keeping a flower garden except for one and that is weeding. The less weeding I have to do the better. So through trial and error I have figured out three steps that help control the amount of weeds that sneak into my garden. Notice I used the term 'control'. I have yet to discover how to eliminate these pesky plants entirely.

cheap easy homemade ant spray

Cheap & Easy Homemade Ant Spray

One of the most viewed chemistry tips post on Chemistry Cachet is this homemade weed killer (link in blog post below). Readers love how effective and easy it is to make. I have also used it to kill bugs! It works amazing to kill ants especially.Over the last few months, I have modified it up a little to be an amazing and easy homemade ant spray!The reasons I changed it up is to make it a little better for killing ants on any surface without leaving as much of a residue. Although this homemade weed killer is fantastic for killing bugs outside, it can leave a little salt residue behind in the home.Remember! This for ANTS! For the weed killer, Click blog post link and we have it linked in article numerous times. We keep having readers asking why we don't share the weed killer, we have!!! Just click the blog post at the bottom.

how to make a natural fly repellent, how to, pest control

How to Make a Natural Fly Repellent

We are all looking for natural ways to protect our family, how to make a natural fly repellent is easy.

common cocoons and egg cases in the garden, flowers, gardening, homesteading, pest control

Common Cocoons and Egg Cases in the Garden

As you're trimming the hedges in the late winter, you encounter a strange egg sac. Is it a cocoon for a pretty butterfly, or the eggs of something bad that will destroy your plants? It can be difficult to determine at a glance whether a bug is good or bad for your garden simply by examining the egg case or cocoon, but a few examples can help.

four ways to kill weeds with everyday items, gardening, Vodka That bottom shelf bottle of vodka that somehow got into your liquor cabinet may not be good for Cosmos but it ll make a great weed killer

Four Ways to Kill Weeds With Everyday Items

Nothing ruins a pristine yard faster than a bunch of crabgrass, but store-bought weed killers can pack a serious chemical punch! This spring, try killing weeds with household products – you'll save some cash and avoid harmful toxins.
For more details, visit: https://brightnest.com/posts/2x4-four-ways-to-kill-weeds-with-everyday-items

keeping your brassicas pest free, gardening, pest control, Kohlrabi looks perfect and it won t be long to harvest

Keeping Your Brassicas Pest Free

I like to grow organically & found out how easy it was to keep my Brassica plants pest free. Do you grow broccoli, kale, cabbage or cauliflower? Read more below.

gardening organic weed control paper mulch, gardening, landscape

Easy Organic Weed Control With Paper & Mulch

Using paper and covering it with mulch is my favorite way to control weeds in our beds and borders. Besides just controlling weeds, I also love this because:
-We just do it once and we’re done for the year
-It compounds over time

bird feeder deterrent, gardening, wildlife animals

Bird feeder deterrent

After so long doing battle with squirrels attacking my bird feeder and trying everything possible, I resorted to doing something less expensive. I simply took packing tape, {sticky side outside} and so far they have not been able to get past it .I have watched it for 2 days and so far the birds are able to eat in peace the squirrels just pick up the seed that falls

planter with water reserve and self fight slugs and snails, container gardening, gardening, how to, pest control

Planter With Water Reserve and Self Fight Slugs and Snails

With a little material, you can make this project to eliminate snails and slugs in a friendly way, and create a plant water reserve, all with recycled materials (and it really works)!

do this now and it might save your tree later

Do This Now, and It Might Save Your Tree Later

Have you heard of this monster? That's no glammed up grasshopper. This nightmare and family are responsible for decimating hundreds of millions...that's HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS ...of ash trees in North America alone.

diy weed killer

DIY Weed Killer

Control those pesky weeds with this easy DIY Weed Killer!

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Battle of the Varmints: All Natural Solution to Prevent Deer Damage

We live in the city and yet varmints are having a hey day with our landscaping. We've got deer, we've got moles, we've got voles, we've got rabbits, we've got chipmunks. Yes I could keep going on and on but I believe I've found a solution for the biggest culprit -- the deer.

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Chemical-Free Pesticide

I have been very careful about the way I care for our vegetable garden. I try to avoid chemical-heavy products as it is, and using chemicals on our little garden just seems silly. Unfortunately, I am growing many leafy greens which little bugs just seem to love! Luckily this mixture for my Chemical-Free Pesticide has worked like a charm. In fact, you can see the little critters scurry off your plants as you spray them–very reassuring!