how to build a composting system from pallets, composting, diy, gardening, go green, how to, pallet, repurposing upcycling, A two bin system allows for piling kitchen and yard waste on one side to decompose and storing the finished compost on the other side

How to Build a Composting System from Pallets

After seeing countless photos of these systems on Pinterest and in the blogosphere, we finally got around to making our own composting system from pallets this weekend. It's really quick and easy - here's how we did it in less than an hour.

tips for applying mulch, container gardening, gardening, The last of our mushroom compost from last year

Tips for Applying Mulch!

We will have 3 yards of mushroom compost delivered this week. When I begin filling my first wheelbarrow, I will think about the mulching techniques I have learned from many and various gardeners over the past 10 years...
What I have learned so far:
1. This is a lot of work! So make it count for double the time & money: add nutrients while you mulch.

filling a keyhole garden, cleaning tips, composting, gardening, go green, lawn care

Filling A Keyhole Garden

Have terrible soil? Living in the middle of a drought but still want fresh vegetables? Then you need a keyhole garden! If you missed my post "Building A Keyhole Garden," please refer to it first.

using coffee grounds for gardening guide on correct uses, container gardening, gardening

Using Coffee Grounds for Gardening | Guide on Correct Uses

The next time you finish your morning coffee, think twice before you dump the grounds. Coffee grounds can do magic in your garden, not necessarily in the ways you would expect. They do not provide abundant nitrogen and do not lower soil pH much. But they can enrich your garden soil, compost pile and help in other ways.

the secret to perfect easy to work with garden soil

The Secret to Perfect, Easy to Work With Garden Soil

OK, all of you seasoned gardeners, it’s time to look away. This secret to perfect, easy to work with garden soil is probably something that you’ve known for a long time. It’s probably something that seems obvious and like something you assume everyone knows. It’s probably something you were taught at a young age growing up, or figured out on your own just from a lot of time spent out in the garden.

gardening tips prepare planting soil, composting, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, A little effort will reap BIG rewards later

3 Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Planting

Are your plants THRIVING or just SURVIVING? If your garden is not growing well, try these 3 simple steps to help. Just like WE thrive on a nutrient-dense diet in a stress-free environment, healthy plants need 'food' and a 'happy home' to live in too. If we meet the ‘needs’ of our plants, they will flourish, blossom and produce a bountiful harvest.

lasagna composting jump start your garden with ease, composting, gardening, go green

Lasagna Composting: Jump-Start Your Garden With Ease!

Lasagna composting is one of the easiest composting techniques around, and it can be successfully accomplished by just about anyone. Just as with preparing actual lasagna that you would eat, lasagna compost is a simple project to undertake as long as you include a loose variation in the correct type of ingredients. Besides its simplicity, lasagna composting is achievable in almost any location – including sloped, dry, and rocky areas!

landscape lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid, concrete masonry, flowers, gardening, home improvement, landscape, perennial

Landscape Lessons Learned and Pitfalls to Avoid

If you're contemplating a new landscape, adding to or altering an existing one, you need to read this! Ten years after our initial landscape renovation and installation, here's a look at the garden, lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid (Pt 2 of 2).

cheap safe homemade lawn food

Cheap & Safe Homemade Lawn Food

I am excited to share this post with you today! This is a cheap, easy and very effective homemade lawn food that you can use in place of fertilizer.One of our most viewed posts last year was this homemade plant food recipe (click the blog post for link).What readers enjoyed most, was the science backed aspect of how it worked!I love hearing all of your success stories on it too! In fact, my father in law uses this exclusively in his garden now.First, let’s talk about this recipe, then we will share with you the amazing chemistry behind why this works so well! And if the ingredients seem crazy to you, don't worry! We explain everything in detail! We have also talked with lawn care professionals to make sure you are getting the best solutions.

10 tips for preparing your pond for the winter, outdoor living, perennial, ponds water features, Tip 7 If you live in the north where temps are extreme add a floating heater to keep the surface from freezing over They have a built in thermostat and turn on and off when needed

10 Tips for preparing your Pond for the winter

Here are a few suggestions to help get your Fish Pond or Water Garden ready for the months ahead. Click here for more info:

what s my secret for a plush green lawn, flowers, gardening, landscape

What's My Secret for a Plush Green Lawn?

I do not profess to be an organic gardener nor do I use a lot of chemicals to control bugs or weeds unless it is absolutely necessary. I confess that I cheat at growing grass. After 5 years of having a plush green lawn under 50' Oaks, I think I will call myself a Plush Green Grass specialist. I do have a small yard that gets morning sun and then some afternoon
day sun and then a bit of late day sun. It is not a full sun yard and I do have to fight to keep my neighbor's weeds from drifting into my yard or the dog walkers from letting their dogs whiz in my yard but it is worth it when I have the greenest grass in the neighborhood and I pay less than $20 a month and more like $5!
My secret(s)?

got snow mold on your grass here s how to repair it

Got Snow Mold on Your Grass? Here's How to Repair It!

Does your after winter lawn look like this? That is snow mold, (or snow rot) a fungus that can severely damage your lawn. This easy repair tip can help mitigate the damage to your lawn caused by snow mold.

getting the yard and garden ready for winter

Getting the Yard and Garden Ready for Winter

So, whether we like it or not, winter is coming! I thought I'd do a little post about some last minute projects I'm doing to get my yard and garden ready for winter. I absolutely love gardening and yardwork, but when we moved into an apartment a few years ago, I thought that was a done-deal! 😥 However, after talking with my landlord, he gave me full reign of the yard! So I definitely took advantage of it! I planted a garden, made several planters, did some landscaping... and have more plans for next season! But, it's now time to wind down and get ready for winter. Here's a few projects I'm doing to prepare for winter ...Garden beds...

how i feed my houseplants naturally with worm compost compost

How I Feed My Houseplants Naturally With Worm Compost & Compost

I'm sharing with you my favorite way to feed my houseplants. Here's how I use worm compost & compost to nourish my indoor garden plus good things to know about how they work, when to do it & more.

diy project vermicomposting in a tub in a few easy steps, composting, diy, gardening, go green, homesteading, urban living, Step 4 now add a few kitchen scraps Keep the moisture at this level by adding a little water or wet plant matter if dry shredded paper if too wet

DIY Project ~ Vermicomposting in a tub in a few easy steps!

Plant matter is a resource we should be keeping out of the landfills. But what do you do if you don't have the space for a compost pile or you don't want to be constantly running outside with your kitchen scraps? Vermicomposting is the answer and , even better,a worm bin is efficient when you're continually adding new material, unlike your outdoor compost pile. Composting at home in a worm tub is most suitable for smaller families and apartment dwellers, or can be used in combination with an outside composting method. A well-tended worm bin shouldn't smell, so some people will keep them in a kitchen cupboard if they're short on space or just want it handy for adding their kitchen waste. The garage or basement are also possible locations for your worm bin. (Note: do not add animal waste, bones, fats or meat to your bins or compost piles. That will make it smell and draw unwanted visitors!)
Follow the easy steps below to set up your own worm bin and begin vermicomposting at home. Set the finished lidded bin on a couple bricks on a tray to collect any drips. You will keep plant matter out of the landfill and have the benefits of compost and compost tea for your houseplants, worms for feeding birds and pet reptiles and going fishing, too!
See my blog post at for more composting information and worm sources.

the dirty truth about composting, composting, gardening, go green, Add material regularly so the beneficial bacteria in the pile always has something to eat As the bacteria works the pile will get warmer and warmer In fact if you have a really active pile on cold days you may even see steam

The Dirty Truth About Composting

If you have a garden, it’s likely you’ve at least thought about composting. But do you know all you need to know to get started composting? Do you know the dirty truth about composting? Let’s find out.

totally repair dead grass spots damaged by dog urine in 3 easy steps, lawn care, pets, pets animals

Totally Repair Dead Grass Spots Damaged By Dog Urine In 3 Easy Steps

Where I live now it is springtime! The snow has disappeared from the yard and the lawn is starting to turn green except for a few areas. Unfortunately, every spring we have some areas that our beloved family dog named Duke damaged with his dog urine.
For several years I researched and read all kinds of information about how to prevent urine burned grass from occurring thanks to Duke but have not found anything that was doable and 100% successful. So I shifted my thinking and efforts from prevention to spending some time to repairing the burned areas every spring.

keyhole garden bed method a compost and garden bed in one, composting, gardening, go green, raised garden beds

Keyhole Garden Bed Method, a Compost and Garden Bed in One.

We didn't have space for both a garden bed and a compost heap so we chose to use the Keyhole Garden Bed Method to create a raised bed that would combine both!
We reused cinder blocks and recycled cardboard for this lasagna style garden that was super easy to construct. Benefits include water conservation, recycled materials, feeds itself naturally and it saves space!

5 fun ways to use coffee grounds in the garden, composting, gardening, go green, homesteading

5 Fun Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Back in the day, when I used to run a coffee shop, we used to bag up all of our used coffee grounds and put them beside the door for our customers to take home and use in the garden. It was a busy coffee shop and we went through a lot of coffee, but we could never seem to keep that bin of old coffee grounds full. As soon as we put some out, they were gone. Some customers would see how popular they were and ask us how they could use them too. We used to always say that they were really good for roses, but there are a lot of other great uses for them in the garden too!

water feature pump winter storage tip, home maintenance repairs, ponds water features, Store Pump in the basement or in a location where it will not freeze Once you find a good location for your Water Feature or Pond Pump make sure the bucket is filled all the way with water cover with plastic wrap and you are done

Water Feature, Fountain or Pond Pump: Winter Storage Tip

It is a good idea to remove your Water Feature or Pond Pump for the winter. It is possible that water has traveled inside the pump and if it freezes and expands, this is very bad. To keep the water from evaporating, cover the bucket with plastic wrap.

make your own potting mix, composting, gardening, Just look at how perfect this mix is homemade

Make your own Potting Mix

I rarely buy bags of potting soil from the garden center...I just make my own using a few simple ingredients.
Start with compost, add peat, perlite and fertilizer and mix well.
You can buy a big bale of compressed peat and large bag of perlite, depending on how much you need, these could last you quite a few seasons.

spring garden cleanup, Trimming and Mulching Finished


How exciting is it? I have many friends who love to garden as much as I. Do you like to garden? It seems that people either love or hate to garden. Circumstances have taken me away from my home gardens for almost three years. I intend to make the time to get back to a true love of mine, passed on from my mother. Well guess I'll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

9 strategies to help combat common edible garden problems, composting, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, pest control, Comfrey grows easily from seed root cuttings

9 Strategies to Help Combat Common Edible Garden Problems

Do you find it too hot, cold, wet or dry to grow a food garden? Do you have poor soil, pests or limited space? If so, these strategies may be useful. I share a barrow load of seasonal weather tips & solutions; simple ways to build soil organically; easy indoor & container gardens + much more to overcome common problems. Dig in!

dirt patch to puppy patio easy diy, landscape, lawn care, pets, pets animals

Dirt Patch To Puppy Patio - Easy DIY

When we moved into our house many years ago we had a nice lawn in the back yard but we also had dogs and it didn't take long for our nice yard to be not so nice. Several years ago we put up a fence in the back to keep the pups out of the grassy area when we needed to. But there was a small area that we left for the pups. As you might guess we were never able to maintain any grass in that spot. Sorry I don't have a before pictures but presumably everyone knows what dirt looks like :-).
This year we got new puppies and of course this made the mud/dirt pit even worse. We thought about just putting pavers in the dirt area but I just couldn't bring myself to take away their one small patch of "grass." Even though they are still at a very chewy age we decided to give indoor outdoor carpeting a try.