beach shells canvas a quick diy project

Beach Shells Canvas - A Quick DIY Project

The beach is one of my favorite places to go. I just love the sand, the waves, the breeze...and the shells! I don't make a trip without collecting a handful or two, but I've never found a good way to display the prettiest ones - until now. No more bags and boxes for these beauties!

mini fabric christmas trees

Mini Fabric Christmas Trees

If you love this project, be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive updates regularly!These mini fabric Christmas trees are perfect rustic Christmas decorations for the mantel, shelf or tablescapes. They are the perfect simple DIY Christmas craft…so easy, even the kids can make them.

diy antler jewelry holder, crafts, how to, organizing, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

DIY Antler Jewelry Holder

I like to have my jewelry displayed in plain sight in my closet so I can see what I have. I also like to keep it organized. I'm always adding new pieces, so in order to stay organized it was time for some additional jewelry storage!

diy modern stump side table, painted furniture

DIY Modern Stump Side Table

You probably know that stump tables are all the rage right now and last year I stumbled across a nicely shaped stump in our neighborhood. I knew I would make a table out of it but I wanted to do something completely different to give it a modern edge

autumn acorn wreath, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Autumn Acorn Wreath

If you're lucky enough to have acorns occur naturally where you live, this is the perfect autumn wreath for you! If not (and I totally sympathize!), you can usually find an inexpensive acorn alternative at your local craft store.

personalized wood slice christmas ornaments gifts, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments with easy wood transfer graphics These would make for great customized gifts

Personalized Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

I love rustic decor and am a fan of bringing the outdoors in, so it's no wonder these wood slice ornaments are my favorite decoration on our Christmas tree. Plus these make great gifs!
I made them out of leftover slices from our save the date magnets, and some birch logs I bought with a coupon at Michael’s a couple weeks ago. Of course you could slice up some branches or logs you already have on hand, or even purchase the pre-sliced wood slices from a craft store.
I don't have the best handwriting or drawing skills so I printed out some simple graphics and then transferred them onto the wood slices. Super easy and I LOVE the way they look! The possibilities are endless as far as what you can put on these little guys. You can check out the full details {including the printable graphics} over on my blog.

cinnamon stick place cards

Cinnamon Stick Place Cards

We’re living with my parents while we wait to close on our house at the end of the month and I’m always up for helping my mom plan a party! She loves to host holiday parties (wonder where I get it from?), and we wanted to do fun and festive place cards that we could use for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.

how to make a live edge side table

How to Make a Live Edge Side Table

My wife saw an amazing looking table online. It was $250, so we decided to try and make it ourselves and it turned out better than we expected and only cost $50. It was a fairly simple project and was the first time for a lot of different things for me. I hope you enjoy the project.

diy painted driftwood hanger, crafts, home decor, organizing, wall decor

DIY Painted Driftwood Hanger

I’m always on the look-out for eye-catching ways of hanging necklaces, scarves, and other favourite things. So much nicer than stuffing them in a drawer, right? I had a piece of driftwood laying around from a previous project, that I was dyyyying to do something with, so I put together a DIY painted driftwood hanger.

4 stunning ways to use pinecones as home decor

4 Stunning Ways to Use Pinecones as Home Decor!

These budget friendly decor ideas will be sure to brighten up your home for the holidays! Check out the video for more how-to's!

diy woodland nursery art

DIY Woodland Nursery Art

I LOVE WALL ART and I LOVE BABY NURSERIES.So when I debuted Collin’s nursery design, I knew a follow-up “how to blog” was coming for the feature woodland art I created for above his dresser. I really do believe it is the piece that ties the entire space together!

pine cone candle

Pine Cone Candle

Well it’s getting dinner time. So while it’s cooking, I’m going to show you this really easy craft you can do for Thanksgiving or Christmas..You can literally do this in about 10 minutes.

hacking an anthropology trinket dish

Hacking an Anthropology Trinket Dish

Coastal, beachy decor is something I just love so when I saw the oyster trinket dish on the Anthropology site I knew what I was going to hack next!

sea my inspiration, New Addition to the Family

Sea.... My Inspiration!

I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful ocean views and I often photograph them but I also beach comb while I'm there.

diy furniture handles from tree branches, diy, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, rustic furniture, woodworking projects

DIY: Furniture Handles From Tree Branches

This little project turned out great. Quick, easy, and basically free!
Make your own furniture handles out tree branches.

how to turn a branch into a towel rack, bathroom ideas, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas

Turn a Branch Into a Towel Rack

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a towel rack, it's easy to make one from an old branch. Here's how we made this one.

diy sea glass window art

DIY Sea Glass Window Art

I’ve always loved these beautiful sea glass windows. I’ve seen them in the shops on Cape Cod and online and have always wanted one. A few years ago I made this Sea Glass Dolphin and Sea Glass Sea Horse and I thought, ‘hey maybe I could try to make one of those windows’! Well, I finally did. And here is how...

rustic birch wood holiday tree, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor, woodworking projects

Rustic Birch Wood Holiday Tree

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and is enjoying the Holiday season so far!
I'm so excited to be teaming up with a group of talented DIY bloggers, sharing all new Christmas projects hosted by and!
Every year I'm looking to add more Christmas decor, with this year having an emphasis on rustic accents. So this year I decided on making a rustic holiday tree using some birch wood.

rustic stump end tables

Rustic Stump End Tables

There's nothing like natural elements to make your home decor feel warm and welcoming! You can add those elements with flowers, greenery, a water feature, or natural wood furniture and accessories like these end tables made from tree stumps.

tree stump to rolling plant stand, diy, gardening, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

Tree Stump to Rolling Plant Stand

What do you do when you need a heavy duty plant stand on wheels but can't find one at an affordable price? You DIY one of course! This project is so simple!

pinecone winter wreath

Pinecone Winter Wreath

Seasonal wreaths are a great way to display some decor both inside and outside your house and also a great handmade holiday gift idea. Unfortunately, they are also pretty expensive if you buy them from the store. The good news? They are super fast and easy to make! This wreath was inspired by some pinecones my mom and I collected while camping over the summer. They were the perfect thing to make this DIY Pinecone Winter Wreath for almost no money at all. Read on to see how I did it!

mermaids in a jar a magical creation

Mermaids in a Jar – A Magical Creation

Don’t throw away those empty jars until you see this magical idea! These mermaids in a jar are the perfect way to light up the night. My girls are mermaid obsessed these days. And with school being out for the summer, I wanted to find a cute craft idea they could make themselves out of stuff we already had. These Mermaids in a Jar are the perfect way to add a touch of goddess to any room. Add glam to a beach themed bathroom, kids’ room, guest room or jazz up your patio. The possibilities are endless!

tree stump table, diy, painted furniture, rustic furniture, Best of all it was rather inexpensive to pull the whole thing together

Tree Stump Table

When we had a few dead trees cut down in our yard last year, I saved some of the stumps to decorate with. I used a couple stumps to spruce up our fall porch, then decided to turn one of the stumps into a side table.

diy led log table

DIY LED Log Table

After a storm here in Tallahassee in September 2016, we picked up a bunch of cut up logs from the neighbor across from my (Vicki) house. The logs have been drying all this time in Steph’s garage and are now ready for projects. We’ve already used two in a previous project.The most interesting of the salvaged stumps was the one with a hole partially through it. We knew it would make some kind of cool project and thought a lamp would be interesting to try.

diy boho tree stump side table

DIY Boho Tree Stump Side Table

Sometimes crafting can be extremely simple. You find a piece you love, and you dream up a way to use it. Such was the case with these super mod table legs that I found at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore. They were so clean and 1960’s fabulous that I had to figure out a way to use them. Besides, they were such a steal at $2 a pop!In all honesty, I hung on to them for a while because I didn’t want to squander them on some half-baked project. Nope, I wanted these beautifully tapered legs with the golden stiletto finish to shine brilliantly with whatever I chose to create. Finally, I came across a lovely thick piece of wood slice that was just the right stature for a side table. I was in business!! A little rustic, earthy flare was just what these super sexy mod table legs were begging for!Zest it UpPhoto Cred: Anya McInroy