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Where can I find a shade?

We have an antique iron lamp with. Shade that hangs down below the switch. Do you know where I can find a new shade?
q where can i find a shade

Best candle and light batteries?

I love candles and string lights, but I'm forever buying batteries. Do you know if rechargeable batteries work in these products and some are the LED lights.

Discontinued pulaski edwardian baker street collection

I am missing several pieces of this collection and would love to know where I could possibly find them. Thank you.

What color and style lamps would be best for me?

What color style end table LAMPS would be best I have a dark walnut leather couch set dark floors white walls medium Brown end tables..

How do I find the right sized couch?

My living room/den is the heat of the house (for me, hubby & kitty). We eat breakfast there every weekday morning because we can sit on the couch for devotion. The... See more

What type of glue to use on duck cloth & fold technique for cushions?

I will be making cushions for my patio bench and need to know which type of glue to use on the duck cloth material and what type of folds to use the attach cloth to... See more
q what type of glue to use on duck cloth fold technique for cushions

What color for a lake seating area?

Just bought a lake house. My husband has a dark brown chair he loves. I want to buy a dark gray sofa. Do you think that would look good together?

Where can I find these?

I’m searching for these decorative balls to place in my fillable lamps. I have checked ever where and can only come up with ordering them on line. I have no problem... See more
q where can i find these

Anyone know what this antique piece actually is?

Hi guys, when I purchased some antique furniture from a guy a really good price. He ended up just giving us I know it's an intake, however I cannot figure out what in... See more
q anyone know what this antique piece actually is

1970s waterbed headboard to hallway table?

I found this 1970s waterbed headboard at a flea market and want to repurpose it as a hallway entry table. The height and width are perfect, and it is heavy solid... See more
q repurposed waterbed headboard to hallway table, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

How do I decide colors?

decide colors for livingroom?

What are these?

Can anyone identify these wooden block overhangs? I think they add nice curb appeal and would like to add to my house but can’t figure out what they’re called.
q what are these

How do you find a retro tub?

I am wanting to replace a OLD bathtub 6o" with a newer one that has a much lower step in height. Do they make that?

Awkward noisy canvas chair

I bought these fabulous canvas camp chairs but the canvas makes a farting noise every time I move!! The canvas is wrapped around metal side bars for the seat.I tried... See more