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Does this color vanity work with existing tile?

I want to put a new vanity and paint the walls of my bathroom which is quite small. The shower and floor tile is the same and in good condition so I don't want to... See more
q does this color vanity work with existing tile

How would you place a queen bed in an approximately 8x12 room?

just curious how you would place a queen bed in an approximate 8x12 roomwith one shorter wall facing street with windowsthe other shorter wall has doorwayone of the... See more

Can I put in a new hood fan and an over the range microwave?

Took down an old hood. Wanted to put up a new one and also put up a new over the range microwave. The store said you cant put a shelf on the wall for microwaves. They... See more
q can i put in a new hood fan and an over the range microwave

How can I make it easier to get out of the tub?

I have a deep jet tub. I also have two bad knees. Getting in no problem but have a terrible time getting out. Any ideas that would help to resolve this would be... See more

How do I mount a TV in the bathroom?

I want to put a recessed tv in the bathroom that shares a wall where a tv already is. Can I just connect and drop the cords in the wall? Any suggestions? Thanks so... See more

How to choose the right color appliances for laundry room?

Hi. In our New laundry room we are putting our white stand up freezer. We are buying new washer and dryer. I love the stainless steel look but feel it would be better... See more

How do I establish outdoor lights in a row of pear trees?

I so admire the lights found outside restaurants. I've tried solar lights to no avail. It's harder than it looks, anybody??

What is best washing machine to buy?

My 19 yr. old whirlpool washer/dryer needs to be replaced and after shopping on line, I saw that most people are still satisfied with agitator models. What should I... See more

How do I install IKEA sink fixtures?

How do I install an IKEA sink fixtures

How do I get a cutting table?

I need a cutting table 36inches talk preferably one that folds when not using with a top area for cutting that is at least 42 inches wide. I can get one that is 34... See more

Are vintage refrigerators energy hogs or not?

Some people on this website asked about getting their vintage frigs fixed. One person was using a screwdriver to break ice away and put a hole in the coils leaking... See more

How do I choose a table color for my kitchen?

Decide what color kitchen table to buy. Honey oak cabinets, brown/grey hardwood floor.

Can I build around an exposed gas pipe?

to the left of pipe is the only space to put a stove. and to the right of the pipe I will put a refrigerator. any ideas on how to hide the pipe?
q can i build around an exposed gas pipe

How do I replace an old shower & tub?

I want to remove an old tub/shower. Can some one tell me how you do it? I want to replace it with a stone shower.

Is a 20 gauge kitchen sink a durable choice?

This choice was part of a kitchen remodeling project by a professional.

How can we hide a projector in our movie room?

We are doing our movie room in bar wood and ceiling in starlight how can we hide the projector we do not want it in the ceiling any suggestions

How can I get a shower curtain for a walk-in bathtub?

I've a walkin bathtub n want to use a shower curtain. Help

Is it ok to have the back of your sofa facing the entrance of house?

When you walk into my home the dining area is on the left and in front of you is the living room. The back of my sofa faces you because there’s no where else to put... See more
q is it ok to have the back of your sofa facing the entrance of house

How do I choose pendant lights for my open concept kitchen?

How do I decide on the proper pendent lights in my open concept kitchen dining rooms ? I have ordered glass pendents for the peninsula and I am keeping the white... See more
q lighting dilema

How do I do farmhouse lighting?

DIY ideas for farmhouse lighting

How do I keep my shower curtain tension rod from falling?

My husband retiled the bathtub area and we can't keep the shower curtain rod up. We don't want to drill into the tile. The space from the tile and wall would not work... See more

How can I get a small bookcase to put under my kitchen counter?

How or where can I purchase a small bookcase to put under my kitchen counter. It is wasted space and I need more storage.

How do I hang a chandelier?

I’ve seen lately that the new thing is to hang a chandelier in bedroom over your bed. My situation is that I have a bedroom that is 23ft by 12ft4inches long. I have... See more