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How to make a Fold down dining room table?

I have been asked to design a fold down dining room table that seats 6 people

How to change the location of my microwave?

We had our kitchen remodeled about two years ago. We had a microwave/convection oven installed above a smooth top glass range. Because of the regulations of having a set amount of space between the range top and microwave we find it to be too high. How can we move this microwave to another cabinet--maybe a drawer type microwave? Because we've spent a lot of money on the remodel we'd like to do this for as little as possible. Any ideas please? Thank you!

How do I hang fluorescent lights in an interesting way?

I need an interesting way to hang fluorescent lights

How do I remove a bathtub?

We want to put in a shower...what is the easiest way to remove a tub?

How can I replace a medicine cabinet with just a oversized mirror?

Want to remove medicine cabinet and add a wall mirror, can I and how

How to fasten bathroom mirror?

I would like to know what kind of glue I should use to attach finished wood frame to my bathroom mirror?