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Clean windows?

How to clean windows

What plants are good to grow in your house in the winter?

i'd like to plant something in-doors, what would be a good recommendation for low-maintenance plants?

Brown spots on cloth ornaments?

Is there a way to remove tiny brown spots from cross stitched ornaments?

How can I make a DIY refill cartridge for my oil warmer air freshener?

Is there a recipe to make my own essential oil refill for my air freshener? I'd like to use some rosemary from the garden, & maybe some warm spices like cinnamon &... See more

Ceiling idea ?

king for a cheap idea to do ceiling in a small cabin

How to find an indoor grow light ?

What is the best, economical grow light for indoor plants and seed starting

How do I clean rust off metal?

How to get rust off of metal? It's just small spots

DIY paracord holder/jig- any advice?

Has anyone, or could anyone show plans for a good paracord jig. To make bracelets, lanyards, collars, leashes?In GratitudeRob

Can you help me choose a color for painting my floor?

I am just about finished with room, I ran across a color I really like for the floor but also leaning toward a grey floor too. See photo of room and color samples of... See more
q re in regards to can you give me advice on a floor color to match my

Change foyer chandelier?

Needing to change out chandelier in a 20 ft foyer, most rental scaffolding is 5 ft and wont fit in the 44 inch area beside the stairs? Any ideas of something we... See more
q change foyer chandelier

Laminate Floors?

How to cover scratches on a laminate wood floor and make it shine till I can replace it? Thank You

How to paint or spray paint accessories ?

Hi l need to spray paint my bathroom accessories that were in chrome /silver to be spray painted in black matte example a soap dish that needs to go in the shower plz... See more

What can I do with old magazines

I've seen wall art I really like that was made with old magazines.