hatchet restoration

Hatchet Restoration

This is an old hatchet I've had for a few years. It's seen a lot of action and it's looking a bit tired. It's time to show it some love.Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/wCarg9bBbdg

how to season a brand new cast iron pan, cleaning tips

How to Season A Brand New Cast Iron Pan

The purpose of seasoning the pan is to create a non-stick surface. But without all the nasty chemicals that transfer into the food from other "non-stick" pans. And a bit of iron will seep into your cooked food through the cast iron skillet - which apparently is a really good thing!

replace broken tp holder

Replace Broken TP Holder

I had to replace my toilet paper holder because it broke. This was my first time doing it. But its very easy

7 tools diyers can t live without

7 Tools DIYers Can't Live Without!

Want to build your tool collection? Look no further! Here are 7 tools we HIGHLY recommend.

roto tool repair

Roto Tool Repair

I love my Roto Tool, and was very sad one late "rainy night" when it quit.. But I had had it forever (1971) and thought, "Well, it is time to get a new one.." So into the trash it went and being the right time I set the Trash out for pick-up the next morning.. And went online shopping . The next move, about Midnight, was to go back out with an Umbrella and retrieve that rather expensive item.... In my research i found how to repair and replace the Coupling... how easy is that!

how to use any pen on the cricut maker a diy tutorial

How To Use Any Pen on the Cricut Maker (A DIY Tutorial)

Cricut pens are expensive but today, I’m going to show you how you can use any pen on the Cricut Maker for any project. This free tutorial is perfect for your next beautiful idea.

replacing a broken shovel handle

Replacing a Broken Shovel Handle

I broke the handle on one of my favorite yard tools. I use this flat blade shovel to edge all my flower beds and I also use it to edge the lawn along the curb. Thankfully it is easy to replace the broken handle.

casein glue crock pot fix

Casein Glue Crock Pot Fix

I looked on YouTube for a recipe making this glue. All it needed was skim milk 1 1/2 cups warm on the stove until warm. Add 3 tsp vinegar and stir off the heat until it forms a ball. Then drain. Add 1 T baking soda to neutrlize. Then on low heat add a bit of water at a time to liquefy the glue ball to the consistency you would need. Keep the extra amount in an airtight container. It's supposed to be like elmers glue and non toxic. I would not expose it to water or food as it won't hold up to that. I wanted to preserve the crock look and not use super glue or any messy epoxy.

revamping toilet paper dispenser, bathroom ideas

Revamping Toilet Paper Dispenser

Our toilet paper dispensers are older and don't accommodate the larger rolls of paper and we were tired of the inconvenience. We came up with a thrifty fix that doesn't look bad to picky me.

single mom s guide to a basic diy tool box

Single Mom’s Guide to a Basic DIY Tool Box

Are you a new home owner or living on your own for the first time, but don't have the proper tools to tackle your basic house and DIY projects? Not sure what you need? I'm here to help!

flat tire repair on a riding mower

Flat Tire Repair on a Riding Mower

Not my typical home improvement, but I hope it can save someone some time around the house, and not use any flammable chemicals like ether to re-seat the tire bead.

holiday gift guide diy tools and supplies, crafts, diy, painted furniture, tools

Holiday Gift Guide: DIY Tools and Supplies

Don’t forget to add your HOME to your gift-giving list! We're sharing some gift ideas for that special house in your life. For us, our house is more than just shelter – it’s the hub of our family and our lives, and we want to celebrate it with a present or two under the tree.
This Gift Guide features some essential tools and supplies for all the DIY projects you’ve been meaning to start (or finish!) around your house. Have a painting party, cut through some walls, build some stuff, or do a little crafting. It’s the holidays!

2 2 my diyer stash toolbox

2 of 2 -- My DIYer Stash (Toolbox)

Hi there!I would have loved to know some things about tools and supplies when I started crafting and woodworking but I had close to no one to help me. I thought I could share my secret tools and supplies with you fellows Hometalkers! Maybe you'd like to make a project, but you don't know what supplies or tool to use...?These 2 posts are for you (check link below for 1/2 My DIYer Stash (Supplies)). My Xmas gift for you! :)

fix the elephant

Fix the Elephant

Removing a porcelain elephant from a garden turned out to be a bit of work. My sister has had it for ages, first in her house as an ornament and later on in the garden. Didn't care much for it, so gave it to me when I mentioned how nice it is.I was chuffed and decided it would look great in my house somewhere, without the plant...However, when the plant was removed, it was handled a bit too roughly and broke in pieces. I decided not to throw it away, but rescue it somehow. So at first I used a special epoxy to glue back the pieces I could. But, there was a gaping hole - that piece was broken too badly to repair.

replacing a broken wood handle on a sledge hammer

Replacing a Broken Wood Handle on a Sledge Hammer

It is far less expensive to fix a mallet or sledge hammer with a wood handle then it is to buy a new mallet or sledge hammer. A quick trip to the hardware store and less than 6 bucks will give you a good as new mallet or hammer.

how to install lazy susan hardware

VIDEO - How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware

Who wants a written explanation for something technical and boring? Not me. Especially when writing the explanation makes it seem so much more complicated than it actually is. I'll include the write up below. But I made a 3 minute video that shows you how easy it is to make your own tabletop Lazy Susan or cabinet inserts.

gardening tips tools replacing handles, gardening, tools

Replacing Handles on Garden Tools Part II

Since the original post on this theme, I have come across a few tool heads that were destined to be thrown away, and couldn’t help but rescue them. These tools still have a lot of life left in them, and it may help some of you to see these examples of the replacement process.

replacing the rubber paddles on your snowblower

Replacing the Rubber Paddles on Your Snowblower

One of our snowblowers has replaceable rubber paddles on the auger. These get worn down from making contact with the concrete or asphalt driveway. When the rubber paddles are worn the snowblower will no longer scrape the snow off the surface of the driveway or sidewalk. After that you are basically just walking around pushing a snowblower and getting cold.