starting seeds in toilet paper rolls

Starting Seeds in Toilet Paper Rolls

As part of my kids’ garden project, I’ve been collecting toilet paper rolls for a while now. I wanted them to be responsible for the whole growing process, from seed to harvest, and since some crops do better if started indoors, I wanted them to be able to participate in this part of growing as well.

how to harden off seedlings

How to Harden Off Seedlings

Starting seedlings inside or buying them from a greenhouse means they'll have to toughen up before being planted outside. It's easy to do!

newspaper pots for seedlings, gardening, These held up very well from March to May transplanting time This photo is from March after about 2 weeks of use

Newspaper Pots for Seedlings!

Inexpensive, effective, and they break down easily when planted directly in the garden. I used a store bought wooden mold for these - but even a soda can could stand in for the mold in a pinch!

junk mail to flower garden how to make recycled plantable seed tags, crafts, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

Junk Mail to Flower Garden: How to Make Recycled Plantable Seed Tags

If you're looking for a great project, this is one of my favorites. I recycled some of my junk mail to make my own paper tags, adding wildflower seeds so they can even be planted right in the ground to start your own flower garden!

thyme to sow, gardening, Use your dibbler to sow seeds it s the easiest way to handle them With a moist end gently pick up a seed and as you place these into the soil it will be re moistened for the next seed pick up

Thyme to Sow

Right now retail stores and nurseries are loaded with racks of pretty little packages of's hard to resist filling your basket full of them! If they don't have you rows of primula's definitely will ( that's another post coming this weekend....stay tuned....)
If you plan to start seeds indoors you've most likely seen the toilet paper tubes or egg carton planters or even just the egg shells themselves being shared as nifty planting vessels. Let me warn you, after so many watering's, these paper based liners break down pretty quick and become quite unstable for transplanting...even rotting faster than your seedling can grow!
And as far as the egg shells go, you're going to have to crack them eventually so the plant can put on size, risking damage to the young roots. As darling as this method appears the truth is egg shells take years to break down in the soil....which is why they get crushed with my boot when I throw them into the compost. I have tried it all, so I know from experience.

want a seedling heating mat you may already own one, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling, These are my peas a few days after planting They obviously like this arrangement

Want A Seedling Heating Mat? You May Already Own One!

When starting seeds indoors, one way to get your seeds to sprout faster is to offer a little extra warmth while still keeping the soil mixture moist. You can buy germination heating mats to place under the containers or make your own like I did here.
The idea actually came to me when I was putting away some decorative LED rope lights during the holidays and I noticed they were slightly warm. Perfect temperature for gently warming my seedling containers!
-Simply string the rope lights back and forth in rows along the shelves and sit the water-tight seedling containers on top of them. No need to tie the lights down-the weight of the containers holds them in place.

the art of seed saving, gardening, Decorative Allium going to seed

The Art of Seed Saving

Saving seeds from your garden is not only economical but it allows you to improve upon your own plants and also grow many long lost cultivars. It's easy to do and very self rewarding.
Read to learn why you should save seeds and also how to save seeds.

how to make super easy plantable seed paper

How to Make Super Easy Plantable Seed Paper.

Plantable seed paper is paper ready-impregnated with seeds. Although expensive in the shops it is super easy and cheap to make at home using simple household items. Using seed paper avoids all the hassle of planting tiny seeds as well as having to thin out seedlings. To make your own seed papers, you can either buy packets of seeds or harvest your own. We used a combination of both using chive seeds from our garden. You can read more about collecting seeds in our 6 reasons to harvest your own seeds post.

seed organization

Seed Organization

So many seeds and not enough time to sow! Keep your seeds organized and safe to plant when you are ready with this easy organizer.

new year s seed starting, gardening

Eggshell Seed Starting

Last year we had great luck starting tomato and pepper seeds inside eggs. This year we've added reusable crates, eggplants and a twist: color. A little organic food coloring and the simple act of planting seeds goes a long way to chase away the winter doldrums. Here's how we did it in four easy steps.

diy seed paper, gardening

DIY Seed Paper

The seed catalogs have started rolling in, and it's got me in the mood to plant. It's way too early to start, so I settled on taking old paper and turning it into new paper embedded with seeds...ready to plant when the weather warms!

starting seeds, container gardening, gardening, how to

Starting Seeds

As I write to you today sipping on my tea, the rain is coming down in buckets outside. It is cold with an unpleasant mix of mud and snow on the ground. Worst of all, the flowers have drooped and wilted from the past few days of freezing temperatures. It is definitely not the day to head outside and plant. That isn't going to stop me from gardening though!

fabulous free trick for spring gardening, flowers, gardening, homesteading

Fabulous Free Trick for Spring Gardening

If you live in a cold climate and are eager to get your garden started (who isn't?), this trick is for you. It's a simple, free solution to protect your seedlings and tender, young plants during those cold spring nights when they can freeze and die. Best of all, it requires mini greenhouses that you probably already own (even if you didn't know it)! If you would like more detailed instructions on preparing seedlings for planting outdoors, visit the link below.

gardening seed containers prescription bottle repurpose, gardening

Easy DIY Seed Containers

Its that time of the year where I go around and start collecting dead flower heads in my butterfly garden. Be sure to check out my post on how to collect flower seeds. I had so many beautiful types of zinnias this year and I wanted to be sure to preserve them for next year. I also needed a better way to store my seeds, so I came up with DIY seed containers.

the ultimate seed starting guide, container gardening, gardening

The Ultimate Seed Starting Guide

Here is a collection of posts from the Garden Therapy Seed Starting Series. Seed Starting 101 covers the basics of starting seeds. We then look at those crafty seed starting containers and put them to the test - do toilet rolls and egg cartons really make sensible seed starters? If you want to buy your pots, we look at those too - is it worth the money for those biodegradable pots and are they really better for the earth? Take care of your seed until they are ready for the garden with a Grow Light project and there is also a project for starting seeds outdoors in mini greenhouses!

seed paper making an easy gift, After

Seed Paper - Making an Easy Gift

Ready for an easy upcycle? Soak some toilet paper in water to create your own beautiful seed paper, perfect for gifting to gardeners or keeping for your next growing season!

how to plant seedlings in egg cartons, container gardening, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling

How to Plant Seedlings in Egg Cartons

We have definitely sprung into Spring mode over here in zest land- from giving our garden boxes a face lift, to creating fun garden tags- but now it's time to talk plants! We are super excited to add some more variety to our little garden by planting some carrots and lettuce. Rather than planting our little seedlings in the big playbox and allowing the rain to plummet the new growth we are starting the seedlings inside. To keep things easy, cheap and sustainable we are planting in old egg cartons- score! No need to go out and buy new containers. Once the seedlings have a good root system established I can simply cut up the cardboard crate sections and plant the entire container since they are decomposable. Gotta love that!
Photo Credit Anya McInroy

painted seed starter planter box

Painted Seed Starter Planter Box

Decorate any Planter box with these finishing tips.

gardening tips on transplanting seedlings

Gardening Tips On Transplanting Seedlings

Welcome to the second segment in our series of Vegetable gardening for beginners. As we continue our series in discovering how to become a successful gardener, we are going to learn the importance of how, when and why to "Harden Off" our seedlings before planting them in our garden plots. So before we grab that shovel and put those tender seedling directly outdoors, let me show you how to transplant for Success.

how to plant wheat grass for spring decor, gardening, home decor, how to, lawn care

How to Plant Wheat Grass for Spring Decor

Wheat grass is super easy to grow, grows fast, and does amazing in indoor pots. I love adding it to my spring decor, the pop of green in March is so reviving after the bleakness of winter. You can have a good stand of wheat grass in 10 days.

tomayto tomahto a mini green house

Tomayto Tomahto - a Mini Green House!

May has arrived and me & the kids are jump starting our small garden with growing some cherry tomatoes - wish us luck!

beginners guide to growing a vegetable garden from seeds

Beginners Guide To Growing A Vegetable Garden From Seeds

Welcome to my 12 month series in Gardening!I am excited to be sharing the joy of gardening with you and some practical, essential and easy steps for you as a beginner gardener to grow your own vegetable garden from seeds. I will be sharing a step by step guide and resources on how to choose seeds, pots and even make your own potting soil for seedlings.

how to test old seeds

How to Test Old Seeds

Using an entire seed packet is quite the feat in one season. So how can you tell if last year's seeds are still good?

rustic pallet shelf, home decor, pallet, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, I knew he d make it work Gotta love repurposed planks xo

Rustic Pallet Shelf

Using a plank from an old pallet, we added a little rustic warmth to our white kitchen~

cheap biodegradable plant starter pots

Turn Paper Towel Rolls Into Cheap, Biodegradable, Seed Starter Pots

I've been wanting to plant some seeds for a while now, and I thought of using paper towels. My only problem was that we don’t actually use too many paper towels in our house; I like re-washing our towels to be eco-friendly. So I had to get some from our friendly neighbors. Turning paper towel rolls into starter pots is a really great project. It’s practically free, it upcycles your paper towels, and it helps your garden flourish.