what is she up to now beach window out of a clock , crafts, repurposing upcycling

What is She Up To Now? Beach Window Out of A Clock!

I bought a plastic clock for 3.99 at a thrift store and made into a fun 3D window to the beach. ...

clock side table, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Clock Side Table

What do you get when you add a large clock face plus an unused stool? You get a great conversation...

the motorcycle dining room table

The Motorcycle Dining Room Table

My husband and I love riding - and when we bought our ranch home, we wanted a dining room table that...

coffee table storage ottoman, diy, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, reupholster

An Authentic DIY “Coffee Table”/Storage Ottoman

With the holidays coming, I wanted a handy place to store the pillows and blankets we use in the...

change a hanging lamp into a beautiful garden planter, gardening, repurposing upcycling, Finished Diy Planter

Change a hanging Lamp into a beautiful garden Planter !

I found a beautiful hanging lamp at a garage sale for $5:00 that just wasnt right for the spot it...

paint chip calendar

Paint Chip Calendar

A dry-erase calendar that is functional and original - made from colorful paint chips!

upcycle ideas for porch post, repurposing upcycling

An Old Salvaged Porch Post Gets a New Life as a Coat Rack

While visiting my parents I noticed some salvaged porch posts in their barn. I immediately had an...

diy doggie bed

DIY Doggie Bed

Let’s face it, with no kids and just a 7lb doxie, we can’t help but spoil her. So another dog bed it...

vintage wagon repurposed all over again, Geraniums Impatience Vintage Wagon

VINTAGE WAGON Repurposed All Over Again

I am a Estate Sale Shopper - and proud of it This little vintage wagon is still one of my favorite...

from magazine to amazing, container gardening, how to, repurpose household items

From Magazine to Amazing

An old tired magazine rack transformed to a bright and colorful garden plantern

inexpensive cocktail tables

Inexpensive (DIY) Cocktail Tables

With graduation right around the corner, I wanted cocktail tables around the yard without the...

repurposed tires spray painted and turned into planters, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed tires , spray painted and turned into planters

I searched for some tires, cleaned them and spray painted bright colors to spruce up the yard.

repurpose a bicycle wheel to make a tree of life, crafts, halloween decorations, home decor, how to, seasonal holiday decor

Repurpose a Bicycle Wheel to Make a Tree of Life

I have always been fascinated by the Tree of Life and they hold a very special place in my heart....

sheet music shade, crafts, home decor, the finished shade

Sheet Music Shade

When my mom asked me to help her decorate her piano studio, I knew I wanted to incorporate sheet...

diy pool rack baby mobile, bedroom ideas, crafts, repurposing upcycling

DIY Pool Rack Baby Mobile

Everyday objects are not always what they seem. Like this pool ball rack that I turned into a baby...

new life to an old barometer


Do you have an old barometer that has been on your living room wall "forever"? Here is a way to give...

how to make some simple but gorgeous paper flowers with maps, gardening, how to

How to Make Some Simple but Gorgeous Paper Flowers With Maps

Who doesn't like getting flowers? They are so colourful, really brighten up the home and make you...

a monitor stand gets a new purpose, chalk paint, repurposing upcycling

A Monitor Stand Gets a New Purpose

I love to every chance I get. This project was sort of a challenge from some co-workers. They...

sea shells far from the sea shore a mirrored view, crafts, home decor, repurposing upcycling

Sea Shells Far From the Sea Shore.....A Mirrored View

One can't say enough about shells....their shapes; colors; and sizes from a tiny spiral to a large...

diy girls bed net canopy

DIY Girls Bed Net Canopy

Instead of paying $20 for an already made bed net canopy. My daughter and I made one together for...

reuse crates drawers, bathroom ideas, chalkboard paint, organizing, painting, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Reuse Crates & Drawers

This is my last "reuse & upcycle" items.
I had these drawers and wine crates in my storage room,

charcoal grill fire pit

Charcoal Grill Fire Pit

My son’s and his wife have a sweet rental home. They can make small changes and are very creative.We...

diy bud vase centerpiece, crafts, flowers, Bud Vase Centerpiece

DIY Bud Vase Centerpiece

I was inspired by my mother-in-law on this next project. Using a block of wood and some cheap test...

using a bottle tree as a trellis

Using a Bottle Tree as a Trellis

I placed a bottle tree in the garden by a patch of Morning Glory that was springing up, giving it a...

faux finish farmhouse windmill

Faux Finish Farmhouse Windmill

I had wanted a windmill for my master bedroom, but I was not spending $300. I decided I'd try this...